Feb 28 Today is the end of another month, I always think of March as being the first month of spring... even if we don't have leaves until the end of MAY!
I think we may finally have my site working on Safari on Macs, both G and I changed something yesterday so not sure who fixed it... however some old versions of Explorer still don't work, but since it was Explorer that infested my site with all those polite A's last fall....
A bit of trivea from the SPCA auction, supposidly cats respond better if their names end in ee for example Emeeeeee

Feb 27 Saturday night we went to the SPCA auction in St Andrews and came home with a handful of highly neccesary items! Yesterday we spent the enitre day in St John, and are going back in tomorrow for a concert at the Imperial Theater. The balcony at the Imperial has a huge chandelier hanging over it sort of like the one that falls in Phatom of the Opera.. I don't really like sitting under it!
Our front side walk and gallery access has at least 12 inches of very dense snow covering it...(I'm thinking that I might like to start opening weekends... so removing the waves off snow sounded like a good idea! I tried to shovel it on Sunday... think I managed to skim an inch off the top.... now I'm hacking blocks off, starting at the front door, think I can see about 16 inches of the side walk now! At 8 inches a day, I might make it to the gallery boardwalk by the middle of June!
My glass is calling!

Feb 24 Temp is finally above freezing here, it was snowing earlier now it's just gloomy. Forgot to mention yesterday that the problem with my rant is the Safari browser... G aka WM says it is exactly the same as when it did work so it should work and if your having problems it's not his fault and to download firefox! The biggest issue is we can't access Safari on our PC's so can't fix the problem. I didn't meet the seagulls on my new intro page until I got home either as their was no sound in Atlanta!
Will try and get pictures of the Art Clay silver pieces I made in NC up tomorrow.

Fri Feb 23 Well I'm back on Deer Island, we got home at 11 pm last night. G has a new toy which he calls Martha (apologies to all Martha's out there!) She's a Garman Street Pilot 320, and talks, he says she sounds like a Martha.... We skied for two days at Saddleback on the way home from the Bangor Airport. Even though it was spring break in Maine the hill wasn't terribly crowded and the snow was pretty decent, although it was getting icey by yesterday afternoon. Time for another 40 inches! As we where leaving the hill on Wednesday, G asked Martha what time we would get home(to the ferry)? She said 11:03, since the last ferry is at 10:30 and we needed to stop at the Bangor airport (more on that later!), stop for supper, stop at the duty free and get through customs, we had to be off the hill by not much after 2:30.... The side trip to the airport on the way back was to pick up my second piece of luggage a BOX.... Homeland security obviously thought something in my box looked suspicious so pulled it out to check it... Since I was two hours early for my plane, they had plenty of time to reseal it and put it on the right plane! This is a warning to all you would be travellers out there don't put copper tubing and pliers in a box with fine white powders, even if the bottles do say they are enamels! I'm sure they opened the box to check the copper tubing and silver and found the white powders... and then had to bring in dogs or send my enamels out to a lab..... Actually I was quite surprised that the box came back at all! The box also had all of my silver clay pieces from the first workshop, but I did have 3 pairs of dirty socks as padding on top... those weren't returned nearly as neatly as they started!
When G read about me spending the day with someone from the Atlanta Flames he wondered how I knew a Hockey player in Atlanta? I pointed out that they have been the Calgary Flames for at least 20 years!

The yarn in Calais wasn't anything I wanted but I did buy some really cheap knitting needles!

Tues 5:30 am Atlanta time Off to the airport shortly, I like the 'new/new" layout better but current pictures are 1 inch high on this monitor which really doesn't work! Also I still don't think the page works at all on MACS! Yesterday was fun I met up with Marcy From the Atlanta flames and she drove me round Atlanta, unfortunately a lot of galleries close on Mondays, but we still had fun! Think the temp was about 54 so not too bad!

Monday Feb 19 The boss has spoken! Changes have been made. I think this layout should work....

Sunday Feb 18.... well I don't like the tiny tiny pictures on my New Second Page.... (and this is a fairly large monitor!) There will be more changes SOON!!!! Yes it's me I'm back in Atlanta, It's sunny and windy here today. We had SNOW last night in NC. Both my classes where fun, I think the Art Clay Silver will be both useful and fun to incorporate into pieces, the weekend workshop on enameled copper beads well... the final product looks too like the beads I made flameworking until I learned how to do them properly! Off to delete 8 days of SPAM!

