Jan 28  Angus is happy he's getting votes from California and other places he doesn't want to think about!  Today is sunny I was actually shoveling in the sun without a jacket, stil -15 or +2 but the sun is warm!  I noticed when I started looking at other websites that people who were writing daily, weekly, seasonal write ups were calling them 'blogs'  I don't like using a word that I don't know the meaning of....Yes blogs means something it is  actually short for web log, we are posting logs of our lives for anyone to read. and should technically be spelt 'blogs, not that I can spell.
A couple of days ago when we were in St Andrews my husband commented 'that my memory was even shorter than I was', that may be why I can never think of anything to include in these write ups, other than the weather, which I am constantly being reminded of when I see the piles of snow when I look out the windows
Hope to have some hearts posted under Fresh From the Flame this weekend, they will have a price, so far I haven't had any stories that I could post on why someone needs the current beads posted there!   I have lots of hearts in the gallery right now so if your interested I vcan scan some heart jewellery and email you the pictures.
I signed my son up for an electronics course at two different local technical colleges this week one has a waiting list of 30 the other 118,  I think there is hope on the one with 30 people,  but I think I probably wasted my money on the registration fee with the wait list of 118.  He needs to find something to do other than chase the cat around the house!
Jan 27, More, Speaking of cold it is -1 or 2 on the F scale or -18 if your mind works in metric.  But today is sunny so it should warm up!
My freind Grace who lives in Southern Ontario is going to an outdoor wedding on Saturday.  It could be -30 but she made these beads to wear,  (to quote Grace under her Skidoo Suit!) She actually made  two sets, one for ebay one for her, BeadsByChance Lampwork - Jeremy's Wedding - Roses(25)  now I don't do roses but figured that I needed to learn. So,  I spent yesterday afternoon making beads out of all the bits of glass that had popped off my rods (and was lying around on my work bench just waiting to imbed itself in my elbows). Once I had a suitable 'ugly' base bead I attempted to figure out how the roses were made.   I finally did get to the end of the tunnel and got a rose , not bad but I'm not posting a picture.... Sorrry!  (Have enough scrap/crap  beads to make a bracelet , any takers?)
Jan 26  My computer went off line was I was writing the first version and cyber space ate my Rant.  We have snow again today afer 2 days of sun.  So I guess spring isn't in the air yet.  Flowers should be blooming in another 5 or 6 weeks, I can hope.  Spent yesterday on the Mainland there were two ferries working for a change,  The radar on the government ferry is fixed for another couple of days so Gord got to curl last night.  They lost, but in NB the winning team buys the beer so loosing isn't that bad afterall!
The construction continues above my head.  We raised the roof on the house last spring and now Gord and Stuart are putting up walls,  There are still a lot of crashes from on high but nothing like the interesting language that  was floating down the stair well when Gord was Drywalling the ceiling by himself!  Gotta go make beads and clean up the gallery for this weekend!
Jan 24 Wasn't going to post  anything today, until I discovered that Saturday's Rant had disapeared , I'm blaming the WM he is blaming my editing yesterdays Rant mid afternoon, at least yesterdays  now  has the right date!  We are stuck on Deer Island for the night, for every night in the near future as the ferry has no radar and is therefore afraid of the dark, snow, seafog,....  We can come and go only during daylite hours so Gord can't curl tonight because he can't come back!  The Deer Island Lemon has no steering so has been tied up for a week, the fill in emergency  ferry 'The Island Hopper" only runs when it isn't windy, it's the ferry that I took on Saturday, when I went to pick up Stuart,  but then I discovered when we were coming back that it had gone out of service to be welded back together!  It was sunny today, actually we had lots of wind yesterday which moved the snow around but I don't think much fell out of the sky, certainly not the 3 feet that coastal Massachusetts got!
 Added a gallery hours button to the home page yesterday, I will be open the next three weekends for Valentine's shopping.  However, I wouldn't believe the hours posted after Feb.  They are a figment of  the WM' imagination! 
Jan 23  Blizzard number 3 in 7 days!  Burr, getting to be way too much snow around here and today it is cold and snowy, usually it warms up when it snows. Trying to insert the picture of my blue eyed puffin on his ice cube in today's rant?
He's just over 1.5 inches tall sitting on his ice cube, Two separated beads,  not too stable as the top of the ice cube is lumpy to make it look more like ice! His name is Angus McPuff and  he really wants the fish that's swimming below his feet, but can't quite figure out how?   What he doesn't realize is that the fish is really just graffiti that a nasty seagull painted on the ice to confuse him. Blue eyed Puffins are really rare, actually he thinks he's the only one in existence!  Vote for me to get your name entered so Angus can get away from all these Blizzards!

Collected my son from St. Andrews yesterday he stayed home a whole hour before we became to boring and he took off for the mainland, if he wants to come home today he can stick out his thumb, my car isn't moving off the driveway!  Hope you are warm where ever you are reading this!
Jan 22, Thought I would check Google to see if my web site had arrived, it has made it onto Google but not Yahoo,  Then I had to try my name I discovered that I get as many cooking hits as I do real names. Thought I would include one of the more entertaining ones.to the second edition of Holiday Party Hors d'oeuvres. I wish to thank my fellow chefs Lynne, Jude and ... Place the mixture in a bowl and fold in mayonnaise. ...

OK small things entertain small minds!  It's cold here today so I'm procrastinating the 10 yard dash between the house and the flameworking studio  aka the bead shop.   The prize for voting will be a Puffin, yesterday's has Blue Eyes which the WM says is weird, he also has a glass block of ice to sit on, made out of  the scuzziest clear glass I could find,  his picture should be here in a couple of days, I like photographing glass on the deck but at 21C its not going to happen!  Thanks for all the votes I'm up to 44 am I going up to 1 or down to 1??  Need some feedback on that thought!