July 26 2009
I had someone ask me how my new lilies were doing... top picture is some of the lilies I planted the spring we moved here 2002 bottom picture are the ones I planted this year... I think they have a long way to go!

July 26 2009
Updates three days in a row.... Woke up to fog again this morning... yesterday it did get sunny and the hay field in front of the house got mowed... back yard is still awaiting the arrival of goats or other grass eating creatures that want to move here but promise not to eat my lilies!
Finally got around to picking up Friday's mail at 5:30 after G got home with my "saintly"... "sainted" parcel!
I had a notice of another parcel that was at the PO... obviously too big to go in the box....
Came home grabbed the car and went to the local convenience store aka PO... etc... It is now 6:03 Since the last time I was there the Local PO has moved into the 21st century they have a CANADA POST COMPUTER... and they keep Canada Post hours 8:00 - 5:00 for the Canada Post part of the business.... YOu got it , I can't have my parcel, because even thought there are people there and I can see the parcel, the Canada Post outlet is not open.... before they got the computer you could get parcels whenever someone was in the store... So much for progress!
After much whining I pointed out that since I didn't have to sign for it no one would know that I had picked it up on Saturday night at 6 pm instead of Monday morning at 8.... (Yes I did get it this time...)
I just love computers...., they make life so much simpler!

July 25 2009
The Radio spot was kind of fun.. they actually use the phone lines now... Had to use my 'house' phone as we have very iffy cell phone coverage here! Too bad the weather was so crappo or it might have brought some tourists in to check out things!
I should also point out that G picked up the parcel on Thur night as I figured that there were still quite a few towns in New Brunswick starting with St. that it hadn't visited... St Martin's. St Andrew's must be a bunch more... but maybe those aren't on the Acadian bus routes.... or maybe that's what the parcel was doing the three days it was missing ... touring all the Saint's in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia...
Storm has blown over.. I have flattened plants ... but the sun is trying to burn through the clouds....

July 24 2009
Oops almost two weeks... what am I doing... the gallery is open every day... so I'm here everyday.. I did do the circle tour last week ... Drove from here to Calais and then came home on the Eastport ferry... the day started out warmer than the forecast but got colder and cloudier as the day progressed... Last Sunday I walked on the ferry to Campobello late afternoon to meet G at a sailing race reception on the grounds of Roosevelt's cottage... It was a gorgeous day... One of the few we've had! G actually placed in the race... he came second in the fog on the Saturday and 3rd in the sun on Sunday... he came third overall and won some sort of weird slide rule for identifying boat lights... Very appropriate for an engineer.. Except I had to show him how it worked...
And next week I'm going to Ottawa for a couple of days to take a class from Anastasia, a German bead artist!
Today 98.1 THE Tide radio is broadcasting live from Deer Island they will be here from 10:30 to 11:00 (and yes it's a paid add.. but the price is reasonable... and the ubber geek that I took that internet marketing class from said that radio advertising was the best use of advertising $/s) However the weather today is not good... very strong winds... I believe the forecast is for some nasty storm blowing in from New York... They could keep it! So far it isn't raining... I would really like him to set up on the deck the gallery is pretty tiny... not that I expect any customers at that hour of the morning on a day like today!
and then we come to yesterday and the local bus lines.... I had a box of pottery shipped to me on Monday from Halifax should have got here Tuesday... I forgot to check yesterday... The man in Halifax persuaded her that it should be shipped to St. Stephen not St George... I managed to phone St Stephen while the bus was there yesterday afternoon and they put it back on the bus... I took the ferry to the mainland after I closed... guess what the bus driver forgot to leave the parcel and the parcel went back to Saint John...

July 12 2009
Well we had 3 days of sun.... but today is raining again! G's son Russell and his girlfriend have been visiting here on and off for the last 2 weeks... they actually spent the 3 nice days in Nova Scotia... this morning since they couldn't go for one last sail they spent an hour counting all the novels that are scattered around the house... they came up with 1300... I f I'd had to guess I would have said 2000... I'm sure they must have missed a book case somewhere.... and of course that doesn't include textbooks and other reference books....

July 9 2009
Lookie what I found trying to cross the road today... it tried to bite me then it hissed at me... How was I suppose to know that the turtles out here are nasty snapping turtles not the friendly type we had in western Canada!

We had a nice day today finally!

July 7 2009
This is the third morning in a row that we have woken up to clouds... not fog!
The race from Eastport to Saint Andrews was a non event... no wind... actually they didn't even go to Eastport they spent the day shopping in Saint Andrews!
We went to Deer Island Point to watch the Eastport fireworks on the 4th.. that was also a non event... They might have lasted 40 seconds... it was just one burst... I'm wondering if they didn't set up because of the fog and when it cleared right at 'dusk' they set up & lit one burst.... ?
Website revisions have started... I have to figure out the background colour to use through out... right now I seem to have yellow, white, grey and aqua... I think that the grey is too dark... but I'm not fond of the yellow.. G sez white is too bright..... There are other things that the ubber geek who taught the class said I should do .. some of which I agree with, others.... I don't!
As usual with my website, changes will happen but very slowly

July 1 2009
Happy Canada Day...

today which had sun forecast has rained on and off all day .. there is also absolutely no wind... G and crew are in Money-Pit racing from Eastport ME to St Andrew's NB I know they can't use the motor but maybe G can paddle with his faithful frying pan....