April 30 Still sunny,  How about 'chick and bewitching'...for CAB or does 'crazy & beffudled' suit me better? I did make beads yesterday haven't checked them yet though.... The DI fire department showed up accross the road yesterday morning, we could see smoke, but it looked like a grass fire, guess it was actually an old satellite dish that lit from the sparks on the welding torch when they were trying to cut it down. By the time we noticed it when the fire department showed up it was mostly out... ( the DI fire dept has been nicknamed the "Basement Savers") We went to the annual curling banquet and awards night last night... G was on three winning teams, he got a T shirt for before Christmas... A trophy for the first series after Chritsmas (that can join it's friends in the basement!) and a set of metric wrenches for the last set... The meal was a mostly cold buffet, not nearly as good as last years... which was served... I liked being served... of course that has nothing to do with the fact that our table was last! Off to check my beads....

April 29 Still sunny and cool, hate to admit this but we need some rain!  Last weekend G was up on the old roof trying to make the 'house leak'... whenever we get a sow'easter the water pours into the house  and he's never been able to figure out the source.....  Guess it's coming in through the cedar shingles and getting in behing the Tyveck then ending up on top of the wardrobe,... and waterfalling into the basement.. the stuff going into the basement is OK since we have a stream that flows though there everytime it rains anyway.... Think he figures he'll have to rip the shingles off and run the flashing right up to the new roof to stop the leak....
Now that we have a hi speed connection G says I can do a lot more nothing  in the same length of time!  Today's CAB  "Creative & Brilliant"
The Jewellery links on my home page were changed yesterday, to a more user friendly format???? Some of the pictures don't blow up very well though as the originals seem to have gone west...! 
April 28  Sunny today....I went to SJ yesterday  to deliver my jewellery order to the New Brunswick museum and discovered when I came home that our  Ferries to 'Paradise'  were not running as scheduled!  The big ferry is down for annual maintenance... the fill in ferry decided to take a PAYING job ferrying salmon smolts to one of the aquaculture sites instead of doing his last run off the mainland.... then we get to the smaller of the two normal ferries... the tide was too low (there are a couple of times a year when the tides are extreme) to make the next couple of
runs.... so no ferry from 5 pm until 8! (I was lucky I got there at 7:15 there were people in that line that had been there since 5:15!)  I could have avoided the wait if I stayed in SJ longer,  normally when we go to SJ we would have been aiming for the 9:30 ferry... but
MS Efficient here got everything done  early so came home early and  got to wait.... reminds me of the slogan Hurry up and Wait... can't remember what that was originally in reference too....!
While I was in Saint John I decided it was time to buy some new bras... sorry guys... Anyway went to Sears because they usually have something on sale... and why should I pay $25-$40 for something that no-one will ever see?  The sales clerk was feeding us this line that a bra treated properly that is handwashed and line dried will only last 6 months!  She must be on commision!  (Anyway I bought three I expect those to last me 2-3 years, maybe longer!)
We have high speed now!!!!  As of 8pm last night... we weren't allowed to install the software until 8pm yesterday, I was talking to G on the phone at 8 telling him that the ferry was running on a really weird schedule and suddenly got told... gotta go now it's 8 o:clock...........
Yesterday was the day for Bead CAB's  Crazy about Beads, Covets all Beads, Catches all Beads, Collects all Beads (G doesn't  like the last one, since it requires investing in them!)

April 27... Still Sunny, cool but sunny!    This showed up in my mail box this morning.....

