And the winner is......Drum Roll
"Okay, I'm trying to think like a fortune cookie here........"
"Stupidity never solves any problems."
That was submitted by Sue Fitzwater on Feb 24... It's actually very close to the Correct answer which is "Ignorance never settles a question"... I would go so far as to say hers is more grammatically correct! It's very appropriate that she wins as she just got home yesterday from back surgery! (The answer was submitted just before she went in for surgery)
Her mother sent me a picture of her in hospital... but it isn't worth my life to post it here! But I can be bribed!
We won our curling game last night, actually we get the next two weeks off, then the final week G is away in Toronto visiting his son and picking up glass for me!
I have already managed to loose ZOOM ZOOM... he got in the pan cupboard while I was cooking supper on Wednesday... I suddenly realized that the house was much too quiet... He was quite happy sleeping in a frying pan! He's discovered Em's felted Kitty Pie He uses it like a gopher wheel... He lies on his side and pulls himself around the 'wall'! Em doesn't really approve as he knows that the kitty pie is his!
I locked myself in the dungeon yesterday and have all the tulips done all that is left is the top border.... the end is in site... Then I have to clean up down there... as I'm suppose to be doing a 57 in by 27 in (10.7 sq ft) dinning room window for a neighbor... I'm not sure my table is that big!

Feb 26
I have a correct answer to my fortune... The winner will get two of the small hearts and the big one in the middle... I think I can find two that come close enough to matching for a pair of earrings! Left over little hearts are $7.00 each! I will continue to accept answers until Thursday... I have been sticking all guesses into a file and I will use a random number generator to pick the winner!

Stuart left Guitar hero here when he went home, so I had to try it again last night.... I must be getting better because I finally got through Barracuda by Heart! (on Easy!)
It's suppose to snow again here this afternoon... think we've had enough of that stuff already this winter.... Zoom Zoom is trying to helpfddddddddddddddd1111111111111111r me type!

Feb 25
Well zoom zoom is living up to his name... He just loves one of my couches and the plant stand behind it... I'm thinking he might be part chimp! Maggie spent the night beside the bed growling at ZZ anytime he came near... Now she's chasing him round the house so that he'll play with her, but anytime he gets too close she growls....
Stuart brought Guitar Hero home this weekend... He wanted me to try.... I've managed to get through a couple of the 70's Rock Songs on Easy.... with 76-84% correct... I used to play the guitar 35 years ago... and I find the fingering coming up the neck to be weird! That's my excuse anyway!
I added a set of beads to Etsy yesterday but they don't seem to be showing up on my mini etsy showcase on 'Page 1', Guess I'll have to see if I can figure out why!?

Feb 24
Someone is getting very close to the fortune... so get your guesses in now! Guess I better get those hearts made!
Meet the newest member of the family Jonathon ZOOM ZOOM....

Think he's about 14 weeks old... He was actually born at the SPCA not sure if he was fostered out or if he spent all that time in a cage.... He certainly enjoyed his first day of 'freedom' We didn't even see him all night... Hopefully he'll keep that up! The Jonathon was his SPCA name....he was 1 of 7 kittens, 6 males... they still had three of them yesterday... but he was the only one with an all black face... the Zoom Zoom comes from the Mazda commercials on TV... It certainly suits him at the moment... Emkins doesn't seem to care about the extra cat.
Off to make my hearts... I did make a set out of double Helix Khaos... but they really don't do anything for me!

Feb 22
This weeks curling update... we won... I was told to quit putting any turn on my rocks ... the rest of the team figured that I couldn't throw, twist my wrist and get the right weight all at the same time!
Change of SUBJECT...We were in the mall in Saint John a couple of weeks ago sitting in the food court (gack!). There were a bunch of teenagers beside us... they were sitting there pulling wads of money out of their pockets comparing notes on who had the most money... then they pulled out their change and removed all the pennies... which they proceeded to pile in the middle of the table.... tip?... nope when they cleaned the table they swept the pennies off with the garbage, and threw them away.... I realize that pennies aren't worth much but the experience upset me... actually there were a bunch of pennies on the floor around the table too (weren't worth the effort to pick up to throw away?).... I picked them all up and stuck them in my purse... Guess I'm a different generation, I remember when you could actually buy something for a penny!

Feb 20
Another gorgeous sunny day! THe freezer need a new motor starter... it wasn't actually a loose connection unless it was both... and the starter got fried with everyone wiggling the wire! Anyway my new freezer is happily purring away beside me! It was a lovely spring day in Calais yesterday... Had lunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant but yesterdays fortunes didn't rate!

