August 30 Foggy morning... Today is my B'day, I'm celebrating the 9th anniversary of my 42nd Birthday or G thinks maybe it's the 42nd anniversary of my 9th Birthday... Someones cat voted so the Orange bead is back in front on the pole.... Think I'll head out and make beads now while it's foggy and I can still see my flame!

August 2810 days and counting to lift off... need to start packing, the good news is my silver instructor has told me I can leave my dremel and hammers at home.... We finally have hot sunny summer weather. Still not sure which bead to use, my opinion poll came back evenly split, so much for that great idea!

August 25 Sunny today, hopefully that will bring on hordes of customers.... OK I made about 12 beads yesterday these are the two that G & I think fit the best with this bracelet... The woman that bought it wants one more bead added should it be the pink (CIM glass) one or the orange (Vet glass) one... (The orange one is really orange, much brighter than it looks on my screen!) She bought it through a gallery so I have no way of contacting her! Send me an email and tell me which bead to use... I'm adding it onto the purple end....The gallery said she didn't specify colour.... So help me choose!

August 24 Yesterday was fun... It was warm and the forecast rain stayed away... However it is raining now!
I took the ferry to Campobello to play tourist, people keep asking me what there is to do there, so I went and checked it out. I started the day collecting beach glass off a beach that had come highly recommended, I found a piece that looks like the bottom half of candy corn it grades from yellow into orange... the nice part of the beach is that most of the glass was fully etched... I'd left my car on the road and walked down.. it took me less than 15 minutes to get more than I could hold in my hands... (Nope I'm not posting the name of the beach!) Then I drove out to the light house but the tide was in so I couldn't walk out to it! Off to Herring cove which is on the Ocean side of the Island and should have nice beach glass... doesn't, it does however have lovely polished stones! Then off to Roosevelt's summer cottage... My mother always wanted to call the cabin at Manitou Beach a Cottage... A cottage in Eastern Canada/US has at least 30 rooms, so I told my mother that once she had put the 27 room addition on to our cabin she could call it a cottage! I didn't tour the Cottage this time just drooled over the flowers! I remember the Dahlias from when we were there in 2002...

The red one doesn't even look real....
Campobello is an Island but it's attached to Lubec Maine with a bridge... One of the customers earlier this week runs a tea shop The Sip and Chat in Dennysville, so that was my next stop I followed the sign pointing to Dennysville, my left fork took me onto a dead end street... I found the school but not the Post Office... and the road I had exited on hadn't had a number so back out to the highway for try number two. Yes if you follow directions you get where your going! Rte 86 got me to the Post Office! I got there to find all the tables facing the river full, actually the restaurant was full except one table for 2... about the time I was thinking of taking it two more women walked in... I told them that they could have it, but they insisted that I join them... One of them was Sarah Graves who writes the 'Home Repair is Homicide Series' of books set in Eastport, Since I have read them all it was fun! Lucky it wasn't some Romance Novelist , although I wouldn't have recognized the name then so I would have remained in blissful ignorance! To create a tea room ambiance they have old period hats hanging in the entryway that you are suppose to wear while you are drinking your tea..... Nancy the other lady picked my hat... I think it made me look a bit like a bag lady... crushed black velvet with a big red flower on the front... it did sort of match what I was wearing....
Final stop of the day was Eastport, where I picked up a bracelet that needs to be lengthened by adding another bead.. I have to figure out what colour of bead to add....
Eastport is also on an island but they have a causeway from the mainland... in the summer there is a ferry between Eastport and Deer Island, the ferry pulls up onto the beach, at low tide you drive a long way across the beach to catch the ferry! My mustang doesn't really enjoy the drive....
the customer tap seems to have been turned off a week early this year, will see if the rain brings out bored locals or keeps everyone at home!

August 23 Off to Campobello and Eastport in a few minutes just thought I'd stick a tiny picture of my first electroformed vessel here.

August 20 Still sunny, but it feels cool.... Only one vessel agreed to the line up....The ball/stopper (hollow) is wired onto a cork and the chain joining them started life as a piece of 22 gauge wire...

I'm electroforming one today, will have to see if it allows me to photograph it tomorrow!

August 19
Yesterday it rained on and off all day, today so far it is sunny... I've made a bunch of 1.5ml vessels will try and line them all up for photos tomorrow! Today's photo is my oriental lilies, they are outside the window of my bead studio....

The bottom white ones are at my eye level...
of course there are people that would point out that that's the same level as a normal height persons navel!