I think it was  a raspberry in response to the 'Cute Ass Below' !  Yesterday was exciting,, I did file our income tax, then I walked G to the bank so that he could pay what they said he owed! (The computer says the deadline is still April 30th!)   I did get a right answer to FLG this morning...  Can't remember any of the CAB answers from yesterday!  I planted a couple of Dahlia's yesterday afternoon, they are both above ground so it better not freeze again and I finallly broke down and cut the top of of my Magnolia tree, there is live growth around the bottom, but it was a fairly big tree before it met the saw yesterday, but only two branches got leaves last year (it was new last year)....  It does have new growth though.  Bought a Rhododendron this week too... I'm trying to fill up the front yard with exotic shrubs that we couldn't grow in SK!
April 26... SUN!!!!  Since there is now a mini competition going on to see who can come up with the most original interpretation  for the acronym CAB!  Yesterdays.... 'winner' is CUTE ASS BELOW .... (CAB are the initials on the back of the hood of  orange jacket that G bought at the auction that just happens to fit me.....)  Anyone can play, If I post your reply I'll give you a ballot on my May 19th draw for free beads ... which is a you pick, ( it can be a puffin on an ice cube....or it can be a set (3-5 beads plus spacers), or...?)  As for the Real game  I was rather partial to yesterdays suggestion of ' Four Leering Geeks' I can see that making it as the band name for a retro music group...  (I know Geeks has too many letters!)  I'm gaining on my jewellery order, Last night was earrings, I'd get a pair done then fling them across the room to join their freinds on the "bed"  Just part of my on going annealing tests!  Lucky Emmy doesn't live here anymore he would have been stealing them as soon as they landed, Duddies knows that beads are not toys!  Today I will do the fine tuning on our income tax and send it off to the governement, the cheques will be delivered to the bank on Friday... (maybe Monday have to check and see if they've changed the deadline!)
April 25  Foggy Today...... and no the answer to FLG is NOT  "Funny Looking Glass"  and G just about fell off his chair when someone suggested that CAB stood for crabby & bitchy....  The person that sent that in will be dealt with!!  Went to Calais yesterday  nasty cold windy drizzly day, while I was driving the radio was listing the reasons not to have controlled brush fires until after 5 pm... the last one was sort of interesting...  Because if you wait until after 5, more of the volunteer fire 'men' will be home from work to come put out your out of control  fire!
Coco is winging off to MA to her new home,  I got two gifts in the mail yesterday Cass of CNCI  www.cncinspirations.com  sent me a sample pack of Silver and Copper end caps, I think the 12mm copper end caps will look great on my gum ball machines!  I also got a felted Clam Box from Hazel (yes I do accept bribes....)  Will try and get a picture up later today!  There are also some beads on my home page.... It is suppose to be a bead site....
April 24  The sky is grey! The rain is starting a day early and I forgot to plant my Dalia's yesterday when it was nice... oh well I guess I get to go play in the mud!  My forsythia bush is blooming too, I just planted it two years ago so I'm quite pleased that' it's already blooming! We had a sever weather alert on Yahoo for here yesterday... G thought he'd check it out... it was actually a warning that it was so dry that we might get grass fires... that is sever weather???? Some of the beads I made this weekend are actually rather pretty (in my opinion, and I'm not at all biased!) they might even make it onto my web site! Coco is off to MA this afternoon so I need to get her packed up with enough 'raw' fish to keep her happy til she gets there!
April 23  The sky is still blue the rain isn't forcast to start until Tuesday now...... I even have some funny little red tulips blooming, the deer don't eat them though so don't think that they are really tulips!  I made beads yesterday and then alternated between pulling weeds and making and sorting beads..jewellery.... and operation evil purple did work, no more divitrification ..... As for the auction, he did buy the his and hers booties ($15), the tote actually had a flotation jacket buried in the bottom too and 6 brand new sets of fairly cheap size medium rain gear still in the plastic... so if you want to come visit and go sailing on Money-pit on a rainy day... make sure you're a medium! There were also a couple of better quality jacets too, including a neon orange small one for me! That one looks new other than the three letters on the back of the hood C.A.B. ... I'm sure G will come up with something that those stand for... and suggestions... eg. Courageous and Brave.... He also bought a laser printer (black ink) for $5.00 which comes with a new replacement cartridge, it did print the demo page... so works, a cupboard for me... more storage... that was a case where I wanted three things ... the copboard unit I really wanted was the last thing (that I wanted) being auctioned, it went for way more money than this one which was auctioned really early! (However it was also nicer it had drawers!) He also bought a box of 'office' supplies, it came with the manuals and instalation CD's for all the computer stuff that had been sold, including ours and ink for a Canon printer... any takers?
April 22  The sky is still blue and the wind has died down a bit.... But my daffodils are blooming!  Beads....I made a black bead yesterday (now I know that black is really dark transparent purple!) and put all sorts of squiggles on it... stupid bead came out with these weird greenish transparent stripe round the middle...?  I was testing a theory on Evil Purple glass... well I guess it worked... the stuff didn't devitrify it disappeared!  I now have some sets... Another couple of hours in the dungeon and my window is well past the middle ,  Yesterays' Excitement was going to an auction preview...  Think I need a fish processing line?, some salmon cages... or  there is a really cute 'little' fishing boat ... a box with his and hers rubber boots, ...  bunches of Monitors (old) with keyboards but no computers, guess the receiving company has those...Anyway G plans to spend the day there, last time he came home with a couple of boxes of tractor feed paper... A filing cabinet or something to hide stuff in would be nice!
April 21  Blue sky.. but still windy!  All I did yesterday was work, work work... first  beads... then I made major progress on my Morning glory panel, (Much more pleasant working down there now that it's warmer outside!) and  got the links done for a Byzantine variation (idiot's delight necklace...) Now all I have to do is figure out what beads I want to use....  Think I got two pairs of earrings out of my first 20  beads!  See if I did better yesterday!
April 20... I saw/felt the sun this morning!!!!!  My box of Caliente glass showed up yesterday Canada Post must have bought some food for their ponies!  I also got some silver wire....I ordered this back in January, it wasn't shipped until last week though .... most of the order was 26 gauge silver for doing knitted silver cables... but there is also 2 oz of 14 gauge fine extra soft wire... now I know I ordered this and in early January I had a reason for ordering this.... but to quote a former head master.... "there must be some logical reason, but at the moment it escapes me!"  So if I told anybody why I ordered this silver, could you tell me!  I made a trip quick to the mainland yesterday to mail a parcel we carried around with us all day Tuesday... The bay was really rough but the waves weren't breaking over the ferry that much... Need to go see if any of yesterdays beads are sets!
April 19.... Cold windy and gloomy, OK enough about our weather!  The  glass  I ordered from Caliente Glass in BC.. made it from Toronto to Montreal in 5 days... Think Canada Post must have hired Rickshaws to carry their mail to save on fuel!  (The one problem with being able to track mail right across  Canada is we Know how long it takes to get between scans!)   Maybe today???? Spent yesterday in Saint John  Will be busy making beads for an order of jewellery the next couple of weeks... so the poor little bug eyed Puffins will have to stay there for now... Spent awhile in the scrap booking section of  Michaels yesterday (don't worry, I'm not going to start doing that too!)  trying to find some little glass balls (Kate F-M uses them in her electrplating..)  thinking I could use them in my gum ball machines... but I think that they are too small... they would find holes to escape through  (which is really too bad because they were cheap and all the same size)!   Need to go make beads ... sets for earrings....
April 18  Canada Post might even start delivering mail again today!  Forgot the cute story of the Easter Dog.... Rusty my sister's dog followed the trail of  'bunny turds' Easter morning...  The bunny turds were little chocolate eggs wrapped in foil, Rusty neatly  unwrapped each one of  them and left the foil.... The actual gifts weren't chocolate though so they survived !  And poor 'little' Emmy ran out of cat food  on Easter Sunday, so started chewing on Stuart's cell phone...  the message...Phone Mommy... tell her to bring me food,  I'm starving....  Stuart finally found a drug store that was open so Emmy survived  or should I say the cell phone survived!   