Thursday Feb 15 You've waited for it - so here it is! I get to update the rant while the boss is away. And you may have noticed I played with the homepage a bit, too. We had a howling blizzard last night making it too cold in the TV room to watch TV; sooooo....
Let Lynne know what you think of the new look. I wanted a front page that would load quickly, to let people know what to expect on the site. With the old page, it must have been painfully slow loading if you are on dial-up. The new second page probably isn't real fast (understatement?) but maybe you can start on the Rant while all the pictures are loading? I tell her not to put so much stuff on the page, but she never listens to me. (Just had to get that in! I hear the same thing a lot myself, not that its justified, of course..)
This morning, the snow that turned to rain has turned back to snow and the temperature is on the way back down again. I've got some painting to do before she gets home so better get at it. Lynne will answer your emails when she gets back - I don't mess with that. Well, not too often.

Sunday morning Feb 11, Atlanta Georgia, discovered that there is a business centre in my hotel so I can let everyone know that I got here! My flights where all on time, 30 minutes in Detroit to go from terminal C to terminal A requires some pretty rapid walking! But I didn't have to figure out what to do with my 'spare' time there! I'd forgotten about the tunnel of lights between the two terminals.... Should be back here next Sunday evening! G is suppose to update sometime while I'm gone!
Fri evening feb 9 Yesterdays 'game' is a gift, I already have one right answer! It's still sunny and COLD here, today it was also windy, I'm off to the South tomorrow just hope it''s warm as I'm going with the rain jacket and layers rather than the ski jacket, if it's cold you will no doubt be able to hear my teeth chatter all over North America. Just printed out my boarding passes, tried to do it yesterday and it came back with one of your flights has been cancelled... but it also said that you couldn't do it more than 24 hours before departure.... My arrival time in Detroit is 6:28 my boarding time is 6:31, that should be fun!
Tomorrow is actually our anniversary so hopefully the muddy rudder or whatever it's called will be open for lunch in Brewer tomorrow!
My favorite store in Calais is currently advertising that their latest haul is from a yarn store that has just gone out of business... do I need to take along an extra suitcase so I can buy all the yarn and take it to Georgia with me and then bring it back next week tax free... (I get $750 tax free if I've been out of the country for a week!)
I'm sure G will do at least one updat while I'm gone! Here's a set of beads from yesterday, inspired by my Puffin's petroglyph perches! ( got more enamels in Edmonton at Christmas!)

Thurs Feb 8 Think I'm almost packed, I have to find ski clothes too as G seems to think that we should try out Saddleback one of the Maine Ski hills on the way home from the airport. (He's in charge of bringing those!) It has a lovely new lodge, have to see how everything else rates!
I'm leaving you with a new game, you might get one more hint before I leave!
The house in Saint John came complete with a very 'rotten' pool and pool building... yesterday turned out to be demolition day, only problem was the back hoe fell through the ice on the pool and is now sitting on the bottom! They brought in another back hoe and it scooped the water out of the pool, think there is suppose to be a third back hoe being brought in this morning, as I guess they need to back hoes to get the one that went for a swim out! The building is being used to fill the pool 'hole'...

Can't really tell that the back hoe is under water here! We drained the pool a couple of times but it kept filling every time it rained... then it froze, or at least it looked like it froze!

Wed Feb 7 Yes it is still COLD! The drain froze in one of the showers yesterday, I decided to take a shower in the sunny bathroom and realized that the water wasn't draining at all, I got worried when it started to lap at the bottom of the doors, but after checking discovered I had another inch to go to overflowing, so I did get the cream rinse out of my hair! I did laundry and the drier vent was enough to thaw it! Need to start packing for Atlanta, not sure if I should be taking a light weight ski jacket or a rain coat? John Campbell Folk Art School is in the mountains of North Carolina and Atlanta has been freezing every night... but the long range forcast is for warmer... Should I believe the weather forcasters?

Mon Feb 5 Still cold! We got snow while we were in Halifax so there was ice and slop all over the side walks. Friday night we went out for dinner at my favorite Sushi restaurant, I added one new line of pottery to the gallery and restocked others. It all should be arriving the end of May! Em was very happy to see us home as his food bowl was absolutely empty, he did have half a cup of food on the floor surrounding his bowl but he doesn't regonized food as food unless it's in his bowl!