June 30  Last day of June, first official day for my gallery...  My POS terminal showed up at 10 am yesterday, so I didn't have to sit around  all day waiting for it!  The business name is only allowed so many characters on the 'sales' slip so rather than stopping after Fireball Gallery  which is logical and makes sense....  the 'programmer'  keeps typing until they run out of  available spaces.... Guess what you get
"Fireball Gallery & Stud" 
I really want to know where the stud is!  Duddley always thought his name should have been Studley...
Last night it just poured here actually I guess it was this morning because it was about 6 am, so far since I got up this morning it's just misting.... But the forcast for tomorrow is hot and muggy.  Since the gallery is now open daily my updates will be around noon AST , since I'm going to start the day by making beads, since it is a big hassel to run and answer doorbells half way through a bead...  However based on last year actually being open is irrelevant, I had people from 8:10a.m I served them in my Yukata  ... to 9 or 10 at night... if there is a light on anywhere in the house it's fair game!
June 29 Still overcast.. It poured last night, but I don't think we're getting nearly as much rain as some of the East Coast!  Everything is really green and the slugs are very happy!  I rescued a bunch of half dead plants from 'greenhouses' yesterday, perenials that I grow never look as nice as the ones in the picture on the tag!  Spent yesterday in Calais and St Andrews... (St Andrew's was delivering the birds I don't make anymore!!!)  Would have liked to go to Eastport put the ferry isn't starting until July 4th!   After the fog burned off yesterday it got really hot and muggy...  I like dry heat!  Today I get to sit around and wait for my POS (Point of Sale) Terminal to be delivered and installed.. then the customers can start pouring in!  I got a really cute answer for my game on Tuesday 
Monet Puffins's Family Choir   !  His picture is up now I found him preening in a bowl in the gallery.
June 27 Still overcast... If I can find Monet I will photograph him today... he seems to have gone walk about... Should have checked Em's mouth before he and G went to Saint John yesterday!  He still steals beads  If you see him running past with his mouth slightly open .. it's because he's moving my beads, and has one in his teeth...  he doesn't like the way I organize them.... some year I will find his stash!  I do have a few fish in the kiln.... Need to see if I have any pairs!  Fish earrings just have to match in size colour is irrelevant.  I'm making a bunch of  tiny stained glass birds for a St Andrews gallery now too, they're getting delivered tomorrow... I've tried to persaude people that I don't do birds anymore... but so far no one believes me!
June 26  Another person got it right so I shouldn't have to add any more hints right???   Yucky again today... However yesterday afternoon was lovely, so I stuck out my open flag and got some real customers! Sold most of my Hollow Fish so I guess I know what I'm making today!  Saturday we spent in Saint John buying power tools to replace the ones that the scumball thieves took... The Chain Saw was easy... there was only one in our price range... however circular saws  there was way too much choice  Finally settled on a DeWalt,  Sears was the only place that we looked at shavers, most of those were way over our budget too... all the Pillashaves were too much Money,  so he got a Remington...   We were in Saint John so that we could go on a dinner Cruise on the Saint John  River... it was sponsored by the local P'Eng Society...  The weather was OK it was very calm and quite warm but sun would have been nice!  At  least the fog didn't roll in until the last 15 minutes... the boat was built in Louisiana in 1960... so does that mean we went on a Louisiana River Boat Cruise???  The captain was a retired Irving Tug Boat operator guess he didn't like retirement so bought himself a boat so he could keep cruising the River!  
June 24  Yucky rain and fog....  This is the weekend folks I want sun!!!!  This is my last weekend of freedom I open my gallery  next Friday and my website says I will be open every day until Sept 3.... Maybe I can train duddies and em to sell....
Monet McPuffin is sitting on the kitchen counter waiting to be photographed... he got into my new Thompson Enamels and 'painted' his ice cube, but being a sloppy painter got some on his white tummy too!  So Monet comes with a lichen and barnacle cover 'pseudo rock' to sit on ... as soon as I can find a sun beam you'll get a photo!  Busy doing a couple of small stained glass orders as well as beads and trying to get the gallery ready to open next Friday... Got some new display 'stands' so now have to fill them!  The rest of the little 'amulet' bags are on the home page... I called the scan 'Seed Bags' I can imagine the look of distain on the average prairie farmers face if  yourefered to those as seed bags  in their presence!