April 17 Easter Monday in Canada (A holiday for some people)  Still gloomy here and looks like it's getting windy!  The Gum Ball Puffins are one peice and are much smaller than my normal puffins.... (all three of them are exactly 25mm... now if I'd been trying to make them the same size...forget it!  The chunk of bead release stuck on the first one is just that I missed it when I pulled him out of the sink for the photograph, it has now been removed! and the bead release is still in the hollows....They were suggesting to me that I shuld make the Hollow bead as a seperate peice ... they figure a glass globe growing out of their head is just down right weird!....
I spent a lot of yesterday finishing off the report for the insurance adjuster, actually rewriting the statement she expects me to sign... and typing up the final list with 'purchase' prices on it.  Comes to just over $4000 but that includes $2500 for the lap top,  I'm sure they will figure  replacement cost on a 5 year old lap top at  $3.50  (that's 3 dollars and 50 cents)....  I also finalized our income tax over the weekend,   but Canadians have until April 30th to file and pay with no penalty... so we can hang onto our money for another 2 weeks!
April 16 Easter Sunday...  Hope everyone gets lots of goodies from the Easter Bunny , Gord just wandered in here and handed me an Oh Henry bar from the Easter Bunny (actually it's left over from Hallowe'en!) 
Today is your last chance to get ballots in for Coco will draw at 8pm ADT.. so now is the time to go vote for me on TOP25!
We went to the 45th Parallel for super last night, and then stayed for the entertainment.. (they have entertainment about once a month) last night  they had a singer from Saint John entertaining after 8pm, she was really quite good!  However after about 11 the raunchy rap between sets was lasting longer than the sets... (actually the music between sets up until 10:30 had been old rock music ....)  but after the 20 something crowd started  taking over the place....(different story!)  Interesting point about living on a small island that only has one 'night spot'   It attracts everyone,  You'll get three generations of the same family there at different times during the night, we left at midnight, think they usually go until about 2 am.  I did make beads yesterday, but no frogs or puffins... I guess next months freebe  will be a gum ball machine... to be assembled.... So much fun trying to stuff those stupid little misshapen Indian  seed beads into the hollow beed!
New game tomorrow think I'll call it Multibon II, although it's completely different....  Dull and gloomy here today, but not raining now.... suppose to rain through Thursday though, yuck!

