Evening of Jan 31 Won't be here tomorrow, so I added another clue to the New Current game! Still Cold and sunny here. Tomorrow we are off to Halifax for the weekend to the ACTS SHOW, to buy stock for the gallery.

Tues Jan 30 Almost the end of another month.. still cold here, but at least that means it's sunny! Robby is being packed up today to go to his new home in Montana, will take a picture of him with his haggis before he leaves. that is if the puffins didn't eat it during the Robby Burns celebrations over the weekend!

Note that the haggis gets the plinth... Robby prefers the ground so that he can clutch his wee dram!
The Dungeon was 41 F yesterday morning, I'm scared to look today, I was down there yesterday forging some earring wires, and I was in such a hurry to get done and back upstairs that I smashed the side of the nail on my middle finger with the hammer!
My sister got a new kitten on Saturday, she wants a name starting with 'S' Her cats always have names starting with S, I suggested Sheila or Sally, Salsa is also in the running as she's sort of a splochy torti/tabby cross. Even though Salsa wasn't my idea I like it, however my neice doesn't! I haven't seen "S'es" picture yet either!

Poor emkins stuffed into his shrunken kitty bed... I discovered it's all about placement... if the bed is in the corner he ignores it.. If you put it in the middle of the room... he sleeps in it!

Sun Jan 28 New game however I'm not giving up the answer to game #20 as there are a bunch of people who don't have it yet! Still cold here, but not much wind so OK as long as no one expects me to work in the dungeon! Made a bunch of bigger beads yesterday, I think I might have Ms Fritels the Easter Chicken, will clean her up and see what she says about being given away!
I went to Saint John Friday afternoon, my car key which has been reluctant to open my car doors since 1997, finally decided it wasn't going to open the door! So I spent the afternoon getting in and out of the car through the trunk! A small portion of the back seats fold down so I wormed my way through the hole, pushed the drivers seat forward so that I could reach the door handle, opened the door, slithered out the door, then calmly walked around to the back of the car, closed the trunk, and got in a drove away.... Of course Stuart just happened to have a camera with video capabilities on it.. He says it's being uploaded to You- Tube... not sure what the search criterea would be for that video!

Fri Jan 26 Am I being slack about updating... probably, but do you really want to hear me whine about the weather? Actually Wednesday was warm, but now it's cold again. So I'm hibernating! I thought about finishing my Iris panel Wednesday but discovered that even though the temp outside had shot up... my dungeon was still 44, sorry I don't build windows at 44 degrees, has to be over 50 before I'll even contemplate working in the dungeon. (The temp is my kiln controller... It has big red numbers just inside the door letting me know just how revoltingly cold it is down there!)
To keep ocupied while I'm hibernating, I have been making hearts and Love & Kisses screened hearts, I'm really liking the L&K beads!..... and playing with my stash of Caliente glass ... this picture is of my
glass sweet tarts & baby bath bombs

they where made using Caliente glass which is a hand pulled cane, the streaks are due to the fact that the colour is rolled onto the glass rather than mixed in in a furnace (I think that's right) The bombs are hollow beads... They look like a wanna be necklace to me! (I was surprised that the black is black I expected it to come out streaky too!)
Today I get to deliver some jewellery to Saint John, so I have to leave my cave! BRRRRR

Mon Jan 22 It got Cold again here , The day of rain was to make sure that there was puddles and ice everywhere now that it is cold again! Friday night we went to the annual APEGNB curling party. They had a theme this year it was The 80's Now I don't remember much memorable about the 80's, my thoughts on the choice of '80's' was that the organizers all graduated from high school then... G's was they where born then! Anyway the following is my interpretation of the 80's!

Or at least my interpretation of something that could be worn on a curling rink! (I did forget about leggings, but the only pair I have are grey with navy Kaola Bears, don't think they would have done much for the outfit! The skirt is an authentic 80's skirt, the running shoes which are missing might also have been bought in the 80's... I also had a scarf and gloves at the curling rink... no we didn't win, but both G & I got a random prize, which was the same as what the winners got!

Fri Jan 19 I went to bed dreaming of 8 - 10 inches of snow, (The Forecast!) and woke up at 4 am to pouring rain... It's back up to 40 F, +4 C so I guess winters over for this week! No clues today let you think about the answer over the weekend, one person has got it, so you know enough!

Thur Jan 18 Still cold but the wind has died down and on the Fahrenheit scale we are now back on the plus side! I did venture out to make bead yesterday, I tired a few more of the "Love & Kisses" screened hearts but used finer screen, they're OK but I still like the original green one the best! Other than beads my excitement yesterday was ripping back a sweater from the armholes up for the third time... I'm hoping for third time Lucky! I guess I'll have to model this when it's done as Prudence doesn't have arms!

Wed Jan 17 BRRRRRR... It was -21.5 overnight that's -6 F with the wind whipping off the North Atlantic and howling past the house... I'm hibernating today! I will not work in the basement, I will not go pick up the mail, I will not start my car, and I will not go past go and collect $200... (I might do that, if I could only figure out where GO was!)
Today I will actually post some pictures of some beads. There is a set on my home page which reminds me of the work that the west coast Haida Indians do and these ones are my Love and Kisses Valentine beads! I really like the green one, the pink one was the first one and I don't think that there is enough contrast between the heart and the encasing glass! (Pictures are the two sides of the same bead, scanned with the same scanner.. so not sure why the background is so different! (The hearts are copper screen)

Mon Jan 15... It's well below freezing this morning -6 (20 F) OK nothing like the Canadian prairies but still cold for here this winter! It snowed yesterday too, so the ground is now white, not enough to protect my idiot plants that are all coming up though...
New game this morning... I'm tired of 12 letters so I decided to make it threee times as hard... New game has 36 letters, However there is some logical reason behind me picking this saying!
I ordered some glass frit from Double Helix when they had their 25% off sale over Christmas, mine is still sitting on the kitchen table, but I had to laugh when I read the bag, they have a warning sticker on the bag... which clearly reads
now; you can tell that there is suppose to be a line above that but the stickers are cut out so neatly that that line is obliterated...
Today G is coming out to take the first batch of photographs for a how to article that I've been asked to write for Glass Line Magazine I will let you know when you should run out and buy a copy of the magazine. Time to go have a shower and wash my hair so I look good if anything other than my hands show up in the photographs!