June 23 Fog starting to lift....  I put the new game up last night about 9pm and already have a right answer!  Since it's so easy I won't give any more clues today!  Finally resized all the interior pictures of  our cabin last night...   "Cabin at 309 Douglas Manitou Beach SK" .  Manitou Beach was the western Canadian resort in the 20's and 30's and has had numerous ups and downs since then!  My cabin was built as a house in the early 20's for CN railway workers!  (it shows up on a survey plan from 1928).  G spent all day yesterday cleaning 'seagull droppings'  off of  Money-Pit ... with no mast is was a Seagull Magnet for the month we were away...  It now has it's sails too...  so..now all it needs is the wind vane that he took off while he was manhandling the mast and forgot to put back on before he put the mast up.. He's talking bosun's chair with me as the ginny pig  to get it up!  I don't thnk so.  (Especially since it sounds like he's building the chair!)  Update on the Double Helix Glass... Jill didn't get her glass either, even though the site took her money.... but they had no glass left, so she's getting her money back but no glass, which means I don't get any either!  Will add a scan of the little seed purses later! Here is one...(these are slightly bigger beads than normal 10's instead of 11's I think) now for straps... any suggestions.

June 22  Will try to come up with a new quote later today!  Another nice day here...  Yesterday I made beads... see what survives today all my encased red lauscha beads (from Tuesday) cracked yesterday... but that's OK they were just encasing experiments  so the fish just got some new beads!  The afternoon was spent weeding what else is new... just about got through everything once.. no black flies yesterday...  they've grown up and are now horse flies!  Em didn't arrive this morning (well he did at 2:30 and got turfed at 3:30!) But duddies staked out the deck this morning so Emmy couldn't get up to his personal door!  Actually he went up once yesterday morning... we weren't there, so he sat on the roof and howled until someone went up and let hm in!  He could have a long hot day if he goes up and we aren't home!  Doesn't seem to have a clue on how to get down!
Spent a lot of the trip knitting seed bead  amulet bags ... should scan a few of them and get the pictures up... Need to figure out  straps for them too... Tara, the winner of the Puffin Gum Ball Machine sent me the makings for the first one...  they are a really good way to waste time as a passenger in a vehicle!  I even managed to transfer the beads in the truck once... I almost did it.... until I got to the last strand... the end pulled loose and the beads went flying!
June 21   I guess hot pink is appropriate for the longest day of the year!  Sunny here again!  There is a new glass out there being manufactured in CA... the company is double helix, this is the glass that is showing up in a lot of the bead auctions that are going for more than $1000 on ebay.... OK so I want some... everyone else does too!  It goes up for sale every Tuesday at exactly 10 am Pacific time...  I follow instructions log on at 10:00 am Pacific (2pm Atlantic)  put my 1/4 pound of glass into my shopping cart so far so good... calculate shipping (choke when I discover that the shipping is $17.95 for $20 worth of glass... carry on anyways!) go to pay my shoppping cart is empty... well the site says that glass stays in carts for 24 hours so not sure how the glass is disappearing between a and b but I know other people have lost their glass too... But that's not the end of the story.... a friend in Portland bought some at 11:30 am Pacific time... I was told it was all gone by 10:10... sorry folks you need to fix your web site/shopping carts  and get your Candian shipping prices realistic! Parcel Post should be an option... Global Priority is a major waste of money!
Yesterday was the day that Money Pit got her mast erected....  Gord motored over to the warf at low tide and I get to opperate the winch from Hell from the warf... Of course the wind picked up about the time we were starting  I had my toes hooked over the edge of the warf and was hanging out 20 feet above the sailboat trying to pull the mast over so he had enough slack on his lines  to attach them.... and he tied the knot to tight on the rope attached to the winch too, so that was also untied hanging off the dock....  I thought he fired me last year... no such luck!  Actually I managed to get the winch to behave very smoothly yesterday... in spite of its anti social nature!  G would say we should get along well!
Went to the local Credit Union AGM last night, deposited a cheque earlier yesterday and had the after meeting menu read off to me... sounded much better than what I was making for supper!  There was a door prize too... no I didn't actually win it but I was asked to draw the winner and  it was a neighbour, Haydon got 8 or 9 live lobsters so two of them came home with me.... Guess what we're having for supper tonight!
I did make beads yesterday, tried out some of my new glass.... 
June 20 The fog has lifted but not high enough to see the sun, rained last night so all my newly planted plants should be happy ...On a medical note... who needs BOTOX when there are black flies... Yes my forehead was entirely wrinkle free, all you have to do is figure out how to get them to bite your entire face not just around your ears & forehead.. believe me when you get enough bites your face really does go entirely numb!  You don't even know where to start scratching!  On the way into SG to get groceries yesterday  we saw a doe and a fawn, think the fawn was just a couple of days, weeks, hours old, not much bigger than my cats, really cute! I guess the wrong team won the Stanley Cup, I gave up after 2 periods, but Yahoo Sports says NC won.... Beads are on the agenda for today...  gotta go try out all my new glass!
