Feb 25 The weather here is still well above freezing, really nice weather for late February in Edmonton!  Yesterdays lunch was fun and everyone got my message that we were moving north.  However I got asked by a couple of them why we had to move because the other restaurant was still there!  It is, but it's not open!  We all brought beads,  the first three people there were all sitting around being very polite, sipping our water, until someone asked if anyone would like wine....  I guess no one wanted to be the first 'lush'.  Our beads were all very different.  It was fun, the restaurant was totally empty by the time we left...?  I don't think we were that loud! As soon as  I walked in the back door of my parents house and heard on the radio that there was an accident blocking traffic  between mom and dad's house and the freeway hope my ride home wasn't  stuck for too long!
My mother's computer is a Mac that talks, it keeps saying to me when it doesn't like something that I have done 'It's not my fault'  and since I don't know much about Macs I hear it quite often!  Tonight I am visiting my sister again, (we didn't go shopping today, actually I went out for lunch again,!)  My husband is suppose to arrive tonight, his plane did leave Halifax, and the second leg left Ottawa so he should arrive about 10:30 tonight,  tomorrow we're staying in Edmonton, amongst other things we have to pick up my mothers latest  new bicycle, in our borrowed truck, this is the third bike she's won in the last 6 years!  Sunday we leave for the Mountains, hope the snow conditions are good,  I haven't skiied since I tore the ligament in my right thumb in 2000, I did ski one day with the cast.
Feb 23 The weather in Edmonton has made it above freezing and the ice ruts now have water in them, tomorrow I am having lunch with 4 women who make beads that I have never met!  I'm not sure who's idea it was, but I picked the restaurant, one that has been open for over 20 years!  Guess what they closed last month and haven't reopened yet!  Fortunately I tried to make the reservation on Monday night not tonight so hopefully everyone got the message and will know to show up at the Italian Restaurant 3 blocks north.
The gift show was fun, getting to talk to people you only see once a year, commiting myself to spending lots of money on stock for my gallery, looking at all sorts of neat things that I don't sell!  Not much glass bead jewellery has made it onto the Wholesale scene in Western Canada yet, however, there is quite a lot of diachroic fused  glass jewellery.  Although I used to do production stained glass, mass producing the same peices of jewellery over and over again doesn't inspire me in the least!
A friend who owns a gallery and Fine Art Cafe in Saskatoon met me at noon yesterday and we spent 6 hours getting stock for her galleries,  (and more for me!) she still had to buy clothes for her Waskesui gallery today.  She got to do that by herself.  I have no clue what sells when it comes to clothing, since mine all comes from the rag stores in the Maritimes, what's new and hot isn't in my vision!
My husband has torn apart the plumbing while I'm gone!  Hopefully everything will be put back before he leaves on Friday morning.  So far he has drained one sinkful of water into the basement forgetting that things are no longer connected.  The original stack in the house 1940's vintage is not compatible to 21st century plumbing peices, so he had to take out the old stack and anything that connected to it! 
Feb 19 Survived my flight cross Canada, only had one minor delay in Toronto when they lost the gas cap off of the fuel tank after refueling.  But at least the pilot noticed we didn't have a fuel cap, and we didn't spew fuel in flight and have to glide into the airport at Gimli.  Spent quite awhile in the parking garage at the Edmonton airport looking for my fathers car on level two, it was actually on level three....
Left NB and the temp was -11 C /14 F same temperature in both Toronto and Edmonton,  today is a bit warmer and the sun shone occasionally.  The good news is, is that they are forcasting snow for the Banff area,  I really don't like skiing when it is icy.
Spent a couple of hours shopping with my sister, we went to buy  me a pair of ski mitts, the first store only had gloves, I don't do gloves I like my fingers together, they stay warmer that way.  Of course we didn't make it out of the first store unburdened,  my sister decided that she needed a ski jacket like mine... only hers is blue, it was a really good deal though!  Then we had to shop our way back to the truck.
Tomorrow is the first day of the gift show, don't expect to buy much but it's nice to see what is new!
I discovered that I can't update my Rant using my mothers computer so the updates this week may be less frequent than I hoped!