Oct 14 Well we survived Friday the 13th... It's sunny this morning but we may have got our first frost last night... will have to think about bringing in my pots or transplanting some of them... One of our last deeds in the US on Tuesday was to stop at Home Depot and buy some ceiling fans for the upstairs rooms... I had seen some in Georgia that came from Home Depot that I really liked.... G installed the first one and I took one look and said it was too close to the end wall, the blade was only about 6 inches from the wall... so it got moved to the other end of the room... so the light above the bed is once again a bulb hanging off of wires... tres elegant! Looks like we should be able to get a 'matching' fixture here, G thought they had a similar fan too but it was almost $100 more than it was in Maine.... Off to solder birds and make beads..... and delete a bunch more of those "A's?' ... they're multiplying everytime I save this thing it adds another one... the plus side is four A's are much easier to find!
Oct 13 The sun is trying to shine this morning.... Still trying to delete those stupid A's that the Hotel in Alexandria donated to me.... at least they stay gone once they are deleted! Highlites of the trip would be the Beaches... even if you don't swim walking along the beach and picking up shells... I have buckets of them... I have transfered all my pictures onto the computer... so more may be showing up Once I finish the silver peices I made in Georgia I will post pictures... I left final finishing for here as I have tools to do that... so I  made bezels and set 'ROCKS' and glass while I was there....
 Couple of pictures for your amusement!

A truly cool cat! Emkins yesterday... found the sunglasses in a parking lot in NC....

My best angle?!Some 'beach' in North or South Carolina.....
Oct 12 Windy a rainy here today...YUCK!!!Off to the dungeon to solder assuming that the place isn't under water!
Oct 11 I'm home! Don't know where all those stupid A thingies came from other than Alexandria and I don't know how to get rid of them easily... So they are going to stay! My last update was actually Oct 4 I thought it was the second because that was the last day I had any email but I didn't realize that My mailbox hit capactity on the 2nd It could only handle the first 1000 new/unread emails, and someone sent a huge picture to my other account.... Crappy weather finally caught up with us cool and windy here today! Actually the weather in Atlantic City was awful but that is the one place on the trip that I have no wish to ever see again! What a dump...dive.... We drove through New York City and had to pay a $6.00 toll for one bridge, similar length bridge to the one in Saint John that costs $.25, and I try and avoid paying that! Dinner in Alexandria was a lot of fun! Met a few more people after that that I had only previously met in emails.....‚ The answer to the last game was GONE WITH THE WIND, think most people got it that tried Now I have to get to work, Galleries want Christams stock!
October 4.... OK don't know where that came from... Greetings from Alexandria VA... we are here to go out for dinner with a distant relative of mine.... second cousin once removed or something... He tracked Dad down this winter, so we're meeting him for supper tonight, he said we would recognize him because he's 6 ft 6 inches tall... I said I was short and had green toenails... We spent the last week on the NC beaches highly recomend themé Lovely waves and the weather was great Gotta go as this computer is in the Hotel lobby... G's dosn't have a wireless connection... so pretty useless!
Sept 20 While the boss is away, the go-pher will play---- on her website! Not much to say, though, or at least not much I'll admit to....
Duddies is still AWOL but Emmy seems to be recovering. At least he was well enough to get me up at 6 AM the last couple mornings to go outside. Still pretty laid back for him tho'.
OK, that's it. Places to do and things to go.
Sept 15 Leaving for SJ in 40 minutes. I'm leaving behind one sick cat and one cat that's still on walk about. Duddies has been gone a week now. Poor Em just sleeps all day long... when he gets up he struggles to get up onto the toilet so he can get a drink... doesn't like his water bowl!
I added some beads to the bottom of yesterdays BLOG they are about 3/16 of an inch thick background is lite ivory. I really like them but then I'm biased! Will try and update if I can find a computer.... Northern Georgia is still suppose to be having temps in the mid 70's I can deal with that!
Sept 15 The clouds have rolled in but it's still warm. I was going to update yesterday but someone sent me the right answer so I decided the rest of you didn't need anymore hints! But just to show you how nice I am you're looking for 4 words!
My suitcase is packed ... think most things are in it except for my pliers... which I'm using... decided to try a flat chain maille bracelet... think this would be relatively easy if I was using 16 gauge wire but I decided to use 20 gauge 9/64 ID rings... trying to get it flat so that you can attach rings is just nasty! I put 3 on then take 2-4 off again, think I have an inch and a half after about 3 hours ... even worse than tatting.. the bridal lace I made so many years ago I could do an inch an hour! There is no way I could sell this chain!
When I was in St Andrews on Tuesday I replaced the Crocs that my sister bought me for my birthday... You bought me small I wear XS .... Anyway Island Beach has a really good selection, I started with Hot pink... then thought no that's not really me... so I switched to a more neutral khaki.... well the khaki ones were a bit small... there were three pairs that colour they were all small, so on to lime/neon green , those fit just fine. OK lime it is ... Off to the till I commented to the sales clerk about the khaki ones not fitting ... and she said the bright colours are made in Canada and they are bigger than the dull colours which are made in Colorado..... As she was ringing them through she commented that the large kids size is the same size as the XS adults did you try them on.... NO back to the shelf yes there was a lime green pair and since the kids ones are $7.50 cheaper than the XS adults... I bought the kids ones... since there is no dif other than price!