August 17
Sort of hazy here today, seem to be getting a little rain most days now, my Oriental lilies are just coming into bloom, so with the cooler temps I think they might last quite well! Emkins has discovered the hanging birdfeeder.... problem is he can't grab the bird and the feeder at the same time, although I think a few birds may end up loosing tail feathers I don't see him actually catching a bird.... It may be how he hurt his paw though! He looks kind of cute swinging from the feeder.... He lies in the middle of the gravel walk to the gallery waiting for the bird....Then jumps straight up and grabs the base with his front paws... think it's about 4.5 feet off the ground... Need to walk a couple of small parcels to the Island Post Office

August 14
Yesterday was rainy but it's sunny again here today! I've already had my excitement for today, I walked down the hill to the Credit Union, they open at 8:30 so I can get there and back before I open.

August 12
It's a sunny Sunday here today... I leave for William Holland 4 weeks from yesterday.... My trip to Eastport was a success I got my oars, they fit in my car... the oar bumper thingies don't work according to G.. but they were cheap and I think easily modifiable.... Yesterday I closed early and went to St Andrews for supper... Capt Bligh and Russell sailed Money-pit over so that Russell could get more Pirate T-shirts... I tried to catch the 4:30 ferry but the tides were so low that they were going out around the islands, so I got a ferry about 4:35 and got to the Mainland at 5:10 SA is another 30 miles once you hit land! Russell goes home today, so poor Capt Bligh will have to get back to house reconstruction!

Money-Pit coming through the passage ... I was on the ferry

August 10
Sunny... We did get 1.6 inches of rain on Wednesday.. It started at noon and rained until about 6 pm... At least the lawn isn't crisp anymore!
I think Captain Bligh and his merry men had more fun than they wanted... They even managed to loose the oars on the dinghy! As they were pulling anchor yesterday morning they swamped the dinghy and the oars floated away... I asked why he didn't do a Man/oar overboard drill and got told that the anchor was still stuck in the mud! I wish I'd watch them 'paddle' in from the boat last night I think watching G paddle with a frying pan in one hand and a baking sheet in the other would have been somewhat entertaining!
I'm going to Eastport today to see if I can find them some new oars... they got to spend 4 days sailing so I get to spend a day shopping! Russel wants to go to St Andrews tomorrow and doesn't think rowing up to the wharf there with a frying pan and a baking sheet has much class...
I have got some more tiny vessels that may even be photogenic and I've almost caught up on orders... so it's play time on the torch!

August 7
Cloudy and yucky here today... Poor Em has a sore front paw , he's been limping around for 3 days now, I don't see a cut anywhere and it hasn't affected his apatite.... Maybe he fell out of the tree when he was hiding from the kids that wanted to play with him!
I discovered yesterday that the manual I have for my POS terminal in the gallery doesn't actually go with my terminal... I was trying to refund something... a husband and wife both bought each other the same thing and then decided they didn't need them both... well the button my manual told me to push isn't on my terminal!... So I turfed the manual and looked for a likely button... the font on the buttons must be about 'Arial -1' so very easy to read! Success was achieved in spite of the manual!
The great sailors are suppose to be heading up the Saint John river today, however there was no wind yesterday afternoon so they had to break down and turn on the motor.... Stuart is suppose to join them, but as they are running over half a day behind schedule he won't get to be on Money-Pit for very long, as he only gets today and tomorrow off!

August 5
SUNNY here today, but windy.... This is a long weekend in Canada, Monday is a holiday think it's New Brunswick Day here, It was the August Bank Holiday where I grew up.... My major achievement over the last two days was getting my wind up westminster chimes clock going again for the first time in 6 years.. I t took almost an hour of fiddling... not sure how accurate time wise it will be but after 5 hours it didn't seem to have gained or lost anything! It's been living on top of the end of the piano since we got here and would not work there! I hauled some old craft sale display stand upstairs... since I've given up on the shelving that's suppose to be built showing up anytime soon.... and the top shelf needed something.... The clock ran facing the wall for quite a few hours after I got it going ... I was a bit nervous about it quiting when I turned it around... but I guess it's decided that it wants to work again!
I have a 'faux' Tink vessel for my draw in Sept ... the picture is at the top of my current pictures page!

August 3
Updating two days in a row!!! I woke up to fog this morning so spent 3 hours making snowmen...(I can't make snowmen in the sun or they'll melt!) I think they got bigger and bigger the more I made , Hopefully there are 16 or 17, and I can use them all, but I don't think so. The last batch had 8 and I only kept 4! It's almost noon here and the fog actually looks thicker than it did at 7:30....

August 2
Another warm sunny day... Yesterday I went to Saint John... I was dropping off a bunch of bracelets at a small store in the city market.. while I was there I bought a pound of coffee... It went through as $171.46, someone had been playing with the terminal and when they swiped my card they got the numbers that were already in the 'terminal' You can't do that with mine, the amount HAS to be entered after the card is swiped the other is just dangerous... It took forever to do the refund as they had to find the manual... G's oldest son is coming this weekend, I'm expecting them to spend most of the time sailing... so, I'm trying to decide if I have to find the dining room table....!