Jan 30 We're back up above freezing... actually on the F scale yesterday morning My outside temp kitchen thermometer was 75 degrees warmer than my sisters.... She's in Alberta they are in the deep freeze... and people wonder why I moved! If you want that differential in Centigrade it's only 42 degrees. I think the 75 degree differential makes it sound almost tropical here!
Last weeks curling update... we lost... we won 4 out of 6 ends but the two we didn't win... we really didn't win them! You know the last rock which is suppose to land on the button for one point but if you miss your screwed the other team has a bunch of rocks which will all count... Well our skips last rock sailed through the house twice two different ends.... I set up an Etsy Store this week... so far I have one bracelet in it... that took all afternoon on Sunday, hopefully I'll get the system figured out!
Lynne's Etsy Store
I'll stick this link on my Beads for sale page too.... (sometime)

Two sunny days in a row.... Maybe it will melt the ice off the driveway... It snowed Tuesday... I went out and shoveled the snow after supper then it poured rain... so beside the house we have a sloped skating rink.
I would post a picture of our Hawaiian curling outfits from last Saturday's Fun spiel .... if Stuart would only send me the picture! G's compromise was a bathing suit (shorts style) over curling pants.... The flowered Hawaiian shorts over long johns wouldn't fly! One of the men actually had bare legs.... I might add that curling in a long dress may be a fashion statement but unless it's pulled up over your knees you can't push out of the hack to throw the rock! (The slit up the back... is now slit a lot higher than when I bought it!) Actually we curled very well... the problem was the points were awarded by pulling little slips of paper out of an envelope... so even though we should have won by 8 or 9 points we actually didn't get any.... No problem we got the free beer!
Since I don't have a picture of our curling outfits you'll have to settle for a set of hollow beads.

Jan 18
I thought today was suppose to be warm and rainy... instead we have snowball sized snow flakes coming down.... So I'm staying home! ANd we did get snow on Monday so much for our green lawn!
later...It's actually raining now.....
We won again last night... 9 - 4... We're definitely off to a good start... Some of my Rocks even go where they are suppose too... but then the next end I stick my rocks in the corners.... just to make sure they don't think I actually know what I'm doing! Saturday night we are curling in a fun spiel... with a Hawaiian theme... I'm wearing a long dress I'm trying to persuade G to wear a pair of long flowered shorts over long underwear... Don't think it's going to fly!
The aliens came to visit a couple of nights ago at 4:48... actually 4:48 was when they started playing in the bedroom... EM just sits back and watches them... He gets this really offended look on his face when we try to tell him that he isn't suppose to invite his friends in to play in the middle of the night!
G ordered a magnetic pet door today so now poor Em will have to wear a collar or he'll be stuck in or out....

Jan 13
I forgot to report that Em did go to the Vet he didn't manage to sabotage the truck a second time.... Last year he weighed 9.5 pounds, this year inspite of being starved right down to skin and bones when he got stuck in the lobster traps last April... he is now 12.3 pounds... he says he's still growing and really does need AT LEAST 1.5 cups of food every day! Our snow is nearly gone... today is sunny but below freezing and there is snow in the forecast for Tuesday.... The freezing rain we were suppose to get on Friday was actually over an inch of real rain....., the grass is turning green...

Jan 11 2008 !!!!
Well the serious curling got off to a good start last night... we won, with very little help from me, actually the ends where I managed to put my rocks more or less where they were suppose to go were the ones we didn't get points in! So the moral of that story is I should miss the broom by a mile and throw way to light and we get points!
I got an email from AMEX a couple of days ago (I take AMEX in the gallery) telling me that I could get my annual statement if I clicked here... Of course I needed my password, ID and all the 'crap' too to get into their site, so I spent 10 minutes digging up all that information, logged onto their site... only to be told that the annual online report is not available to me since I didn't sign up to be an online customer until after July 1! You would think that the company would be smart enough to only send the email to companies that were eligible for that service and not to everyone in their address book!