April 15  Sunny still it was suppose to start raining over night, if it stays sunny my daffodils might start blooming today!  Yesterday I made a frog on a hollow bead...(this was a dare... actually it was suppose to be a frog on a gumball machine... however I figured that the frog on the  hollow was good enough!)  his fore arms look a bit like Popeye after he ate his spinach... I  tried to take his picture after I got him out of the kiln this morning  but he was hopping all over the kitchen.... Haven't made a new free bead  yet for next months draw, not sure if it should be a Puffin or a  gum ball machine, do Puffins chew gum, would they like a gum ball machine.....
  (any comments, preferences????)  Still taking answers on the 'current' MB just not giving any more clues!
sell it to me man come on live, play and match I bid 

April 14 Good Friday.....  No new words today my brain is on holiday for the weekend!
I will start an all new game on Monday... This  one is Gord's brainwave so  blame him if it doesn't work !  Coco  is getting excited she wants to know where she is going to go live!  Wasn't Rocky cute, wonder where he will move once the Pool House  is gone?  He'll prbably figure out how to get into the floor of the house,  so that he can play with Simon the Red Squirrel! 
We had fun in the states yesterday, went to Eastport and I bought and new 'antique' gum ball machine...(it came from an antique store, but since it's made in Tiwan and the paint is imaculate... it's no antique!)  which we are going to use to display some of my sculptural beads in the gallery...  Woke up to nothing this morning, but the fog has burned off and the sky is turning blue, the rest of the weekend is suppose to be rainy but today might be nice!  Guess I really do need to do my income tax  this weekend, I keep thinking about it..... but thinking doesn't get the numbers onto the computer tax program.....
April 12 Wed.... sell it to me man come on live, play and match I bid
Good morning I guess, I woke up to the sound track from the gong show at 7:30 this morning... Our govenrment warf is being replaced, and they started driving piles at 7:30... it sound just like someone hitting a giant gong every 15 seconds... But it's a lovely sunny morning.. see what I found in my kiln at 7:30 this morning he probably would have lost his ice once the sun hit him as it froze over night....

