March 17  Happy Saint Patty's Day, guess I should be out in the Bead Shop creating green beads!  Ms. Honey B-P has green feet, so she could be a dual occasion Rabbit!   Not sure what we are having for supper but I'm sure I could find something green hidden in the back corner of my fridge! 
Took my son to St Andrew's yesterday to   check out  a program at the community college and see if he had moved on the wait list to get into Electrical wiring, he's moved, he's now two spots lower on the list than he was when he applied 5 weeks ago!  On the way home he was looking over my car and told me it was time to detail it again!  He pointed out that when I was in Saskatchewan the summer of 2002 he had cleaned out my car and filled a large black garbage back  with VALUBLE (that's my word!) papers that were cluttering up my back seat, and then put anything he deemed useful into the trunk!  Actually at the momment the trunk has 110 lbs of water softener salt in it, rear wheel drive winter traction, so there isn't much room  for my office!   Since we have had two days of spring like weather I can probably  put the water softner salt where it belongs, until next fall!  To prove that it is really spring I actually  have a few  green shoots  popping up along south facing walls!
One of the most viewed photos on Netscape last week was a skiier hanging out of the top of a tree, the caption  was along the lines of this guy was practising for the second annual Norwegian Tree Skiing event,  the object was to see how high in the tree you could stick yourself,  after  jumping off bumps on the ground!  You couldn't fall out of the tree or the jump didn't count!  I was always lead to beleive that you should avoid trees when you were skiing, my right shoulder is still trying to tell me that body surfing on ski hills is not an appropriate thing to do either!
  March 15  Changed some pictures on my site  today, actually put up some picture of beads !!  My Gator Beads that I made yesterday  are great!  They are a base of Copper Green with Evil Purple design, no devit, would make a stunning bracelet!  Also made a set of Purple Red with Copper Green and Fine Silver squiggles or webs (no picture).
Got my gallery 'packing' delivered today, ordered some pillow boxes, thought I should assemble one, discovered it makes a difference which side of the each end you fold down first!   So gave the flat box to my husband, he also failed, my son did one end right and one end wrong, I said he got 50% my husband said he failed because , 'he failed to recognize  the significance of difference between the flaps on the ends'!
March 14   Today it is snowing again, we had very little snow left after Saturday too as it all blew away, that storm actually ended with a net loss as far as snow was concerned!  My husband got a weather facts calendar for Christmas  most days have weather facts, or list the worst weather disaster that occured on that date etc. but yesterdays was a quote by Kin Hubbard. "Don't knock the weather, nine tenths of the people couldn't start a conversation if it didn't change once in a while!"  Most of my Rants mention weather in them somewhere!  I complained about the lack of snow while we were skiing now I want it all to go away, so my tulips and daffodils can come up!  Then I will be complaining because the deer are eating my tulips and the Black Flies are eating me!
The last couple of days I have been spending mornings on the torch and afternoons in the dungeon.  Still mid 40's F in there but I need to start accumulating stock for the summer, and can't wait any longer for the weather to warm up!  This year will be the first summer in 4 years that I will have access to a glass studio while I am running my gallery.
I  made a couple of sets of beads today and am having a hard time not going out to the bead shop and sneaking a few peeks while they are cooling to room temp.  Most mornings I go get the beads in my night gown (T-shirt) and whatever footwear is appropriate to wade through the snow, mud.... and then admire them while I am eating breakfast. I can assure you that bead release  makes an excellent topping for toast!
March 12  We were suppose to have a horrendous winter storm over night, we got the winds but not much snow, none that stuck around in our yard, I guess the snow all ended up in the trees accross the highway!  Just escaped from an hour and a half in my dungeon, working on a bunch of little Salmon Plates  to be used as speaker gifts for a local Aquaculture Fair.
Got an email from a friend in Alaska a couple of days ago, who didn't know that I was posting anything to my rants while I was away, so she had missed the picture of me making snow angels... So I sent her the picture, her comment is kind of  interesting! "Is making snow angels in bathing suits a proud Canadian legacy or sheer lunacy? "  I'm voting for the  proud Canadian Tradition!
Web site has been modified today,  the free bead giveaways are a link right beside the vote button, Angus is archived there, he's actually sent me a couple of emails since he went to Saskatchewan about how nice the weather is there compared to New Brunswick, he also  pointed out how much fun he is having tasting the contents of  Jim's Beer Cellar. My next freebie is  Ms Honey Bunny-Penny she will be drawn for  on Easter Monday,  by then she will have a body!  (I'm leaning towards a vaguely egg shaped hollow body).  My mother likes my Orchid on the home page so I'll leave it  for a couple of days, the Cymbidium which  has the buds in the picture is now blooming so I guess I  took the picture a day to early!  Further more scenery pictures at the momment are pretty grim!