August 18 2009
It's me again... and it's still HOT here! Although the temp has dropped ... at 10:30 this morning it was 33.3 (for all you American's that don't understand Celcius that's 92 degrees... way too hot for 10:30 in the morning however by 11 it was down to 26.9 a mere 80 degrees F... unfortunately the breeze has disappeared but the temp hasn't gone back up!
When I update on the 16th I forgot to mention that we went to a concert on the 9th in Saint John. We went to see Stompin Tom... who is a Canadian Folk Icon, he was actually born in Saint John but spent his foster home years in PEI so they claim him as a product of PEI! We actually saw him in Saskatoon about 11 years ago he's slowed down a bit since then as he is now 73... but it was still a good time! Don't feel bad if you've never heard of him since Gord's 29 year old son who has spent his entire life in Canada has never heard of him
G report in last night at 10 pm... they were indeed motoring as they were 6 miles from where ever it is they are going and it was dark.... guess they spent the day whale watching .... tough life!

August 16 2009
So much for my daily updates.... I went to Ottawa on July 29th.. it was so foggy in Saint John that the plane almost didn't land! Stuart was in Ottawa visiting his grandparents and came home on the 30th... he didn't come home because it was too foggy to land! When I arrived in Ottawa on time... we arrived with a thunder storm so sat on the plane for 45 minutes listening to the thunder and watching the rain fall while the plane shook and rattled.... There was an accident on the road to the airport so Grace was late picking me up... but we were the last plane that they let land the rest were diverted to Montreal!
Wednesday afternoon Grace played tour guide to Ana and I and didn't get lost once!
Thursday and Friday were workshop days... the class was a lot of fun.... I have a couple of jellyfish beads now that have black coral trees in them... I also have a couple of enameled tree beads that I quite like... pictures need to be shrunk more before I can upload them here!
Stuart picked me upon Saturday which was the first day of really nice weather! IT's almost too nice no-one wants to shop they want to hide indoors in airconditioned comfort or play on a beach somewhere!
I love the heat but I actually had to move into the shade yesterday it got to much for me... the shade was 32 degrees (90 F) the thermometer in the sun was 38 or 39 (104 F)
I'm busy working on a stained glass order for a store in Edmonton The Wild Bird General Store ....
I've made birds on and off for them for most of the 20 years that they have been in business! The store used to be very close to where my parents live in Edmonton.
I can cut glass and foil outside... actually the foil sticks better when the glass is hot so the heat is a benefit! And when I get too hot I can always go down to my dungeon and solder or grind!
Not much else is new G left last night for a 5 day trip in Money Pit... We seem to have lost most of the wind with this hot weather .... So they may be motoring to NS!
Now that it's finally quit raining I need to get into the habit of watering I noticed one very sad looking plant this morning.. I've been watering pots but not plants that I put into the garden!
I've been keeping records of the days people spend money this summer, as it would be nice to close one day a week... so far the worst day of the week is Saturday followed by Sunday & Monday (essentially a tie) then Friday then thur, wed with tuesday being the best day ... I know if I asked someone they would tell me to close on a Tuesday or wednesday... End of Deer Island Retail trivia!