March 23 Good morning I am sitting here in my sun beam typing while the rest of the household sleeps!  Spent yesterday in Maine, my feet have officially decided that it is  thongs or flip flop weather, my pair of preference at the moment have 1 inch stiletto heels, make excellent ice picks for traction as I'm  climbing over snow banks piled beside sidewalks!  Actually there were a few places between Calais and Eastport yesterday that had a lot of snow piled beside the highway!  Coming home I stopped for gas and while we were stopped we heard this crunching noise, a teenage girl had cut the corner into the gas station to tightly and had hung herself up on the pile of snow beside the driveway!  Her front tires were completely off the ground/snow spinning away happily and doing absolutely nothing!  Someone arrived with a tow rope while we were still there but it looked like they were going to pull her into the gas station not back onto the highway, I'm thinking if they did that that she probably lost a few peices off of the bottom of her car!  The person fueling up next to us said that they should just throw  buckets of hot water at the snow bank and melt her off!  All I bought yesterday in Maine was some picture wire so that I can get everything in the gallery hung for this weekend!  Come for a drive on Deer Island this weekend and check out the Gallery!  Since  Gord dropped his truck off at the Ford dealer in St Stephen and Frenchies just happens to be next door....  They now have a $ table which has everything on it that didn't sell at 'regular' price, I bought a couple  more  shirts to burn holes in.....
Got my Caliente Glass yesterday when I got home, will try it today.  Caliente glass is Alberta's answer to Gaffer glass COE of 96  this is the only bundle that Michelle has up for auction on ebay today , not one of the colours I got.
BOOBIEBEADS 1/2lb Caliente Glass "Mandarin/Spring Green
BOOBIEBEADS 1/2lb Caliente Glass "Mandarin/Spri ng Green
March 20  According to the radio today is the first day of spring, now I would agree that it is spring, we have wanna be flowers poking through the ground, the snow except for the two foot bank that our front door is buried under is mostly gone!  However I have heard that winter has returned to the Canadian prairies, thank you for having spring while I was there in February!
I was playing around on ebay this morning checking out the Handmade Lampworked beads, there were at that second 10,183 listings, none of which are mine!  I usually sort by using the Most Expensive First option,  fairly close to the top this morning was 4.2 ounces of streaky pink opaque glass, with over a day left on the auction the price was $104.27 US (1.65/inch).  That converts to over $500 a pound Canadian or about $1.99 an inch! Now I like unusual  glass but $2.00 an inch!  In case anyone is interested I have most of a pound of  Old Pink Alabaster , the kind that doesn't effervesce when you stick it in the flame, now I would be quite willing to sell one of my  rods for  $1.00 US an inch!  I'm not greedy.
My pillow beads were OK for a first try ,but  I'm still rather partial to lentils, although I'm making mostly  round beads these days, I like round for earrings and pendants, round beads can't flip over and be the wrong way up!
March 19  Spring is still here , I got an email from Angus yesterday, winter has returned to SK and he would like me to buy him a business class seat back to NB, claims he got shipped to SK in a dirty sock, that's a lie!  He obviously  doesn't he know he's a bird and that he can fly!  It did snow in Lynnie Land last night!  About .5 cm most of which was melted by 8 am, the Lynnie Land was my sons version of my thought process, I was talking about snow two days ago and he wanted to know where I was living, suggested it must be my own private world called Lynnie Land since no body else had heard about any snow!  OK so I was out by 24 hours, but it did snow!  So the moral of that story is that I pay attention to the radio, it's the rest of this family that lives in their own minds!  One of my favorite Bead Makers,  sent me an email a couple of days ago saying that she logs onto the  Top 25 site when she can't sleep and checks out her favorite sites.  She said she read most of my adventures in my Rant before they put her to sleep!  I hadn't thought of them as bed time stories before!
Spent today playing with my new Zoozii Press, I got a small pillow press it's a shape that Cattwalk and CBS don't make,  Will see what I think of the beads tomorrow, however I like having the three sizes of beads in one press (Cattwalk & CBS),  I'm not very good at guessing how much glass is perfect,  I've been using my Tab press a lot more since I discovered that I was using it backwards, did you know that the X is suppose to go at the end that has the brass post?  Putting the X at the right end makes a big difference on the tab, didn't notice any difference in my lentils when I switched directions...
I have boxes of new stock all over the gallery floor at the momment, one of  my neighbors asked if I was going to be open next weekend for Easter, I guess the answer should be yes, so I know what I'm doing all week!