June 27 2009
Not to sound like a broken record here but it's still gloomy foggy and damp here.... and the forecast is for another week of this 'crap'! I think all the customers are lost in the fog....
Well my new look combo home-page /page 1 doesn't load centered on this computer the header is centered but the former page 1 is left justified... I have a wide monitor ... Could people please send me emails and tell me what my new home-page looks like on their computers and what they think of it.... (or do I really want to know that?)

This is actually Holy Smoke she was the grey cat we brought with us from SK... but this is what the weather looks like here today!
I also just noticed that if I load this using Safari I still have my original home page... are other pople getting both?

June 26 2009
Another foggy morning.. at least when we start with fog we usually end the day with sun.. when we start with clouds it seems to stay cloudy!
Yesterday I went to an internet marketing workshop....
you will soon (?) see my new improved website.. the front page will be gone... no more seagulls (there) They will still be on the site though as I'm rather fond of them! Probably under local pictures....
According to the ubber geek teaching the workshop front pages are a no no ... especially ones that have sound....people spent .5 seconds deciding if they are going to spend time on your site and if you have a enter here page that's as far as most of them are going to get! Do you know why you shouldn't have sound on your website....? email me with answers on why you think you shouldn't have sound! Also that entire page is an image, the google analytic spiders don't see images when they are ranking a site.. so my site doesn't exist.. at least that page doesn't....
for now my site will continue to be more of a tourism and picture site.. with links to my etsy store... I'm hoping to get more useful gallery pictures on line sometime this summer.... Keep checking back.....

Gord carrying his baby round the house!

June 21 2009
Ooops another two weeks have disappeared!
Happy Fathers day to all the Father's Out there that celebrate this Hallmark event!
Think we got about 3 inches of rain yesterday... lovely way to celebrate the opening of the gallery! Actually there were a few lost people wandering around yesterday... guess there is nothing better to do than shop when your on holidays and it's raining!
I had lovely flowers in my garden before the rain and wind yesterday... hope they come back! Last count on the lilies was 13 I thought I planted 12 guess it must have been 15 ... Pictures when they bloom! The wild lupins are in bloom now... these are from just down the road....

I do have some in the garden too... Only because I couldn't get them to live in Saskatchewan!

June 7 2009
Two days in a row.... well uploading pictures to this site is the only way I seem to be able to get them to open on some of the online forums... so here's yesterdays additions to my farm... as you can see, the frog is a bit of a photo-hog!

I think the Puffin is awfully cute... wonder if I'll ever be able to make another one!?
Money Pit is now in the water and the mast got put up this morning... Zoomies is thinking he wants to be a boat cat but so far has jumped out of the boat on his only ride. Today he sat on the rocks and howled while they were putting on the mast.... Poor kitty must be exhausted after howling for an hour!

June 6 2009
Bright sunny day here today which is nice as the forecast was for rain.. yesterday it was foggy and man did that fog make the air temp cold! Here's my latest beads... actually these are buttons... I started these as I wanted a bead for a felted hat.. now I'm confused as I'm sure there must be some Feng Shui involved in flower and button placements on felted hats... does the flower go on the left side or the right side and should the chicken face forwards or backwards... ie does she want to see where she's going or where she's been?

But once started I couldn't stop with chickens... I need to make the entire farm....

June 3 2009
Thought I'd stick a picture of Sunday's group here... I'm the one sitting on the ground wearing rubber boots... since we'd had rain I thought it was appropriate foot wear... It was commented on by someone that I was the only one who ended up with wet feet... since I had to wade through the water every chance I got.. actually the water came in from the top... my boots didn't leak....

G is the Man In Black in the back row....

Close up of me....

June 1 2009
Another new month... the sun is out today although it's really windy... Yesterday we went on a geological walk sponsored by the local Engineering group... We met at Dominion Park in Saint John... and then walked across Green Head Island to look at some old lime kilns from mid 1800's and then detoured to check out the PreCambrian Stromatolite beds Archaeozoon acadiense from the Proterozoic Green Head Group of Saint John, New Brunswick. These are some of the oldest fossils in the world if you want to know more about Sromatolites What is a Stromatolite?
And the really nice part was the sun was out and it was actually warm! When I packed here on Saturday afternoon I included a down vest... (actually I was wearing a down vest!) but 20 minutes into the trip I was down to a tank top.... (the down vest got left in the car!)
Back to Sj in a few minutes for the third time this week... My new clematis (Niobe- hopefully crimson) needs a trellis!