Kiss Me and I'll grant you Your foundest wish....... (But then I'll be a prince, not a magic frog... !)
Gord discovered that our theives were also wanna be handy men... There's a rather delaptated pool on the property in SJ ... the building housing it is slowly being demolished.... (not sure who will win.. time or Gord!) G discovered yesterday that they had taken his toys... His chain saw, and skill saw, and my drill, and a gerry can of gas... complete with gas... Maybe they will play with the chain saw and cut off a few body parts! This stuff was all in the basement so they spent way more time in the house than we previously thought! I think they must have been watching Stuart's comings and goings for awhile... unless they assumed that it was someone with a normal 9 -5 job.... And we even supplied them with gas for their get away vehicle, how generous of us! Off to Calais and Eastport tomorrow.... early
April 11 Tues.... sell it to me man come on live, play and match
Just noticed that I changed the meaning/pronunciation of live yesterday! Still sunny, did you see the turkeys that came to visit me yesterday, their picture is on my home page! There used to be a flock of wild turkeys at the other end of the Island, but we haven't seen them for a couple of years... Not really sure I want a flock of turkeys running around the yard or not! Once they've cleaned up the birdseed they may move on to seedier pastures! I did make beads and work on my panel yesterday, and finished another square wire Byzantine braclet... I'm putting a single focal bead in the bracelets this year, so they aren't just Chain..... Pictures may appear somewhere on this site....sometime...
April 10 Mon.... sell it to me man come on live match
The sun is back.... the sky is blue, I'm sick and my computer isn't behaving... so this is all you get! Later... added a few pictures to my home page, these 'guys' were on the driveway when I got home from the mailbox!
April 9 Sun.... sell it to me man come on live
Cloudy this morning, didn't do anything yesterday except make beads, clean jewellery  and sort some earrings out to take to Eastport next week.... I have to go fix an earring that someone lost and then found but I think whoever found it stepped on it first! Supposidly just the wire is bent, however I've been told by numerous people over the years that there was no glass broken in stained glass pieces that I was given to fix too! G's scientific converter says the real number is 31.10...... for troy oz. to grams, in case your interested!

April 8 Sat.... sell it to me man come on
This MB sentence may get really weird I'm making it up as I stuff words in... all my previous sentences   were created with a great deal of care ahead of time!... beleive it or don't! Raining here today, made it to the store and back yesterday without getting wet, my new plants are happy, rain can stop now! One of my neighbours has a daffodil blooming but it's growing out of the house foundation beside the dryer vent.... added a picture to the bottom of yesterdays rant mid afternoon, the hole in the bottom of the envelope was there when I got it! Doubt if AH's beads would survive that torture test! I did make beads yesterday, might actually put some new pictures up soon, I'm working on some chain maille bracelets out of square silver wire... the square wire catches the light, so the bracelets are really pretty, it was sold to me in increments of troy oz... my scale is grams, no problem..right??? Except a got 4 different conversions on 4 dif sites this morning and they are really dif! 31.1 grams to as high as 33.3 gram and everything in between!
April 7 Friday.... sell it to me man
Bad news is two people have already got the answer.... The answer to the last one was PIPE I always forget to post the previous answer! I just move on... Yesterdays snow is all gone, just gloomy today,.... got an envelope out of the mailbox yesterday... that looked like it had been run over by a compacter, it started in Ontario... It arrived repackaged in plastic.... I participated in a bracelet exchange this was what I won... The flameworked beads survived but there was a seed bead ring/cuff that is just shredded, will haul out my beading book and see if I can figure out how to remake it! Think I am missing bunches of seed beeds though, hope they're gumming up the Postal systems stamping machine!

April 6 Thursday... NEW MB sell 
It's daring to snow here this morning... It's April I have flowers blooming....there was a skiff of snow on the ground when I got up but it was raining then, now it's snowing again! I can see the highway from here but it just looks shiny...
When we got back to SJ last night we discovered that there had been a break in while we were gone They stole my lap top and other electronics from the house and Emmy sat back and watched them do it... why do cats have claws and teeth if
they're not going to use them! They also took Gords fathers shaver, circa 1970
which G had been using there... can't figure that one out... We are also missing a Stereo system... mine from the beach, nice system ...
an old single Cd player (Full size stereo type so looks impresive) a fairly decent VCR and Gord's suitcase (complete with contents of end pockets)....this was no doubt used to haul loot away in ... gained one pair of socks worn on the slimeballs hands! Police have those in custody!
My other email the glassrod one is password protected to receive but not send,so it will interesting to see if they start sending out spam on my behalf! ..or if they just stole the stuff to sell......
It was so windy here yesterday that Money Pit's Dinghy flipped over, now it's upside down so won't be filling up with water and snow...Off to make snow angels?

