Meet Ms. Honey Bunny-Penny She will be drawn for on Monday March 28, 2005
(The bunny 'turds' will be cleaned out before she is shipped!)
March 10   Oops, just hit the abort X not the save button so I guess I'll try this again! Also I guess yesterday was the 9th not the 8th, missed the day we drove home from Halifax!  Gord has decided that he really needs to be nicer to Duddley, or Duddley might shoot him!  Gord heard on the news this am that some guy had been shot by his cat!  The man had left a 9mm pistol (obviously loaded) on the counter and the cat had knocked it off and shot his owner!  Now Duddley would never do that as he doesn't go on the counter!  (More to the point we dont have a 9mm pistol).  Gord's comment was " I bet that cat doesn't get any treats for quite awhile!"
New picture on the home page today, we have quite enough snow here (any is too much for March in NB) so thought I would  post a picture that  makes  me think of spring!  Of course Orchids are native to New Brunswick, they must be all the hardware stores sell them!  The flowers  on the  Phalaenopsis in  bloom are about 4.25 inches across, it's roots have gone down the side of the pot and are crawling accross the table.  The small orchid in the backgroun is my new blood red orchid that I saw in Moncton on Tuesday,  it just lept into my arms and said  save me from all the orchid murderers out there!   I usually manage to keep my orchids alive unless Duddley sleeps on top of the leaves.  Duddley did eat one of  my plants in the gallery while I was away,  no doubt  trying to point out that he wasn't getting the appropriate amount of attention! 
Made a few beads today, but also managed to suffer through about 2 hours in the dungeon, aka  my stained glass studio, aligator pit....  it was a toasty 44 F  down there today, I am beginning to believe that if I wait for the weather to warm up this year I won't  get anything done!
March 8 Well we arrived home just in time to batten down the hatches,  Duddley the cat was home and told me that he had been ignored and wanted attention NOW, Stuart showed up breifly to collect clean clothes and then was off to visit a freind that was home from University on spring break.  The winds picked up about 9 pm and were really pounding the rain into the house, the power went out about 11:30, Stuart felt obliged to phone and inform us that they were toasty and warm in front of his freinds propane stove,  he was informed that I had been warm and toasty in bed prior to his call!  The power finally came back on  just before two  pm this afternoon.  We have both an oil stove and a fireplace, which  got lit this morning, but since it was -7 C/ 22 F  it would have been a bit cold in the house without heat.  Drove into St George for groceries and Coffee!  The roads were a bit of a mess.  Considered  making beads while the power was out but since  I would have had to batch anneal the beads decided to sort out some of my new stock in front of the fire instead!  Back to Halifax, a  lot of the small boutique type stores are closed on both Sunday &  Monday in  Halifax, went out for dinner at my favorite Japanese restaurant and had a huge platter of Sushi for two and then a  dynamite shrimp tempura roll for dessert, Gord isn't into Red Bean Ice cream, I actually thought it was quite  good the one time I had it!  Picked up pottery from two Halifax artists, one is going back to University to do a masters in the fall so she can teach, and the other one is working at 6 part time jobs to pay the bills, doesn't say much for  the future of hand made clay products.  I also discovered when we got home that  my business cards have the worng postal code on them, so if you got one of the 60 that I handed out while I was in Alberta the correct postal code is E5V IJ2!
March 6 From the Halifax Waverley Hotel,  (turns out they have free internet access in the lobby , so you don't get a three day break!)  this is a lovely old Inn just west of downtown Halifax, it has been a Hotel/inn since 1876 and is full of period antiques.  Today was bright and sunny so we walked along the waterfront to the Historic properties shopping area which is about the only thing that is open on Sunday! I guess all tourists are suppose to do on a Sunday is eat!!   I have an appointment with one of  my gallery artsists later this afternoon to pick out some more pottery for the gallery.  Our flight back to the Maritimes yesterday was quite uneventful, everything was even on time... the only excitement was the plane (not mine) that was being towed away from the terminal with five yellow firetrucks chasing after it. ( I still think fire trucks should be RED!)