July 31
Not sure what's happening with the weather today... It's overcast and hot... but there isn't any fog! I have a new computer... It (she Delloris) arrived on Monday... Seems to work just fine except computers no longer come with printer ports so we need to buy a USB cable to act as our printer port....
The screen is so much bigger
Tuesday I went to Maine... On the ferry they managed to park a truck on top of the car... The truck had big rubber bumpers around the wheel wells one of those was folded around my front fender... I was out taking pictures of it when the Captain screamed "do you have a problem" I said "yes, this truck is parked on top of me it's touching my car!" I think the entire crew except for the guy steering was down on the deck 3 seconds later and yes the car was backed out from under the truck... My car was parked first... they had every opportunity to move me before they parked him... He also hit my mirror on his first attempt at parking!... They parked the truck on top of me! I couldn't find any dents or scratches and believe me I looked!
Once I got to Maine I went to Marden's to try and find some bias tape... No luck there and when I left I started my car turned on the air conditioning and heard a load popping noise... air conditioner was turned off.... I could still here hissing I drove two blocks to a stop sign and was waiting there and so an motor home go by... and thought man thats burning oil.... then realized once he was long gone that it was my car and the 'steam' was pouring out of the hood....
When I popped the hood in the Post Office parking lot you could still hear the hiss but we never did find the broken hose... So hopefully I won't have to drive very far on HOT days!
Of course I was carefully watching the temp gauge on the dash... and since I thought it was creeping up had the heat on high the fan on high and the windows open... The Gauge didn't drop at all... I was carefully studying the oil pressure gauge! The temp gauge was just about into the shivering zone by the time I realized I didn't need the heat on high... etc etc...
I came home on the Eastport Ferry which was quite uneventful!
I spent most of yesterday afternoon trying to plot an autocad drawing of a window I'm doing for a neighbour. I actually did make progress, of course I can't remember have the commands or how they work anymore... so it was rather slow going. The final window is 30.5 by 60 inches. I was drawing the window by hand until I discovered how cheap it is to get acad drawings printed in SJ! And then I can have multiple copies!
For new beads check out my etsy store I like yesterdays bead! The new one is the bottom right hand corner... Starz & Stripes was the only name I could come up with when I saw it....

July 27
Still Raining.... Actually I guess it didn't rain yesterday it just drizzled.... the beach was damp and cool but the sculptures got built... I had a really easy group to judge as there were only 4 single adult entries, the family group had 57 sculptures to judge! We only had 45 minutes to do it.... Here's a bunch of pictures... The jungle book sculpture fell through the cracks and didn't even make it into the finally judging! Neither did the Rino... I really liked him! The overall winner was Snowdak Moment....

Today is still gloomy... I think we've woken up to sun 3 times since we got back from 'The Road Trip'!
G is going sailing today in Money-Pit since there isn't any wind he may not get to far but at least he won't get lost in the fog!

July 21
Well we got more rain over night so now have had more than an inch... the sun can come back... enough fog... sitting in the ferry lineup yesterday we couldn't even see the dock... I think there was only 9 cars in front of us..... we got there at 4:10 the ferry came in at 4:30 cars unloaded... the ferry that came in at 4:30 was filling in for the Island Princess.... she was supposidly fixed... 5:00 Island Princess shows up and unloads.... we still don't get to load... lineup behind us in now out of site around the corner.... 5:30 comes the third ferry shows up and unloads...and yes we get to get on this one.... We arrive in St George to deliver a door that I repaired.... There is a parade going through town... we joined the back of it after watching for about 10 minutes... I'm sure the only reason that we didn't pass the parade driving on the wrong side of the street was the last two vehicles were police cars! You could see the steam coming out of G's ears as we crawled along.... we finally got to SA at about 6:55 which was good as dinner at the restaurant we were at was only served from 5:30 to 7:00. Took us 2 hours and 45 minutes to go 30 miles..... (50 km)

