March 4 After having part of a bottle of 5 day old wine and most of a bottle of Australian Thirsty Lizard wine, my husband says I am typing Jushst fine!  Everybody else is drunk as a sunk ,  obviously I am stone cold sober!!!   Visited Gord's brother's new house in Sundre,  (last night and this morning) interesting bungalow  with more angles than a geometry set, and then between Sundre and Edmonton stopped to visit his  sister.   Marion has a horse farm which is currently under water and smells like a feed lot. 
Tomorrow I will be flying back to  the East Coast so will be off line for the next three days, the current comments  that the peanut gallery is espousing would indicate that my brain is already off line! :)
March 3 Survived three days of skiing, sort of.  Took yesterday off so that I could check out the exciting  shopping in down town Lake Louise!  Didn't see any flameworked bead jewellery at all in LL, there was a bit in Banff, but not much, saw a few of my beads in other peoples jewellery... Back on the hill today, another day of bright sunshine, the ski hill could use some snow.  After lunch when I was dropping my skis on the ground to put them on a nice elderly gentleman picked them up and handed them back to me.  I said; "thank you", waited until he was out of sight and then tried again!  Checked out the Deli at the Chateau yesterday waving a vodoo doll with pins at it as we walked by, don't think Carlos was in residence though...  Heading for  Gord's brother's house in Sundre tonight, heading for Edmonton after lunch on Friday, (so we should be there for supper  Mom!) and then we fly out  of Edmonton to Halifax Saturday morning.
March 1 Greetings from Lake Louise AB, the home of the worlds most rapidly disappearing famous glacier!  Have spent the last two days on skis at two different local ski hills.  Yesterday we were at Sunshine.   I haven't skiied at Sunshine for over 5 years, since then a lot of the lifts have been upgraded to High speed quads, of course the cost of lift tickets has been upgraded to match!  While we were skiing yesterday I got myself stuck on top of a small cliff and decided that I didn't want to wreck my skis sking down it so I attempted to take my skiis off and  climb down the rocks
without skis..., didn't work as planned took one step onto the rocks/ice and I was off, dropped all my excess equipment on Gord as I slid over the end of his skis... Continued in high speed body surfing mode for almost half a kilometer down 'School Marm' after I negotiated through the lift towers and trees at the top of the run..., I ended up about 100 m from the bottom of the run,  I wouldn't recommend body surfing double black vertical runs but maybe Luge or Bobsledding would be fun!  For those who care that  doesn't count as a fall since I wasn't wearing skis!  Today we skiied at Lake Louise and found out that black hills on the front side are rated black not because of difficulty but because they are truly black, there is no snow left.    The NEW Home Page picture is the snow angel  after skiing today!