Yesterday's beads using some of the new frit I bought of course I add bench sweepings to the commercial frit.... I got a comment from a friend who is a blacksmith that my work bench is much more colourful than his!
Sept 13 Still sunny, Yesterday was a great day for a car ride. Went to Calais and St. Andrews. I have a fairly large resident spider that lives on the drivers door of my car , as I was driving into St George from the ferry I noticed her scurrying up her web and she hid behind the mirror to get out of the wind! On Monday night in SJ I was abandonned by G & S and left to drink my coffee alone/in peace? Anyway when I got into the Oldsmobile in the parking lot my toe just touched the gas peddle... I flelt around under the seat nothing, reclined it not helpful... so had to phone to find out how to move the seat... it's electronic... it goes up and down and forward and back... actually when it went up it seemed to tip forward rather than go straight up... I've always wanted a seat that I could move up! Very useful feature when one is hieght challenged!
Sept 12 Sunny and cool this morning.. they were forcasting frost over night think it got down to 48... not very frosty! When I got home from SJ last night I heard a cat howling in the alder grove beside the stream... Em and I went to investigate but couldn't see anything as it was dark and I didn't want to fall into the stream.... Went back out this morning... with my fearless grey shadow.... couldn't find any sign of a cat or hear anything so all that achieved was some very wet clothes plowing through chest high brambles! I could have stepped on poor duddies in that stuff and not even known he was there!.... (Duddies has been missing since he left after his pre prowl snack Friday night.....)
Today I'm off to Calais and Saint Andrews. Yesterday I was in SJ seeing Staurt's new apartment and picking up the car to bring it back to Deer Island .. that car purred along quite happily at 130 kmph, kept having to slow down, I hate cruise control, I feel like the car is driving me if I'm using cruise! Auto O'puffin is cooling his heels on the kitchen table on will hopefully be up tomorrow but here's a preview.....

My immaculate work bench is in full view too!
Auto got coral feet and Blue Kronos Eyes since he's and Autumn puffin!

Sept 10 Sunny and 'breezed up' today, so Cpt Bleigh is out on Money Pit... Auto O'Puffin is in the Kiln he has Kronos Blue eyes and a green seaweedy 'rock' perch.... I helped myself to the following off of one of the lampwork forums this morning thought it was pretty good!
I thought you should be informed of this new virus.
There is a virus being passed around electronically, orally, and by hand.

This virus is called Worm-Overload-Recreational-Killer (WORK).

If you receive WORK from any of your colleagues, your boss, or anyone
else via any means DO NOT TOUCH IT. This virus will wipe out your
private life completely.

If you should come into contact with WORK put your jacket on and take
two good friends to the nearest grocery store. Purchase the antidote
known as Work-Isolating-Neutralizer-Extract (WINE) or
Bothersome-Employer- Elimination-Rebooter (BEER).

Take the antidote repeatedly until WORK has been completely eliminated
from your system. You should forward this warning to 5 friends. If you
do not have 5 friends, you have already been infected and WORK is
controlling your life .....

