Dec 27
Today is the big after Christmas shopping day in the Maritimes... the slaes and deals at the big box stores! Yesterday everything was closed here! I'm sure the driving out there today is just wonderful as we got sloppy wet snow all morning! Now it's rain! So I hope they have the plows out there working not the salt trucks!
As for Christmas dinner.. the turkey was perfect... My DH was lamenting the lack of stuffing and my son looked around the table and wanted to know where the cranberry sauce was... ( the later was an oversite!) He settled for Cranberry mustard!

Dec 24
Christmas Eve Not sure how many storms we've had since the 12th.... We got stuck on the mainland sunday night... we made it to the ferry it was the chicken ferry operators that gave up! We will have a white Christmas this year! Very white and it's still snowing or should I say snowing again... I am so happy that I stayed here this year I would not enjoy spending Christmas sleeping in an airport!

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays & safe Driving if you have to venture out into the storms!

Dec 12
I have to start by saying we only got about an inch of rain on Wed the 10th... I forgot that the rain gauge reset to zero when we had to change the battery so it now has a decimal place....(But it still rained all day and was YUCKY!) AND it rained again all last night here! We went to Saint John for an engineering Christmas function mid afternoon... and came home in freezing rain. We came onto the Island on the 7 pm ferry... the first thing I noticed when we came off of the ferry was a semi that looked like it's back wheels where parked in the ditch... and there were just way too many cars around for that time of night...after G caught up to all the stopped cars he used the Deer Island method of stopping which is sliding into the bumper of the guy in front of you and hoping that your bumpers match.... whoever was in front didn't even bother to get out and look... ( I did get out... put standing up was highly over-rated!)
Well we made it all the way to Deer Island in the freezing rain, but no-one could get up the first hill from the ferry landing... I suggested that I was going to walk home... rain or no rain... if he made it up the hill he could pick me up on the way past! Then along came the sanding truck... did anyone go up the hill NO.... I said what are you waiting for ... finally a pick-me- up truck went flying past and disappeared... once again 'what are you waiting for'... reply...' to see if he comes back down'... finally I persuaded him to go before the sand all got covered up by more rain... no problem we wizzed up the hill and got home ... for some reason he wouldn't park on the driveway... chicken! I only saw another 2 cars go past the house in the next 10 minutes (we're 3 km 2 miles from the ferry) so not sure if everyone else decided to camp at the ferry landing for the night. My demo at the school is canceled today as it's still right around freezing on the mainland... they haven't phoned me to tell me this but since the school is closed (I still have the school bus hotline number on the wall) I'm presuming they don't want me! It's actually +6 C or 43 F here... so I'm thinking once the sun comes up they could have opened the schools an hour late.... We have everything packed in the car so will no get to unpack it so that I can do it sometime???? I guess there is still school next Friday?
If you go back and check last years Dec 13 rant you will note that freezing rain on the second Thursday night in Dec is an annual event!

Dec 10
Noon we have had 6 inches of rain since 6 pm last night.... that's about when the snow turned into rain.... How much snow did we have enough to make the drive home from St Andrews on Sunday night a very memorable drive! Now we're back into monsoon season! The weekend in St Andrews was fun in spite of the weather... Friday I'm demoing bead making on a hot head at the high school in St George... I have actually figured out how to use a hot head 'torch' ... I'm busy making the free beads that I somehow got volunteered into giving as part of my free demo... when I offered the beads there were 12 kids now there are 30....
There is another seasonal bead challenge going on the LEST webjam sight. If you want to go look and or vote here's the link. Winter Challenge
Mine is the little Christmas tree... & I'm Islandgirl...

Dec 5
Cloudy and just above freezing today. I'm spending the weekend in St Andrew's demoing Chain Maille at one of the restaurants... We were asked to bring nibblies... I made biscotti... We are eating that Biscotti... It got -2 on presentation... Since the Hotel'Restaurant owner is a European trained Chef Presentation counts! They taste good though! Todays will be a half recipe... I'm thinking about what to do with the half egg!
We went to Calais on Wednesday.. G forgot his passport... they let us in after they gave him a lecture on required documentation.... I think all he really needed to do was say right up front that he forgot it at home...!
Time to go cook!

Dec 1
Doesn't look much like December looking out my window this morning... the wind is howling and the rain is coming down in sheets.... Just what we need more rain! The weather over the weekend was actually quite pleasant.. the wind blew in about bed time... G was out in the rain at 3 am gathering up his styrofoam insulation which had gone airborn... luckily it got stuck between the two barbecues (One old new) otherwise it might have been sailing over the 'mountain' to the other side of the Island and then onto St Andrews!
The ferries are running this morning so I will be spending the day making little Crystal Christmas trees! (Components are suppose to be in the mail.. actually fed ex but they don't deliver here...)