Dec 24
MONDAY MORNING...Christmas Eve, My sister is 'doing' Christmas dinner tonight, Stuart did arrive on time, however his luggage didn't, I got mine 19 hours after I landed Stuart's arrived in 4... Which is lucky since he had his jacket packed!
Hope everyone who celebrates Christmas has a great one tomorrow and doesn't eat to much!

Dec 22
Greetings from Edmonton... I'm here for 4 days over Christmas.. I made it 40 minutes late yesterday, however my luggage aka GIFTS did not, they took the next plane out of Toronto and should be delivered later this morning! Air Canada very kindly purchased me a new tootbrush etc... and a new hairbrush lastnight... trying to comb my hair is not fun, since I didn't ding them for shampoo etc I thought that they could buy me a NICE hair brush!
Since I didn't update on Friday you didn't get the weekly curling review... we won again, so had to buy the beer... I tried to do a take out on the other sheet of ice but, they stopped the rock as soon as it crossed the line! I would have liked to see where it actually ended up but no.....
G has Maggie and Em for Christmas Hope they have fun... Em liked her last year when Stuart was there for Christmas but wasn't so keen on her in July when she visited! Stuart is suppose to be arriiving here in about an hour, hopefully he gets his luggage!

Dec 20
It's gloomy and snowy here again today... although the forecast calls for sun tomorrow! Last night we did the Christmas Dine around in St Andrews, It finishes at Kingsbrae Gardens fo dessert, all of the trees etc in the gardens are decorated with lights, we did walk through but much more quickly than usual!

Dec 17
Well our house is still standing, but our weather vain which is an iron spitfire lifted off from the roof of the bead shop and flew as far as the back door of the house not sure if it hit the house or just landed at the back door.... Think it flew about 70 feet, do you think it was trying to come in the house? We had blowing snow most of the day and then it changed to rain after dark.... The wind kept the driveway clear but the front walk etc is under 4 foot wet soggy drifts... guess I'll have to do something about that!

Dec 16
Thought I'd throw in a picture of some beads today... These are made with Roccio one of the R-4 silver glasses.... And my old original lentil press!

There is also a new picture under wool/felting... I made some knitted wool Christmas bells... they were felted in the kitchen sink between my hands... I just rubbed the wool back and forth until I thought it had shrunk enough... then rinsed the bells, then dried them on my custom bell drier... then did it all again because they really weren't small enough!

Dec 14
I guess I shouldn't have been bragging yesterday that there was no snow on the roof... guess what it spent all last night doing here? Yep nice soft fluffy Christmas type snow.... Woke up to the sound of snowplows and fog horns!
When I went out to get my beads yesterday morning Em came with me our driveway is so slippery that even Em slid from the house to the garage... you would have thought with his built in tiger paw traction that he could have just strolled across the ice ... no problemo! Poor kitty seemed somewhat distressed as he went sailing past me!
And for the weekly curling up date... WE WON!!!!! We tried very hard to let them win but they weren't properly appreciative of our efforts! G is muttering that he's going to have to take me out and make me practice so that I can hit the broom... that means that my rock is suppose to end up where the SKIP wants it.... I have fairly decent weight most of the time it's just the final side to side location that is somewhat random! Somehow practice strikes me as making the whole thing much to serious!
G's lap top is at the Computer Dr. the cooling fan quit... he was trying to run it with the vacuum cleaner cooling it on Wednesday....
Hint # 4 Written in 1970 this song is referred to as a classic Christmas Pop Song..... is for all you people who are good with google but not so great at trivia!

Dec 13
I just figured out something this morning.... Guess what you do not want to wash in the washing machine? ANd the answer is... rolls of fine gauge brass wire should not be left in the pockets of your jeans.... The entire roll unraveled and wrapped itself around every article of clothing not only did it go round items.... but it found holes so that it could securely knot all items of clothing together into one solid mass.... Very pretty! Who says I don't know how to wire wrap!
The wire wrapped laundry was actually the off white full length Polar fleece ' hooded gown' (My KKK robe!) that I wore to help push someone off our driveway yesterday morning.... when I came in I was covered in red sandy slop from ankles to mid thigh.... The slop was road sand that had been borrowed from the edge of the highway and temporarily relocated to our driveway.... the only reason that the Van wasn't in The Cove or our basement was because he slid into my car!
His mother/MIL ? and wife were dropping off a cheque for me and he drove down the driveway male thing after being told to stay up top.... He's really lucky my car was there to anchor him he wasn't even in the van when it slid into my car! With the sand off the highway and the floor mats from my car we managed to move him about 4 feet up the driveway... We did try the floor mat trick a second time but all that happened was I got hit by a flying carpet and fell on my face on the driveway.... Plan B The tow rope...G connected the van to his hitch with a tow rope and the mooring rope off the boat and hauled the van onto the road.... When G got the trailer hitch out of the garage it was full of sunflower seeds I think that the squirrel will be a bit ticked off that his winter stash was not only found but it was also DUMPED!!!!
The snow on the gallery roof did all come down yesterday afternoon.... so no more worries there until the next snowfall!

Dec 9
It's currently cool/cold and sunny... so our snow is staying.... It's the pile of snow on the roof above the gallery door that worries me... I think I need to have a pile of neon green hard hats sitting in the parking lot (pull off) beside the road... with a danger falling snow sign, please use Hard Hat! I smacked all the overhanging ice off yesterday and about all I achieved for my efforts was very wet and snowy clothes....
Our tree is up So far Em is just looking, I have some hand knitted ornaments from Peru and Bolivia that one cat used to steal every year... I actually hung a couple at the bottom of the tree so that she could get them without climbing!
And yes it is a real tree.... actually according to the green lobby real trees are more environmentally friendly than artificial plastic trees!...(I'm just quoting what I heard on the news there!)
And now for your weekly curling report.... well we were there, we were on the ice... and with our near brilliant curling we kept them from scoring more than one point on all but one end.....

Dec 6
We got snow on Monday and Tuesday... lots of wet heavy snow at least 12 inches could have been more like 18... since it was blowing around it's hard to measure accurately! Tonight is the second night of curling... As I randomly hurl my rock down the ice, nobody knows where it will land.... A bit like playing roulette.... and G claims he doesn't gamble!
We went into SJ on Tuesday afternoon, Stuart wanted to do his laundry I'm not sure if the machines in his apartment are broken or if he's just boycotting them since they raised the price... The drier at the house wasn't drying... G finally discovered that the vent on the drier vented into a pair of nylon stockings... they were disgusting.... He cleaned them... .. I pointed out that he could have just switched legs... We have bought a more hi-tech version and the panty hose will be replaced next time we go in!

Dec 2
Guess it's time for my weekly update! Yesterday was the first day of December, I went to St Andrews in the morning for their annual craft sale and Gallery Hop... The weather here has become cold and windy with snow squalls... so far none of the snow has stuck, but tomorrow we are suppose to get real snow!
G & I have signed up for mixed curling at the St George curling rink Thursday nights... the first night I managed successfully to hurl my rocks down the ice, actually I guess I have a fairly decent draw weight but where they end up side to side is entirely random...
Something else that seems to be entirely random at the moment is whether or not the ferries are running, and if they are what if any schedule they are on.....
Because they weren't running on a normal schedule yesterday we got lobster for supper... since I missed the ferry by a couple of minutes and didn't want to spend the entire hour in the line up I drove part way back to SG and bought a couple of lobsters, with the Canadian $ so high, the price of lobster is quite low this year! Em doesn't even really like lobster... Duddies used to practically climb into the cooking pot to get his share...