Feb 11,  Today is a white day, the sky is white, the trees are white or encased in ice, the ground is white.... with a half inch of ice on top.  A local NB store that buys my jewellery really likes clear beads with white decoration, I'm not really that fond of clear and white beads, I  think they remind me too much of  days like today!  I like colour! Our power was  off for about six hours last night, but came back on in time to make my coffee this morning!  So I didn't have to grind my beans with a hammer and try and make  boiled  coffee  on the barbeque.
Stuart (my 20 year old son) started a new job today, he's working in a fish processing plant just up the highway!  Not his idea of a fun job!  But it pays really well, and he doesn't need to drive, and so far the rent is free here!
My husbands curling game was cancelled last night so we could have gone out for dinner on our anniversary, but the weather was bad enough that I'm not sure the ferry was running, so probably safer to stay home in front of the fire.

Feb 10,  Well just for a change it is snowing here today, suppose to be a mega noreaster, but so far it's just nice big wet snow flakes , minimal wind, almost a nice day....  for our anniversary.  Also my fathers birthday... Happy Birthday Dad!  We went out for dinner last night (couldn't go tonight as my husband is curling ,... I know where I fall  the stack of priorities, well below curling!)  We went to Saint Andrews and ate at the Community College.  The hospitality students open the college dining room for four nights  every Feb, and serve a five course meal (there were 6 different meals to choose from ranging in price from $24 - $28 including tax and gratuities).  My meal was excellent!  Most community colleges that have a hospitality program, have dinners open to the public.  It's a lot of fun and the food is usually excellent!
The house is progressing slowly... today was suppose to be the day to blow  insullation  into the ceiling, but when they delivered the insulation yesterday , we got the 70 bales of insullation , but no blower!  Might not have worked very well in the snow anyway.   The mountain of insullation is sitting under a tarp at the bottom of the driveway, if we get enough snow maybe I can  use it as a toboggan run... we tried tobogganing  between the house and the water last weekend , using a peice of the metal roof as a toboggan, the snow was too soft though, so we basically just sank.  Need to curl up the front of the roofing  a bit too so that the 'toboggan' rides on top of the snow and doesn't  tunnel underneath it!  If we ever do get it to work we'll need to figure out how to stop too, so that we don't go flying off onto the rocks at low tide or into the water at hightide, the Bay of Fundy is cold in the summer, so  don't think I want to try swimming now!
Feb 7,  OK anyone who has tried to reply to the fireballs.com email and got your reply back...I think that I have it fixed!  I spent quite a while yesterday looking for how to change the default, found something under options don't remember what and then typed the same thing into the five boxes on the page approximately  ten times and finally, the computer decided that ' Y es she really means it...,she doesn't want islander as the default, she wants lynne !!!'   Try replying now I think it will work!  
As for my drippy beads  you can leave small beads in a 1160 degree kiln for 90 minutes and nothing happens.   See I learned something from that experiment.  How will I ever learn anything if I don't keep trying new things?
Today was another bright sunny spring like day, suppose to get slop falling from the sky tomorrow though.
Angus only has 6 more days before his destiny is decided, NW airlines sent out a email with hot deals on flights to Florida and Mexico, he thought I should have just bought him the ticket, be done with the suspense of not knowing....
Feb 6, Another bright sunny day , the ice will soon be gone from our little cove and my flock of ducks can come back.  Before the ice we had a flock of Buffleheads, actually one male  with his Harem!  They spend more time under water diving than they do on the surface but they are fun to watch when the tide is in during mealtime. 
Made some beads this morning but left the kiln way too warm so may have slumped the beads, will see tomorrow, might go for  a whole new look in bracelets, drippy beads!  Was trying to do some bright spring beads, I guess the gods were telling me it's not spring yet, stick to winter colours!
The email address that is on the site seems to flip flop between lynne@ and islander@, if your computer  picks the 'islander@' designate change it to lynne@ or you will get your email back!  Have tried to fix it, either killing it or enabling it would work, but haven't figured out how yet!
Just remember if you get discouraged trying to do something that 'amateurs built the arc, professionals built the Titanic'.....

Feb 5, Sunny and way above zero, the thin layer of ice from Thursday's freezing rain is gone, the snow is melting !  Haven't  seen any more robins but...Washed my car today, mainly an excuse to be outside and  enjoy the +7C or 45 F.
Angus may end up in a custody battle, someone in Alaska who's server won't let her vote is getting someone in Arizona (not Georgia as I previously stated... the peanut gallery was complaining about the way I spelt Georgia, so I thought I might as well make it the right state when I corrected the spelling!) to vote for her and he's decided he wants joint custody! 

Beeds & glass... well that's what this site is suppose to be about...  Haven't made any Beeds for a few days, did foil the repair job today, haven't decided how to reinforce the foot and the head so it doesn't all fall apart again though, designing stained glass 'suncatchers' correctly is half the battle, if the peices aren't designed to interlock they are going to part company over time!   Now that the sun is shining and the snow is melting I will have to start thinking summer colours, lots of  layers of bright colours.
The site had lots of updates again this morning, the links were simplified, the jewellery that is for sale is now linked from the bar on the home page,  we added a picture to the home page, (pictures will be changed regularly and will not be archived)  this one is of a  sun set last week, the catch is that, that is the eastern sky.  So what you are seeing is a reflection, the ice is from a fresh water stream running into the cove, it freezes at low tide and then floats as the tide comes in.
Thanks to everyone that is voting, my son says that some of the pop up blockers prevent the Top 25 site from loading so if you are having trouble temporarily disable your pop up blockers and try again.