March 25 2009
I'm playing this stupid game right now... seeing who can make the nicest small bead... I have lots of small beads but I tripped over a hollow fish that wasn't terribly hollow when I was trying to figure out what to make... My new fish is actually larger than her prototype

however she has a much larger bubble more symetrical bubble... Do yo have any idea how much time I wasted trying to stuff those tiny little glass beads into that fish... actually she would have held more as the plug stuck up into the cavity....

Oops I guess she didn't like them she spit them all back up... Look a bit like fish eggs don't they... (and yes they were all inside her!)

Freddie showed up with Freida this morning both Emm and zoomits where out Pheasant hunting.. stupid cats!

March 22 2009
Well according to the equinox spring is here! According to the snowbanks it looks like the middle of winter! It's hard to beleieve that we unloaded our furniture onto a green lawn on March the 16th 2002! This year we have patches of dirty brown junk showing in amongs piles of snow..YUCK! My spirng flower bed still has a 2 foot high snow bank on top of it!
Freddie the Pheasant is back... Zoomies likes chasing him.. I'm really not sure what is going to happen when/if Zoomies catches Freddie at 9 pounds zoomies might outweigh him but I think Freddie's beak is sharper and bigger than Zoomiies!

March 17 2009
May the Luck of the Irish be With You
St. Patrick's Day Graphics
I actually got to drive my car yesterday...Stuart was getting his car fixed in St George so I went to the mainland to drive him around so he wouldn't be bored! Then he left his keys in my car (I discovered them at the ferry landing..)so I had to try and find him.. yes I had a cell phone but it was dead and the charger is ?????.. In Gord's car I think!
I did manage find Stuart so he won't have to spend the next week sleeping in his car!
I watched an old movie last night and I'm sure it was running about 115% speed if people said more than a couple of words it was almost impossible to understand and everyone was sort of running when they moved... Weird!
Since it was an Agatha Christie I knew the story line but it's still nice to know what people are actually saying!

March 15 2009
Yesterday was operation extract car.... I tried to start the car last weekend and discovered that the battery was DEAD... not surprising... poor car hasn't moved since it started to snow in December! It's been buried under a snow bank most of the winter...
Step one: charge the battery...
Step two: Start the car
Step three: Rev the engine
Step four: Place left foot on clutch ... right foot on gas... stall the car
Step five: start again at step two.... I don't stall the car but nothing happens... about this time Stuart shows up and points out that the back passenger wheel is still frozen to the ground and is twisting as I'm depressing the gas.... More gas huge bang as the tire pops free ... car stalls again.....
Step six start the car again.... I can now rock within my ice blocks but I think the car needs another couple of days way above freezing before she's going to get to go for a "Sunday drive" and yes I did have my lawn edger out there yesterday chipping away at the ice & Stuart was pushing ... wimp!
Step seven Walk to the ferry landing....
Gord was curling in a fun spiel they actually did quite well, this spiel is sponsored by the local grocery store ... first prize is T-bone steaks... no he didin't get those... last year he did win the baloney... this year all he won was a T-shirt... ( and no the Baloney didn't come home with him last year.... He claims I wouldn't let him bring it home... Believe me he didn't want it either! I will eat a hot dog... He won't!

March 13 2009
How lucky can you get two Friday the 13ths in a row! It was sunny today but windy and cool... We actually won at curling on Wednseday and then last night went out for ur annual dinner at the Community College... I had Domesticated Wild Boar... Somehow I don't think I tame wild Boar is still wild!
Coming home we just missed the 9:30 ferry then the 10:30 ferry (the last ferry)left 23 minutes late because the crew waited for one of their friends to show up...
Tomorrow is suppose to be warmer... so I might even see if I can find the front walk!

March 8 2009
The time changed last night.. which means that it should be spring... well I think someone forgot to tell the weather man that! As it is snowing today. All the snow that melted yeterday is being replaced today!
Yesterday was a lovely warm day but I was curling in a fun spiel at the St george curling rink! We played 3, 4 end games... the middle game we played with sticks... it's more like shuffle board on ice as you hook a stick over the handle and walk out to the hog line pushing the rock then gently hurl it down the ice... I never did get the weight figured out! In our game Gord was the only one who really had the hang of the weight... so since he was throwing the last two rocks we won! We actually won both our regular games too which made us the overall winners... (gloat gloat) I won a really cute terra cotta clock... G got a bunny... the super was pot luck and as is usual at those things everyone takes enough food to feed 6 people! I took lasagna slop.. it's my regular lasagna but when I make lasagna it tends to run all over the place.. it doesn't come out in neet little squares!