Feb 19
Sunny and above freezing today! Off to Calais later.... after the freezer repair man comes and fixes my brand new freezer! G picked it up on Friday.. we plugged it in on Saturday morning... nothing happened... Stuart wiggled a wire and said this ones too tight the wire started arcing..a nice blue arc.... then the freezer started... then it stopped then in started... stayed started... but the repair man is here now... so hopefully it will be fixed so I trust it to stay on.. then we can buy frozen things on sale in bulk!

Feb 18
Pouring rain here this morning... today is emkins recheck day hopefully the roads on the mainland will be ice free! His leg seems to be healing nicely... he doesn't think he needs the pills or the banana frappe anymore anyway!
Yesterday afternoon I walked into the kitchen and picked up my coffee pot it's an old under counter space saver B&D... and it sounded like it was full of ice.... the glass vacuum bottle was totally shattered.... Maybe the acid in the coffee ate through the glass.... If one of the cats had knocked it over it would still have been lying down... so it must have just imploded! Think I've had that pot/coffee maker for almost 20 years, will phone B&D tomorrow and see if they still make the vacuum bottles....

Feb 17
Emkins actually makes it in his door occasionally now... he still pushes it open with his paw... but we lowered the magnet so that he doesn't have to stuff his head in as far to get the catch to release... He is half way through his pills now.... Only another 5 days! Lucky kitty. We went to a Valentine's party at the 45th last night.... The Island Restauarant We went early and had supper... and left when the 20 - 30 year olds started showing up! (midnight)

Feb 16
Sunny and cold today..... I discovered much to Ems horror yesterday morning that he is suppose to be getting the banana frappe twice a day.... poor kitty! He sees me coming now and he runs!
I discovered that etsy has a mini etsy bar that you can to your web site I put mine on Page 1... so anytime I put something new into etsy it will show up on that bar.... All you need to do is click on the picture and you go straight to my 'Etsy Store" It actually works! (It's also on the jewellery for sale page)

Feb 15
It was sunny yesterday but back to snow today.. both Maine and NB have run out of road salt... guess they will have to revert to sand or plow it!
This was one of yesterdays fortune cookie answers... actually I was informed that I ate two fortune cookies (one is enough thankyou!) and my fortunes were.....
1 ....The world is your oyster ..... 2....And G is your pearl!
Very clever but wrong and I assure you there is only one 5 word fortune!
Do you want to pick your own heart colour when you win... or do you want me to make a set so that you know what you are trying to win????
While G was in Halifax wandering around he went into the Book Shelf... It was the oldest book store in Canada until it closed, CTV was there interviewing people on the demise of the corner bookstore.... G was interviewed... we didn't see the news clip but I guess he did make it onto TV! The next person they tried to interview refused to be interviewed as he was skipping out of work and was horrified that his boss might see him on TV when he was suppose to be sitting behind a desk working!

Feb 14
Happy Valentine's Day!

Check out my new game... getting the correct answer to this one is highly overrated... All guesses (one per day) will be entered Game stops if someone is unlucky enough to get the right answer... Answers must make some degree of sense, as much as the average fortune cookie does anyway!
Emkins got lots of points yesterday he spit his Banana Flavored antibiotic out all over G... then ran off and hid under the coffee table in the living room... no doubt to wipe his paws all over the rug!
We had lovely weather yesterday... Snow then rain which created slop... G was going to go into SJ to get my NEW freezer yesterday but got stuck on the driveway on the ice... the driveway is now all clear and most of the snow is gone... It hit +9 C (50 degrees F) at about 10pm last night here, it's back down below freezing today but it is sunny... The roads might finally be cleared off too, except where there was water sitting...

Feb 13
So much for yesterday's bright sun... today it is snowing... but it's suppose to turn into rain then sleet...Oh goody! the roads haven't recovered from the last time it did this!
Operation Antibiotic Cat got more points this morning Cat 2... G 0 Gord was able to give him the pills by himself yesterday, not anymore... 8 more days of this.... and the liquid is banana flavour, I really think they could develop a liquid antibiotic that was fish flavoured.... this stuff stinks, looks yucky and is bright yellow... I'd turn and run too!
My glass buttons are getting quite good, I've decided that random ameboid is a nice shape! I'm trying to make a set of buttons for a sweater that I made over Christmas... it was made from Recycled Indian sari silk, so is multi coloured but has gold and purple stripes.... I know it just sound weird! picture when it's done!
Gord brought home my latest gallery display unit from SJ yesterday... It came in boxes, 6 boxes.... We started assembly just after 1 pm at 3 pm we took most of what we had put together apart... We had a put glass shelf/wall up the center... Wasn't suppose to be one there... we discovered that when we ran out of rectangular glass shelves... when we got to the top layer... Directions would have been nice.... the crappy picture on the box wasn't much help and neither was the so called instruction sheet .. although once we had the thing built I deciphered the instruction sheet enough to know we had the pieces in the right place! One of the largest boxes was really light... When I openend it, it was empty, it had the invoice on it... (that's all it had!) I hope I paid shipping on weight not volume!