Sat Jan 13... It's been cold and windy, and warm and wet so far this week, today is warm but snow is in the forecast... so far they have been mostly wrong when they've forecast snow for us! Emkins was a real brat two nights ago He kept sticking his paw in my mouth or sitting on my head wheezing, his version of purring! Then when that didn't get any response he climbed under the covers and chomped on my knee... Sweet cat... Last night I didn't see him all night so I had to get up and make sure he was OK! He doesn't seem to like his current bag of food, but that's OK I think he was getting FAT! I've been making hearts the last couple of days, haven't checked on yesterdays yet also tried a frog on a lily pad.. that is destined to be an aquarium bead!

Jan 10 Happy Birthday to Stuart! and this is also the beginning of this websites third year!!!
It's sunny today so should be a nice day for a drive to SJ! Will take my camera to see if I can get a picture of the elusive Maggie, but I'm sure all I'll see of her is a little black lump under the couch!
Forgot to mention that after trying just about every travel site on line I finally booked my Hotel in Atlanta through Priceline as with them what you saw was what you got...(I HOPE!) Most of the sites listed the cheapest room off season as the room rate then when you finally got to the Hotel it was full or the room was $209/night not $79. Priceline you typed in the area of the city you were interested in staying in and the dates you wanted and it listed the hotels that were available that night with the actual cost per night! Very user friendly! Here is the long awaited solid chicken picture....

And since I won't be here later the WINNER IS.... PATTY W FROM MONTANTA (I did consider thowing her name back after all the rude remarks she made about Robbies Haggis!)

Jan 7 Todays clue includes the word luni not looney (ie it has nothing to do with me!) I had so much fun Friday evening and yesterday morning.. I was trying to book a hotel in Atlanta for the middle of February. ( I couldn't make it home from Atlanta in one day so decided to stay in Atlanta not Detroit... and since I was already there why not spend two nights and see something other than the airport....)Anyway interesting facts about Atlanta, supposedly one of the most dangerous cities in North America, one site suggested that you walk around looking like you weren't scared, but if you did feel nervous that you could buy a handgun as they were available on most street corners in Atlanta! (Now that is reassuring!... I do have handgun training too... could I hit a barn at 10 paces? Probably not!) G figures I should walk around reading "Handguns for Dummies" with a Plastic Colt 45 on my hip! I did book my hotel near the airport even though I gather that is not one of the nicer parts of town, but I did upgrade to a Hotel that has it's own restaurant and a free shuttle too and from the airport. The MARTA runs to the airport (Atlanta's transit) but there are warnings about MARTA stations too.... and while we're talking about Atlanta, there was a tornado warning for there two days ago! I don't think my Hotel has a business centre so you won't get an update on how much fun I'm having in Atlant until I get home...
It's sunny today so will try a couple of pictures of my new "improved?" flock of chickens!

Jan 6 Still raining, I noticed that my lilacs are budding out... wonder what they'll think of the -18 that I'm sure we are going to get sometime in feb! Actually I have quite a few happy green perenials in the garden! No more Chicken pictures until the sun comes out!
Jan 5 Raining here today... I switched to solid chickens yesterday, trying to turn a hollow bead into a pickle shape wasn't working, and my chicken critic said mine were too round... and he didn't like my explaination that they were sitting on their nest all fluffed out....
Jan 4 Looks like it's going to be warm here for the next couple of days!

The long awaited chicken picture, there are more but these three elbowed the rest out of the picture! The one on the nest is a pendant the other two only have one hole... so they might get wire feet!

Jan 3 New game today, I'm leaving up the last one as a sample... Mondays freezing rain turned into rain at about 6 pm Monday and all the snow and slush melted, but not before I'd shovelled the slush off of the driveway! We went to Saint John yesterday, didn't accomplish much, managed to miss the 5:30 ferry by 5 minutes because someone was sitting in the truck playing Sudoku while I was waiting for him in the entrance to The City Market.... So he got to play Sudoku in the ferry lineup for 55 minutes too! The back up ferry won't run if it's too windy and we seem to be missing our big ferry at the momment...?
My Chickens are preening on the kitchen table waiting for their photo op, Maybe tomorrow I want more than two, after all chickens hang out in flocks and two doesn't constitute a flock!

JANUARY 1 2007 A New year... Hope it is a happy one for everyone! I'm looking out the window and watching freezing rain fall from the sky, at least it waited until this morning. We did have an inch of snow, but this will take care of that!
I'm busy trying to make 'torched glass' Penguins and Chickens, I saw some blown glass Chickens while we were visiting in BC over the holidays and thnk they would be cute tiny too... My plastic penguin model is rolling on my work bench laughing, so no you don't get to see the prototype penguins!
We spent the night building a puzzle in front of the fire, at least I did someone went to bed at 10:45. The puzzle is all done except for the blue water, the blue sky, the blue clouds the blue....
Time to go make some more glass birds!