Sept 9 I had to get up way to early yesterday morning as I was getting my hair cut at 8.... and somehow I never got around to updating after I got back....So far today it's gloomy... I'm hiding in the middle of the house so that Duddies can't see me as I've run out of cat food! G is suppose to be buying some on his way home from SJ. Duddley is very vocale if there is no food in his bowl, so I think I'll just hide! Actually I had saved enough food for a small breakfast but he came in at 9:30 last night and demanded a before prowl snack... so there went his breakfast!
Piles of clothes and other miscilania are starting to appear all over the house in my pre packing frenzy, I leave for SJ next Sat and fly out at 6:10 Sunday morning (Atlanta via Toronto)... I also have to figure out what I'm going to take along for 3 weeks truck entertainment... Any suggestionson the truck entertainment, other than knitting....
Sept 7 Another person got the right answerr so you don't need anymore clues! Sunny here today I will be adding a scan of some beads I did yesterday in a little while.

These beads are made with a Kalera press that I got to use for a month, it's being shipped to RI next week, so I'm trying to make some nice beads before I pass it along! These beads are much nicer in real life!
Sept 6  Well two people have the answer... I know I wouldn't! Raining here again ! Today I get to solder birds, the fall tourists must be birders because all my little birds are flying out the door! Em survived the trama of 3 ferry rides in 90 minutes, but wasn't taken with Oliver the new cat in SJ, I guess Oliver wanted to play but Em has learned all about how to be sociable from Duddies so hissed at him! Off to check yesterdays' beads see if there are any keepers!

Sept 5This update is much later than I intended but G forgot his wallet so I had to stand on the driveway and throw it threw his window so that he could get back onto the same ferry he got off of, and watch poor little Em's face go from goody goody I get to get out of this truck to what do you mean you forgot something I have to submit to your driving for 2.5 hours instead of 1.5.... When I moved the Vote button yesterday I managed to screw up all of G's tables on my home page.. there was a lot of swearing while he was fixing it!.... the vote button is still on the website somewhere, so if you really want to vote you still can! Got lots of beads done yesterday,┬é I made one fairly large bead to match a pair of earrings in the gallery of course I sold those earrings this morning! 
Ernesto is gone and we're back to muggy sunshine!
Sept 4  Overcast here today, but the rain has quit and it's actually very warm! That's one of the nice things about rain from Tropical storms is it stays warm out! Well everyone is back where they started... and I dsicovered why John is John and not Florence! John is in the Pacific I thought Pacific Ocean storms were Typhoons, but I guess if they are in the US they are still hurricanes! My Top 25 button is being moved /hidden today, I got an email from someone a couple of days ago asking what right I had to take away the vote! So I'll just hide it somewhere! I did get beads made both yesterday and today, so I'm feeling very noble!
Sept 3 Forgot to thank everyone who wished me happy birthday and sent me E cards! Thank you. Everyone should now be on a plane pointed in the direction of home (actually home via Toronto). My sister got stuck at the airport in Saint John for 6 hours yesterday as they cancelled her plane! There is not much to do at that airport and the restaurant specializes in stale pre package sandwiches... yum yum! We drove in and had dinner with Mom & Dad at the new reversing fall restaurant.... I thought it would be busy but we got a great window table with a really good view! Food was good too! Today is overcast guess we are forcast to get the dregs of Ernesto and John... wonder what happened to F G H and I!
If you read this far today's hint (#2) is sort of a red herring......
Sept 2... The company is leaving, the sun is still shining The draw was made yesterday... and the winner is Tara from Edmonton (AGAIN!) Actually August 30 was her 15th wedding anniversary. After this weekend if you want to win puffins you will have to play my STUPID games or buy beads as I'm taking the "VOTE" buttons off my website.
Highlites of this week I shut my hand in the truck door on the ferry on my birthday.... In case you didn't know it ...you can latch the door of an F150 truck with a hand in it! Bruised but not broken and no blood so the medic was not impressed! Thursday we went to Eastport on the ferry, G acted as gallery stud for the day, was warm enough over lunch to eat on the deck of the wacco diner, Friday Sept 1 my sisters birthday everyone but me went out on Money Pit and went sailing with the whales.
This is my last weekend of being open every day, it'll feel weird not putting out the flag and plugging in intercoms!