March 3 2009
After I updated on the 22nd it started to snow and it snowed and it snowed and it snowed.... Since then we had two days above freezing but then it snowed again.... I am really getting tired of the snow!
I'm playing around with a new (to me ) Technique called Freeze & Fuse I call it 'fused frozen frit' Pictures will show up here when I have something that I like!
We lost at mixed curling last week.. I don't think we should have lost so that's all I'll say about the game! The men's culing on Monday night has been cancelled the last two weeks because of storms. I shudder to think how many days of school the kids have missed this year....!

Feb 22 2009
I'm home!!! It only took an extra 24 hours to get here! Update on Skiing... we skied one day at Sunshine just outside of Banff, current lift ticket price is $79.95/day/person snow conditions were so-so, don't think I really exerted myself as I never even fell....
The two days I was in Edmonton after I got back from Canmore I spent at the Edmonton gift Show ordering stock for the gallery
Then it was time to entrust myself to Air Canada and come home.... Edmonton to Montreal was on time... however they had changed the movies so I didn't get to watch the last 15 minutes of Little Miss Sunshine.. so I guess I will have to bribe someone to tell me the ending or buy the movie...
Got to Montreal so far so good... my flight is still listed as flying and it's not even claiming to be late! Flights to Northern NB are cancelled.... the flight to Fredericton which should have left 10 minutes after mine boards and leaves... Mine is still claiming to be on time (it's NOT!) Finally they make an announcement we are going to board and take off and fly to Saint John... however they aren't sure that they will be able to land when they get there.... Passengers all start suggesting that they fly us to Fredericton instead... Suddenly that is against AC's policies... guess they do it during the day but not at night.... ?
We take off we fly to Saint John we turn around and come back to Montreal ... meanwhile on the ground in SJ ... the arrivals board says we landed at 12:02 everyone is looking for the plane and the people that should be getting off of the invisible plane... at 12:40 they tell everyone waiting in Saint John that the plane turned around and went back to Montreal! The Air Canada web site also said that the plane landed .... problem was it landed in Montreal, not in Saint John!
Air Canada must have been feeling guilty about our free sight seeing circle tour as they actually paid for our hotels in Montreal! It only took me 150 minutes from the time we landed until I got checked in at the Hotel... during that time I spent 50 minutes on hold to Air Canada trying to rebook my flight only to find out that some of the later people got booked when they got the name of the Hotel that they were staying in from the Air Canada ground crew! My new flight same time same place only 24 hours later….
I was told I was staying at the airport Hilton.. well there isn’t a Airport Hilton anymore it’s now the Montreal Airport Hotel… there is however a Garden Hilton…. I waited for the shuttle to the ‘Airport Hilton’ loaded my luggage got told by the driver that if we were staying at the Hilton it was the wrong shuttle in an attempt to retrieve my luggage I almost got run over as the driver forgot he had put my luggage in the back… 50 minutes later (18 degrees (-12 C) and windy outside!) Hilton Garden Shuttle shows up and tells us that the Hotel is full and that Air Canada is full of $%#^ … back inside wait 15 minutes for AC ground crew to tell us what Hotel we are really in turns out my luggage was going to the right hotel … back outside wait another 10 minutes show up at the Hotel at 2:50 am …. Go to bed get up the next morning only to find that the free meals that AC promised us don’t exist… they didn’t tell the Hotel we got free food… I ate anyway! Friday night the plane did take off and it did land in Saint John… So I got home… It has been suggested that if you are booked on the same flight as me that you might want to change your booking to a different day!

Feb 12 2009
It may be sunny in Edmonton but it's cold! I left Deer Island on Feb 5 to go to the ACTS show in Halifax.... while I was there I had a 'front row window from the Hotel parlor' on an arrest ... while the 'thieves' were being arrested the power went out and didn't come back on for 5 hours. One of the girls didn't wanted to be handcuffed and got quit violent.. someone else watching asked why would they handcuff a young girl like her? Has anyone read the 6th Target... I know it's fiction but... she actually did have a gun .... I guess they were stealing clothes... not sure what the resale market would be on those .... We didn't have to go very far to find a restaurant with power but there wasn't much to do in the Hotel in the dark until 10:30! I sat in the hall and read for awhile but the chair wasn't all that comfortable... A lot of antiques aren't!
On Sunday we drove back to Saint John so that I could catch a plane to Edmonton on Monday. I arrive almost half an hour early! WOW. I have skis with me so I hope the weather will be warm enough Saturday and Sunday to use them. My sister et al have a condo in Canmore...
Tuesday night we all went out for dinner to celebrate Dad's 85th birthday, we went to Sage at the River Cree a casino west of the city. The food was excellent and the servings were huge! (Not one cent went into a slot machine!) My BIL was the only one who had been there before, they tried to go for Mom's birthday but you have to be 18 to get in and they had my niece and nephew with them that time, then they tried to go for my sisters birthday but someone got shot in the parking lot that day and the entire complex was closed... Third time lucky.. and I wouldn't have got to go on the previous attempts!
I head back to NB on the 19th