July 20
Today is my mothers birthday... Happy Birthday! She will be going out for dinner in Edmonton with the rest of the family ... G and I are going out for dinner in St Andrews to meet the owner of the boat that G has agreed to crew on the beginning of August... the boat is being moved from Cape Cod to St Andrews. We have a reservation on the deck of one of the restaurants there but the weather is crappy so I think we will be eating indoors! We actually got just over half and inch of rain yesterday... first rain since we got home from SK! Last night it started as hail... poor Zoomies didn't know what was going on... clear rocks were bombing him.... We were in the hot tub and they were big enough that they hurt! Then it turned to rain and our towels got soaked....
I tried to make beads yesterday but it took me over three hours to make the first one.. I kept turning on the torch and just getting started when the cow bell on the gallery door would summon me.... Today I didn't try so I would have had no problem!
Both the winners of the Name The Hawaiian flower contest wanted socks... A testimonial from one of the happy winners follows.... My wonderful socks arrived today. I absolutely LOVE them! They feel just fabulous on my feet! I rarely wear shoes in the house but I do wear socks. Sometimes 'Mr X' has the air conditioner set so dang low that my feet get cold. So your socks are just perfect! I will think of you every time I wear them!!!!!!!!!

July 14
Well today is Bastille Day so Can-AM is jumping up and down on the kitchen table demanding to be taken to a party somewhere..... He doesn't care where... He just wants a party!
Today is foggy again... but that's better for my plants as yesterdays dry hot wind wasn't doing my already crisp flowers any good! They keep forecasting rain... but it isn't falling here!
The hot tub is great as long as you're back in the house by dusk... the mosquitoes arrive in droves at dusk... yuck! Not sure why there are so many bugs since it has been so dry... my theory for what it's worth is all the babbling brooks have turned into little still stagnant pools...
IF your looking for beads check my page one etsy store insert... (the page you came from to get here.... ) anything new should show up there... I just went and looked and there are a lot of new beads that aren't there... so just click on the beads and go and look at the store! At this point in time other than a few pendants I'm just doing loose beads... but I would be happy to turn any of the loose beads into jewellery.... That's enough of a sales pitch for this month!

July 11
OOPS guess July 4 was a week ago.... But it's summer and the gallery is open so my entertainment is waiting for the elusive customer.... and the daily lost tourist! Doesn't make for a very interesting RANT! I get at least one person every day looking for the ferry... there is one at each end of the Island in the summer so I really can't understand why people can't find them!
Speaking of ferries I actually escaped to Eastport for a couple of hours yesterday... the return cost on the ferry has jumped from $24 return to $30.. May have to start walking onto the ferry.... although I'm sure driving to St. S and going across there costs $15 to $20 for gas now!
Stuart wired the hot tub while he was here last week... We are still trying to figure out how to keep it on the temp that it is set at... I was playing with it last night.... Will see if it stays were I put it!
Emmy and Zoomits come out and entertain us while we're sitting in the tub... they cavort all over the lawn trying to kill each other! Very cute... I'm waiting for one of them to fall into the tub! Although Zoomits isn't nearly as interested in water since he fell into the bath tub!

July 4
Happy Independence Day to any American readers... and for a change we have a bright sunny day! May have to go watch the Eastport Fireworks tonight from Deer Island Point!

July 2
Captain Bligh and his fearless 'crew' got back yesterday just in time to go see the fire works.... Yesterday you could see the sun in the fog today there is just fog..... It's already 1:30 and there is no sign of the sign.... YUCK!

July 1
HAPPY CANADA DAY.... so far the fog hasn't burned off... Stuart and Gord are out in Money Pit for the Canada Day Sailabration and Sail By not sure if they'll be able to see what it is that they are sailing by... there is a barbecue in St Andrews tonight... not much wind so it may take them all day to get there....
I would like the sun to come out before my plants start growing mold!