Friday Jan 21, Yesterday was such a fun day! (second snow storm in 4 days). We caught the 9:30 ferry off of Deer Island, on the only ferry that is currently running . The Deer Island Lemon, which is the new ferry and seems to be broken more often than not doesn't have any steering right now so is not running! The privately owned stand in ferry which is a barge with a tug boat glued to the side doesn't run when it's windy and yesterday was windy; the ferry that was running doesn't have radar, so won't run in the dark when it's snowing, and believe me it was snowing yesterday! Why would we want to go anywhere in a blizzard? Or as the radio was calling it an Alberta Clipper! (That's where I am from and I don't remember anything like that when I lived there, Gord doesn't think that a storm could make it all the way from Alberta to NB either! But I guess you have to blame someone for lousy weather!) Yesterday was the day we had agreed to play chauffeur to my son. He wanted to be moved from Fredericton to St. Andrews, (400 km, 240 mile round trip) and we wanted to pick up our new chimney cap from Saint John, tired of water and smoke ending up all over the floor. From St. George into Saint John seeing the highway was entirely optional, almost total white out conditions, however we could see the hood of the truck, bonus, not really much snow falling though, just blowing. After Saint John the snow turned into wet snowballs that stuck to the windshield and turned the wipers into ice balls that did nothing!
Picked up Stuart, ate lunch and got thrown out of the mall as they closed it because of the weather. Back on the road, snow has almost quit, the road has been plowed, somewhat slick but at least we can see now. (Chicken has barricaded herself in the back seat for extra padding if we fall off the road, not to mention that according to most vehicle manuals I'm suppose to be in the back seat anyway, I can't even legally drive my own car as I'm not big enough for the airbags. Haven't figured out how to drive from the back seat yet though. New cars let you disable the airbag on the passenger side but don't think there are very many vehicles where you can disable the drivers side. I guess car manufacturers think real people are the same size that airlines do the average woman now weighs 165 lbs can I have the difference in luggage please???? Got to St Andrews five to six, I decide to phone the ferry hot line, and discover that the last ferry was at 5pm, sounds like it was also the only ferry they ran after lunch yesterday. Got a room with a lovely water view and deck, (really useful in the middle of a blizzard!) not to mention the incredibly noisy heater that didn't even work very well. When frozen and bored, I tend to retreat to the bath tub with a book, and since there was actually hot water!
The ferry was running at 10 am this morning, although they are threatening to shut it down sometime today so that the radar can be fixed. It was also fortunate that we were going on to the island, as there was a couple of boat loads of cars trying to get off and at -18C/0F and strong winds I wouldn't want to be sitting in that line up even in the sun!
Duddley, the cat wasn't as pleased to see me as he should have been, his food bowl was empty, and hadn't been filled for almost 25 hours, and that's a crime! He didn't even seem to take it out on the house this time, or maybe I just haven't discovered the distruction! Tthe gold fish were still swimming in their tank, he figures they are his own personal kitty TV,. But could be potential snack food!
Thanks for voting for my site I'm now on the bottom of the second page! Email me after every time you vote so I can add your name to my valentine's gift draw. (you can only vote once a day for any top 25 bead site)
Jan 18, well we survived another Atlantic snowstorm, actually the snow was nice and fluffy and once the wind died down it was really rather nice out there yesterday! I quite enjoyed my half mile walk to the mail box and back... Today it is cold and windy, almost zero on the F scale, yes living on the East Coast has turned me into a whuss, but for all you Prairie Chickens, winds howling off of the Bay of Fundy are cold! My son did make it back to NB yesterday, didn't fly into the right airport at the right time but he is here, no he didn't phone me I phoned his girl friend's number this morning, the only reason I have her number is because it shows up repeatedly on our November phone bill! Aren't teenagers considerate! (actually he's 20, his birthday was 8 days ago). His luggage is still AWOL. The WM wants my phone line so gotta go, or he might change the background colour of my site into baby pink, Remember to email me every time you vote for my site so that your name will be entered for a Valentine's gift.
Jan 16, summers over for this week, back below zero, the cove gets covered in a thin layer of ice when the tide is out, as the tide comes in the ice breaks up and you get pack ice. Two years ago it was almost thick enough to walk on! We get 28 foot tides in this part of the Bay of Fundy so our back yard is much larger at low tide, the ocean floor is a combination of shale and muck here, how mucky depends on how much rain we have had , ie how much water is flowing in the freshwater streams.
I'll be posting a few heart beads in the next couple of days in F3. I registered for Paypal yesterday so can now accept money safely! I was using my sons computer to register and the batteries on his mouse quit half way through the process, the arrow keys were useless, was worried that I would be booted and that my new email would get locked out by Paypal too, my husband used my email to register his CC with Payapl so up until now he has had to pay for anything I buy!
If you voted for me in the top 25 before yesterday, your vote went into cyber space, as Dufous, my DH or the Web Meister (WM) created the HTML code for the Top 25 site based on someone else's code.. needless to say it didn't generate me any votes it did however get you to the top 25 site! Need to go make some more hearts, if you vote for me sent me an email and I'll enter your name into a draw for a Valentine's gift!
For anyone who complained about fuzzy pictures , the WM upped the resolution on about 8 pictures yesterday, think they look better, they certainly take longer to load at 45Kbpm! Just discovered that somewhere between word and posting that all 'apostrophies' turn into gobltigook so had to come back and fix them.....