Feb 12
Today is a bright sunny winter day... I have a very smug cat lying on the floor beside me.... Results of..Operation Antibiotic this am +7 cat, 0 human ... at least I didn't loose the pill... it's currently drying out on the kitchen table waiting for 'daddy' to come home!
G went curling last night got to the ferry landing at 9:30... no ferry... phoned the government ferry line... oh we're not running any more ferries tonight the tide is too low....
So G is in SJ and will be home early afternoon... to finish Operation Antibiotic... 2 pills a day for the next 10 days... (1 am and 1 pm) We also get to give him his 2ml of the liquid antibiotic and wash out his 3 drain holes every morning... This should be a fun 10 days!

Feb 11
Mid afternoon on a very cool windy Monday... We just got back from the mainland, had to go rescue Emkins from the vet... The ingrate howled all the way home 80 minutes of howling cat is excessive... He has 3 holes in the back of his leg and a bag of antibiotics and other lovely things! However he is walking on 4 paws ... of course he wants out even though the weather is awful.... Meanwhile we get to feed him 2 pills every day One in the morning one in the evening and 20 ml of some lovely looking yellow stuff once a day... I think someone will be wearing that! And the best of it is we get to take him back next Monday for a check up.... Think I may find some ear plugs for that trip! Yesterday the snow turned into rain mid afternoon and then back into snow again over night... so the roads are a lovely mess!

Feb 10
Happy Birthday to Dad & Happy Anniversary to G & I...

Here we are in our Hawaiian curling outfits!

Speaking of curling... the team I played on yesterday won the booby prize... & yes we earned it! G helped out in the kitchen so got lunch and supper for his efforts..... The food was good and the curling was fun... actually I think our rocks were possessed.....
Haven't heard from our about Em all weekend.. I keep telling G that Em needs to be catnapped and brought home.... but he's not listening....
Today it is snowing... what else is new!

Feb 8 Poor Em has to spend the weekend at the vet... When He got there yesterday they put him in the examining room by himself and he started to howl... EM is a very quiet kitty... I don't think 4 days in a cage will impress him at all! His leg had pockets of puss all the way up so he has a drain in his leg and a has to wear one of those hateful collars and is being stuffed full of antibiotics... poor kitty! I can't imagine the bill!
Last night we won!!! (10 -3) At least one of my rocks even hung around for the entire end to be counted! I have been talked into playing in a women's bonspiel tomorrow, poor team that gets me!
I was playing with my new button hole mandrel yesterday... the holder separates from the mandrel so you can make multiple button's with one holder! Well button number 3 I pulled the mandrels out of the holder... guess it was a bit warm the button folded in half! OOPS, think I'll drill out some washers so that I don't have to worry about folded buttons... although who knows they might be a real hit!

Feb 7 G has taken Em to the vet as he's still running around the house on three legs... I think he must be feeling slightly better though as he had enough energy to dump his water bowl last night.... the water runs across the kitchen, under the stove and then comes back out from under the stove and leaves a puddle in front of the microwave, which I sop up with my socks before I notice it! Em did get his collar removed before he left as I didn't want him getting stuck to something in the truck! I think it's actually the elbow on his back leg not his paw... that's all swollen.
My button hole mandrel came in yesterday's mail... My first button is actually quite nice... will try and make a set today.... Actually it's not much different from the one that G & I made 3 years ago except it's brass and steel not wood and plasticine... so it doesn't burn or melt! Novel concept!

Feb 6 Just got home from ACTS (Atlantic Canada Trade Show) in Halifax last night... I go to buy stock for the gallery. The weather in Halifax was actually quite decent for Halifax in the winter! The drive to Halifax was quite interesting.... frozen slush....in New Brunswick, but as soon as we crossed into Nova Scotia, the roads were dry the sun was shinning.... Poor Em still hasn't figured out his door and now he has a sore paw so is quite helpless!
The weather here today is quite gloomy, suppose to snow... what else is new!