Jan 10 2008 !!!!
Today is Stuart's Birthday...
Happy Birthday
It's a gorgeous sunny day... already warmer than the forecast, the snow is almost all gone... Totally unlike the day he was born.... He was born 4 weeks early middle of the night...it was - 35 degrees... the day after he was born the water main broke beside the house... so there was no water at the house for almost 2 days... Talk about good timing!
Yesterday we went into SJ and took Stuart out for dinner... I actually saw Maggie... She stood her ground and made that weird noise cats make when they are defending their territory... Major progress from previous occasions when she hid under the bed and growled!
G stayed in SJ with Emkins... Emkins was suppose to go to the vet this morning... But when G went out to start the truck he had a flat tire... I'm sure Em stuck his claw into last night ... G has a real spare tire not a donut... but he outsmarted himself... he has it locked onto the truck so that no one can steal it... the lock was so full of mud that he couldn't unlock it! Em has been rebooked for 3:30 but that may make us late for our first official curling game of the year... the ones before Christmas were just for fun, now we're suppose to get serious!
Lets see if Em can figure out another way to sabotage the truck... What else could he do?

Jan 6 2008 !!!!
Well we're finally back up above freezing, and the forecast is for RAIN... I predict a skating rink... we have piles of snow.... Yesterday I was updating gallery files... aka doing inventory when I noticed Riley the very friendly ill mannered yellow lab from across the road outside the door.... I thought I would be a nice neighbour and return him home... I wasn't wearing shoes, no problem I've run the two hundred yard dash through snow in bare feet in the winter before.... Forgetting that the snow was over my knees and I was trying to hang onto a rambuncious 8 month old puppy.... First 30 feet is on the deck, smooth sailing... then we hit the snow... not only did I have bare feet I also now have bare legs, as the snow is pushing my pants up over my knees with every step... half way across the yard stupid mutt trips me then jumps up and down on my back licking my head.... once I managed to extract myself from the snow and the Mutt I only have another 10 feet to go before I see that there is no truck across the street... so I return somewhat soggy to the house tie Riley to the apple tree.... I think he stayed tied for 10 minutes... Why do people tie up a $1000 dog with a rotten piece of rope and then leave for the day!!
I've been playing with a bunch of metal impregnated glass over the last week, most is really nice, but some just looks blech... this is my favorite set so far.

Jan 1 2008 !!!!

Happy New Year!
I'm back in New Brunswick... I got back Dec 26th, Stuart got back yesterday... It snowed again yesterday... Seems to snow every second day.... Luckily on the days it doesn't snow it's above freezing so the piles aren't getting to big! Although I've heard as much as 9 inches in tonights snow forecast and not much of yesterday's disappeared today.... G & I went to the Hilton last night in SJ, after we picked Stuart up at the airport. We hadn't read the tickets very closely and showed up at 8 just in time to see the fire works, the "party" didn't start until 8:30.... There was no meal just endless supplies of tapas... (Much easier to spell than hors d'oeuvres...!) G thought the music was too loud and too jazzed up for his taste... I pointed out that it wasn't really jazz as I recognized over 90% of the songs... I agree on the too loud! Most of the women were in black (head to toe), my dress had a black background but had multi-coloured splotches so didn't come across as BLACK... but then I wore red shoes.... I must have borrowed Dorothy's Ruby slippers for the night! (Luckily no-one poured any water on me to check if I was Dorothy or the Wicked Witch of the West!)
Maggie, Stuart's cat went home yesterday too, I'm not sure if Emmy enjoyed her company, I think she enjoyed having something live to chase at 5 am.... They played tag round the bedroom and up and down the stairs most mornings! G didn't open his gifts until I got home... I was sitting by the tree handing him things and heard this weird noise, the tree was growling... I realized that Maggie was sleeping under the tree and by removing the gifts she was loosing her sanctuary! Poor kitty, actually she was becoming quite sociable by the time she went home, I'm sure she'll miss Em, however I doubt he'll miss her, he hid in a box most of the last morning she was here so that she couldn't sneak up on him and bat at his tail as she ran past!