Jan 14 Today the temp is 52 or 11 depending on which temp scale you think in! Unfortunately is is also very windy. But the snow/slush that I spent an hour removing from our driveway yesterday is now all gone, should have just waited! Tried to build a snowman yesterday but the snow was too wet and just fell into lumps. I'm sure we will get more snowman snow as this seems to be the type of winter where the snow storms are all preceded by rain, makes for interesting driving but the snow doesn't accumulate. I could get used to green lawns all winter.
Was going to update this yesterday but discovered that my server had lost me again, so I shoveled the driveway instead!
Duddly survived his trip to the Vet, not even any new claw marks in the roof of my husbands truck! Cost 20% of what my new brakes did. Labour rates for vehicle repair are quite resonable out here $40 an hour (Canadian), I was paying about $70/hr in SK before I moved!
My sons Christmas present arrive on Tuesday the mail man delivered it to the house even though it would have fit into the community box, because he said that he didn't like putting parcels into the box when it was so cold! It was -7 C or +20 F, Meanwhile my family in Edmonton, Alberta are getting highs off -28 and lows near -40, (-40 is the same using either temp scale). They can get those temps over with now, so that when I am out there in Feb it will be nice! Time to go clean hearts (yesterdays beads), hoping to open the gallery the two weekends before Valentine's Day, we just installed a zero clearance wood fireplace in the gallery so it is in a state of major disrepair.
Jan 11 Today is another sunny day, yesterday it couldn't make up it's mind if it was going to rain or snow . Off to the vet in a few minutes to take Duddley in for his annual inspection. My car failed it's annual inspection two weeks ago and now has brand new brakes all round, I drive my car using the gears, so always thought that brakes were somewhat over rated! The annual trip to the vet is alot of fun Duddley does not like the truck and doesn't like being in strange places. Duddley came from the local SPCA 3 years ago, he and his brother and mother were caught , I think he was about 6 weeks old and had never seen cat food or people before, He suffers from the Oz syndrome, he has to growl at the door before he goes outside, my theory is that by growling he thinks (my husband disputes the idea that he actually has a brain) that all his enemies will run in terror... He is very good at keeping the mouse populaton out of the house, although he insists on leaving me an occasional offering on the driveway, these really aren't neccesary but.... Off to Maine when we get back from the vet (yes it takes two people to take Duddley to the vet!)
Jan. 9 A beautiful sunny day, so Lynne headed out to the beadshop, yelling "update the website" over her shoulder as she left. So here it is. Updated. Oh yes, there are a couple other small changes to the site, too. See if you think they're improvements. If you can find them! The webmeister

Jan 7, my web host lost me so we were down all day... If you are using netscape 4.7 or lower the site doesn't load properly so upgrade! I still use 4.7 for email because I like the way it works, but I must admit a lot of sites won't load, so I may have to move all my email into the 21st century!

Jan 6, after a mega oops I think we are up and running, the linux server cares if your files have Capital letters! About all that loaded this am was the picture of me and Duddley (the black cat)! Hope you enjoy this site please email me you comments, Thanks for looking.

Jan 4, HI if you want the beads pictured in fresh from the flame email me with a story on why you think you deserve them and the amount of money that you want to spend; no this isn't an auction I will pick a number of stories and post them here and let you pick who deserves the beads. (The amount of money that is being paid will be deleted from the story, so greed can't influence the votes!)

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