April 4 (Tues) I had a beautiful dream...before I woke up smelling smoke... that I had put down a bag of clay...on a plastic stem ....
Off to a good start I have the right date & day today! Nasty windy morning, the house was really cold when I got down here this morning! Just about got blown over when I opened the window to let Duddly in! Off to SJ late this afternoon, we're heading over to the Northumberland Coast tomorrow to pick up some stock for the gallery (beach glass jewellery)... have to drive through Moncton so may check out Costco, we don't have a membership anymore but if the deal was good enough we could always fix that! They do sell the best jalapeno poppers.... I spent a couple of hours in the dungeon yesterday and got a good start on the Morning Glory panel...Off to check yesterdays beads....

April 3 (Mon) I had a beautiful dream...before I woke up smelling smoke... that I had put down a chunkof clay...on a plastic stem ....
Later... Just got informed by G that I hadn't updated today, well I had but I didn't change the date...All fixed now... It's sunny again today but still windy, With daylight savings the sun is zapping me in bed at totally the wrong time! I woke up last night and looked at the clock it was exactly 2am, guess I was waiting for the alarm to go off again. G was so proud yesterday, he has finally figured out how to make the alarm on his watch work on demand.... Next time he wants to play with his toys though noon would be preferable to 2am!
I did make beads yesterday, tried to burn the whatever out of some RAKU glass, (getting it nearly liquid and multiple mashing are suppose to be the trick to lots of colour... hmm!) mine just got ugly, so you won't be seeing those beads anytime soon! Spent more time collecting income tax numbers, now all I have to do is sort them to fit revenue Canadas criterias.... which don't match mine plug them in and wait til the end of the month!
April 2 (Sun) I had a beautiful dream...before I woke up... that I had put down a chunk of clay...on a plastic stem ....
OK the right answers are rolling in, time to start thinking of a new word.... (This is a lot of work you know!) Weather has crapped out it's now cloudy and windy, still fairly warm though, G's alarm on his watch went off at exactly 1am this morning (or 2am since that's the momment of time change!) I said it was because he had forgot to change his watch so it was reminding him.... he said it was because he set the alarm by mistake... Whatever I got woken up at 1 or 2 your choice and by then it was windy so it was hard to go back to sleep....I spent yesterday trying to acumulate all the neccesary info to do my income tax, I file electronically so it's a matter of having everything ready for the end of the month... G owes this year so we won't be filing early!!!! Gord's curling team(?), actually he had quite a few people on his team during the 3 games, came third so he brought home a nice sweatshirt, advertising Future Nets, a company that makes nets for salmon cages... He claims the last game he played yesterday was redemtion for the game that they lost to the drunks in Grand Manan, I figure they should have won that game too... no excuses!
April 1 (Sat) >>> No JOKES I promise! Two people did get the answer yesterday!
 I had a beautiful dream...before I woke up... that I had put down a chunk of clay...on a stem
Still sunny but the forcast is for rain... The foghorn was blaring this morning but it was sunny here!  Time change tonight... I think we should stay on Daylight saving year round, Even in the middle of winter here I'd rather have the extra hour of daylight at super time! I actually planted a bunch of bulbs/perennials yesterday wearing shorts.... (Didn't plant the Dahlias, cuz I'm a realist, this isn't going to last, I'm sure it will snow at least once, just to prove that it can!) G is curling in a fun speil in St George tis weekend, not sure if he will have a team by this afternoon though as there were only three of them last night and one of those can't curl this afternoon, and the gallery is open so I can't play! (aw shucks can't think of anything I'd rather do than go freeze on a curling rink when it's +15/60 outside!) Just finished reading Memoirs of a Geisha, wish I'd read it before I went to Japan last year, the Gion district would have been more interesting! Will have to watch the movie sometime too! Speaking of movies G got a bunch of DVD's for his birthday, including a set of 5 Pink Panther movies, we've seen three of them before, but still fun to watch. Will get the new one when it comes out as a DVD..... Need to get dressed and get my open flag out!