Dec 31 2009-
Wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy 2010..
May Everything unroll smoothly!

Dec 13 2009-
No curling report this week as we had a storm Wednesday afternoon... It was quite nasty until about 9 pm when the snow turned into rain ... I think we had a net loss of snow during that blizzard...
Yesterday we went to a pot luck Christmas Party.. Out here almost everyone takes beans or Chili... I took a Caesar Salad... I made my own Croutons, I made my own dressing... I had everything in the salad bowl by the door with the gifts for the gift exchange... When it came time to assemble the salad I discovered that the salad dressing wasn't in the bowl.. It was still in the fridge at home on Deer Island not with me on the mainland... So G got to go to the local grocery and we had Presidents Choice Caesar salad dressing... Actually it was quite good
Yesterday it was so windy that the flag pole for my open flag broke... we've glued it but I'm not sure how well it will hold... Today is warmer, the sun is shining and the wind has dropped.. However we are leaving for Alberta on Wednesday it is currently -35 there that's about the same on either temp scale!
It better warm up!
I don't do -30's any more!

Dec 6 2009-
Winter arrived last night Isn't it pretty

OK I've seen winter it can all melt now... Time for spring!

And because we are so organized We got our outdoor Christmas lights up yesterday pre snow and we got our Charlie Brown Tree collected form the forest... off to decorate it now! And while we are on the subject of Christmas There are Only 18 shopping days til Christmas....
I can now ad RV window repair to my resume... I cut out the glass and reassembled a window for a trailer yesterday.... Isn't it interesting what you get asked to do if you know how to cut glass!