June 19 Late afternoon....  We were working out in the yard today and the local RCMP stopped and asked about the 911 call from our phone Friday.....  I guess when the weather gets really wet and windy the local phones start making spontaneous 911 calls, then stay engaged for some length of time after that so phone  backs don't work.  Our RCMP was working off island on Friday and the St George detachment didn't see the need to send someone over to check!  Since we were somewhere in Ontario at the time it was either Duddly (the cat) or the house that phoned!  Tursday night I went out for super with the Toronto Lampworkers group...  think there was about 11 of us, we met at a Chinese buffet on Yonge St, I have never seen so much food ...  and it was good Chinese buffets are usually so so... I left Gord down the street at a little pub Called the Duke of Kent, problem #1 he discovered that their kitchen was closed for renovations... so all he could get was a sandwich (he showed very little interest in all the food that I had, had, when I finally arrived at 10.....)  problem # 2  about 8:30 hords of rugby fans showed up (in Ontario they have stand up bars) .... well by the time I arrived it was all I could do to elbow my way through to G's table and the noise level was horrendous..... Can't imagine that their liquor permit actually allows that  many people  to be in there at one time!
Most of my plants got planted this afternoon... We dug up another couple of square yards of lawn.... (less grass to mow! [actually G wants to remove the lawwn down to bedrock... so that we have no lawn.....])  This morning was grocery shopping and buying another wheel barrow, the one we have here doesn't have a wheel and is full of holes...  I have a bad habit of leaving piles of weeds lying around in the yard, now that there is a wheel barrow again I guess I'll be expected to collect them all!  Em arrive on our deck again this morning at about 7... I'd really like to know how he's getting there!
Hope to  get some beads made tomorrow... I have a few new colours of glass and some enamels to play with.
June 18  Happy Father's Day!!!  For all you Hockey fans out there the Oiler's won last night.... Glad I'm not still in Edmonton, Mom & Dad live way to close to Whyte Ave where all the wanna be rowdies hang out... the noise level the night before the anniversary party (when they won the Western Conference) was quite incredible!  Think that  Edmonton will have the  riot squads  on hand this time, right from the beginning of the final (next) game! 
Oh and by the way I'm home!  We brought Emmy home with us from SJ since Stuart is in Calgary for the summer, he left about 20 hours before we got there, so poor little Emmy wasn't abandoned for too long!  They seem to have a semi truce if they are outside, but Duddies starts hissing and chocking the minute he walks in the house even if Em is outside!  The house was hiss free last night from 2:13 am until 6:00 am... Em arrived on the bedroom "balcony" at 6 am, unless a sea gull dropped him we have no idea how he got there,  It's a small deck suspended in the air at least 8 feet above the real deck... you can get onto part of the house roof from it but don't think there is anyway to get onto that roof....  And this is the cat who didn't used to be able to jump onto anything that was more than a foot off the ground!  Duddies would like to give Gord a chain saw for Father's Day... So that G can cut down the tree that Emmy is hanging out in.... Maybe Duddies growled at Em and he ran straight up the side of the house!
  It is actually sunny here, It rained from the day we left until Friday....  I have outdoor plants that never got watered, other than by the rain.  G is currently mowing the hay field, could almost bale it and sell it as hay!  Once he's done I have to plant all the plants that I brought with me from SK... I brought way more than I was going to as it started to rain on Thursday in SK and it was still raining on Sunday when we left so the plants almost floated out of the ground... (Normally in SK in the summer you need a pick to even make a dent in the garden!) My back garden there looked more like a water feature than a garden, I rinsed my shovel off in a depresion in the lawn....  Finally found an Unsecured wireless connection Friday night in Edmonston, so got to try out my new/used lap top,  the space bar is really sticky so I end up with a  lot of really long words when I'm typing,  so the lucky recipients of emails from that computer get a free decipher game!  This is long enough.....Off to rescue the jewellery I'm cleaning in my tumbler and keep forgetting!

June 10 Still in Watrous/ Manitou and still at the library,  The weather now sucks, it's rainy and cold and we have a lawn that really needs to be mowed before we head for home tomorrow! Spent yesterday in Saskatoon, too rainy and cold to do anything beach like!
June 6  Still sitting in the Watrous library, the weather all weekend was hot and sunny and I got even more sunburnt!  Yesterday it rained... but today it was sunny and windy.  Started painting the bathroom door today, so now am covered in red paint!  Yesterday we went into Saskatoon for the day, figured since it was raining it was a good day to leave!
June 1... Sitting in the library in Watrous... Today was really sunny and I burnt myself pulling weeds!  Will try and update the anniversary party etc later!  But everybody had a good time and my salmon all disappeared!  We had fun decorating the 'party room'!