January 30 2009
Sunny today... Maybe it will melt some of our ice... Wednesday night's storm added to our drifts and the finale was 1/4 inch of rain to make everything totally impassable! Wednesday night's curling was cancelled but since we were scheduled to curl last night too... I still got my curling game in for the week! Last night was a hard fought game which we won in the final end... we were down three coming home with the hammer... I think we actually should have had 6 or 7 since that's how many rocks we had in the house but.. the opposition seemed to figure that their rock was closer than our rocks number 4 ,5 6 and 7.... But the way they are scoring the score sheet this year winning is what counts!
Today's etsy listing is another Jellyfish bead and it comes complete with a story.... Guardian of Blackbeard's Treasure, Scurvy McSkull

January 26 2009
Continuing to blow my own horn... I entered a January Art Bead Scene monthly challenge... the theme is "Van Gogh's Irises!" and I got picked as the designer of the week!
This is the necklace...

Tomorrow is the last day to vote for the LESt challenge Vote here

January 24 2009
Rained overnight so the ice layer on our snow is now even thicker than it was! I just joined another 'street' team on etsy (the absteam) and one of my favorite beads is featured on their blog! Go check it out Feature Friday
and don't forget to checkout the positivity challenge and remember to vote for your favorite bead while your there! Vote here
and if your wondering about our snow... here's the garden gate over the path to the gallery.. you can just see the top of the gate ... (this was taken last Monday..before the freezing rain and the rain.... the cats love running around even I can walk most places without breaking through!

And I just found a blog about me..curtesy of Kristy of the absteam (you can blame any typos on me as I think she just cut and pasted what I sent!) Actually I think I will get G to answer the questions for the next blog.. I might learn something about myself that I don't know! Who is Lynne

January 23 2009
How time flies when you're buried undeer a pile of snow and the weather is COLD! Actually yesterday and today weren't/aren't too bad... but is suppose to be COLD COLD again by Sunday!
We have started curling again.... before Christmas I believe we lost all our games... the two games that we've played since Christmas we've won! 12 to 1 and 7 to 2... We curled in a fun spiel on Saturday night in Saint John too.. It too much less effort to throw the rocks in SJ! Some of mine even went where they were suppose to! The theme in SJ was Hawaiian again... guess the bought to many decorations last year so thought they should use them again... I wore the same dress as last year but had shortened it 6 inches so was no longer long!
I've been spending the winter making bigger focal beads... the nice ones can be found on etsy or they may be hidden in my stash, because listing things on Etsy takes time! Speaking of beads it's time to brave the cold and see what the kiln gods made for me yesteday!
And there is another challenge on the LEST webjam this one is positivity or some such thing... I did a jellyfish pendant... if you want to go vote here's the link Vote here
AND... since I really like these jellyfish beads here's the actual piece...

January 10 2009
Good morning.. and Happy Birthday to Stuart... who is 24 today!

Stuart was born at about 1:30 in the morning on January 10, it was -38 or something equally as delightful in Saskatoon... he was about 4 weeks early... the water main outside the house broke the next day! How perfect was that for timing... by the time we got home the water main was fixed, the house had water again and the temp was above freezing!
I actually thought that this was also the 4th anniversary of my website .. but it turns out that my first post was actually January 4 2005!
Yesterday I got a phone call from Stuart he had been stopped in a road block in Saint John... He handed over his Insurance card the cop came back to him and said this is for a Mustang.. (my car) He drives an Oldsmobile Intrigue... they are on the same policy but for some reason they are not both listed on the same card... I went out to my car to see if I had the Intrigue insurance in my car nope... my most up to date insurance card is 2006... Mine (Stuart's?) is probably in my purse! Stuart phoned the insurance company which was still open... and they agreed that both cars were on the same policy
Today is sunny we have chipped most of the ice off the driveway so it is clear again... so what will the weather do to us next?

January 8 2009
Well we made it through the first week of 2009 with no storms... made up for it last night! ... I went outside to get my yesterday beads this morning... I sailed down the back steps holding a small box containing frit glass rods and morinis (not how you spell that word!) the frit and morini ended up in a snow bank... Miracles of miracles I didn't!
The snow is covering ice which appears to be floating on top of water... lovely! and did I mention that it's still snowing... I guess after the wind died it rained (just under .2 of an inch) we are on a hill the rain obviosly turned the snow and sleet to ice, then lifted the ice... (the water is now nicely insulated by the ice and snow... just waiting for some idiot to step in it!) now it's snowing again so all the pretty shinny ice is hidden by the pretty fluffy white snow! Only 14 weeks until I get to leave for Georgia!
The one thing I did right this morning was I did put on rubber boots... I was not wearing flip flops or crocs so I did come back in the house with toasty dry feet!
Curling was cancelled last night... so no updates there! I do beleive that we have won free beer every game we have played so far this year though! (Note in NB loosers get the free beer, in SK loosers buy the beer... here there is no incentive to win!

January 1 2009
Yes another year has come and gone... thought this little animation was cute... and it's even wearing my favorite type of shoes... a style that was not appropriate for this holiday season... we never got our forecast snow but we certainly got the winds... and when they are howling off of the North Atlantic they are COLD!

I hope everyone has a Happy, Healthy and prosperous Year in 2009!