March 31
OOps yesterday was the 30th... G's Birthday not the 29th... I asked him at noon yesterday what he wanted to do for his birthday today ... H e informed me that it was his birthday! O well, I'm sick what do you expect from a sicki! Spent the entire day wandering around stores and didn't buy a think until we found a Jockey store going out of business in an outlet mall. .... Today we're off to check out the Great Salt Lake.... it snowed over night but the sun looks like it's trying to shine today!

March 29
Greetings from Salt Lake City... Guess what ? It's snowing here.... Since we aren't going skiing until Tuesday the snow could have waited until Monday night! We got here mid afternoon yesterday as the booking agent in Bangor rescheduled us out of Boston so we didn't get to go shopping during our 9 hour layover there.... we only had 48 minutes... Yesterday it was sunny here! Think we're going to Park City today to wander around I was hoping for a nice sunny day... oh well! Am I healthy NO.... not exactly.....

March 27
Well obviously getting up that early on Sunday morning wasn't good for me... I've been sick ever since! I tired to update yesterday but the internet lines were down on the island... We also woke up to snow yesterday which was totally unnecessary.... Monday I decided to make beads as I was freezing....I cranked the temp up as high as it would go 87 had my hands as close to the flame as they would go .... still freeezing, came in and discovered I had a temp of 103... Oh well... Today all that is left is a sore throat and a really nasty cough. ZZ managed to get down behind the washer and drier again last night.. I pulled out the drier but he wasn't having any part of my rescue techniques... Em came home (He managed to loose his collar and magnet a couple of days ago so is back to using people doors) I went to bed... ZZ showed up in bed 30 seconds later... don't know what Em told him to do.... as he'd been back there for 45 minutes before Em came along!

March 23
We were up bright and early this morning to go to the Sunrise Easter service.... Breakfast follows.... G figured it was much to early as ZZ and Em played tag until 3 am and started again at 6..... It is cold here hi temps are still below freezing... Id' like to get out and clean off the gardens but think all the leaves and 'crap' are probably still frozen down.
I went to a baby shower yesterday... I'm not sure I've ever seen such a tiny baby! 20 years ago she would still have been in hospital, not running around partying!

March 21

Rambo is here to wish everyone a Happy Easter.... Not sure who he beat up to get those eggs... but now he's got them he's not letting them go!
Last night was another curling night... It was originally the final week but the ice isn't being taken out until the end of the month so they added a draw for next week. We should have won last night but we didn't it was actually a tie... we alternated between being brilliant and horrendous.... G is in Toronto visiting number 2 son so I got to drive home in the snow storm by myself... The snow wasn't sticking on the mainland, but it was hard to see the road through the snow.... Snow is just what I want on the first day of spring!
Tuesday I delivered the tulip panel to Saint John, so their kitchen now has flowers in every window!
I couldn't figure out where ZZ was this morning... He was around about an hour before I got up... but I couldn't find him when I finally did get up..... then I noticed a pathetic little black lump on the outside of the cat door... guess it didn't shut properly when Em went out because of the wind so Zoom Zoom Zoomed out but then couldn't get back in! Poor little guy... It's not very nice out there... very windy, maybe it will cool his jets a bit about trying to go outside all the time! He certainly came in in a hurry when I flipped the door open for him!

March 17
Happy St Paddy's Day to You'all... May the Luck of the Irish be with you!

I have a new local artist coming over in a few minutes so gotta go continue shoveling the house!

March 16
Here's poor little ZZ plying in the rafters.... The insulation is waiting for warm weather so we can put in the new windows.... May be waiting a long time this year!

This was my car a couple of days ago....

I thought she looked kind of neat!
We spent Friday night in Fredericton, we went to see Love List a play. It was very well done. Poor little Zoomy spent the night by himself and Em had to sleep outside, he would have eaten all ZZ's food the second we were out the door if we'd left him in the house. He was so exhausted when we got home... he collapsed on a pile of clothes and didn't move for about 4 hours! I checked his wounded leg over carefully and he didn't even budge... Normal that gets teeth in your arm!
And here's my donation to the Hope Bead foundation for this year... they didn't want sets this year just loose beads... They also didn't want any YELLOW beads.... I happen to like YELLOW!
Hope Bead "beads"

March 12
Not sure if the forecast for today is rain or snow... depends on who's giving the forecast! At the moment it just cloudy and slightly above freezing!
My last Flower panel is in final cleaning stages.....

Now I get to clean up the dungeon in preparation for the dining room window for my neighbor!
I think I have a few watermelon slices that aren't cracked now too... Will clean them up and take a critical look at them!
I'm hoping that they will make cute earrings!

March 11
Sunny Cool morning, actually COLD for March! I'm busy trying to make little glass watermelon slice beads... I am using some new pink glass,... I have come to the conclusion that the pink glass is incompatible with itself! Since I think the entire point of eating watermelon is to spit the seeds at someone... my slices have seeds... granted you won't be able to remove the seeds to to spit them ... but you could however throw the entire earring... I WILL find a glass that doesn't crack!
Zoom Zoom is doing well... Em, brought home another mouse night before last; he comes in his window and then starts to sing...
I'm so wonderful... I have brought you a gift... etc etc...
G was sleeping peacefully ... I told him Em had just brought a mouse in ... he wanted to know how I knew... I said he's singing... ! Mouse was thrown out.. Em was upset!

March 9
Did everyone remember to change their clocks last night or this morning... It rained here yesterday we got over 90mm from Friday evening until this morning... that's nearly 4 inches! And it didn't even melt all the snow! The ice on the windows on Wednesday finally melted about 5pm when the temp shot up....
I failed garbage can retrieval this week .... Wed was garbage day G put the can out on Tuesday... I never even thought about it Wednesday... I didn't leave the house until 6 o:clock to get the mail and shovel the driveway.... When he got home on Friday he asked me where the garbage can was... I suggested he look accross the street in our neighbors yard... since that was the way the wind was blowing... He insisted on checking all around our house first... not sure why as the wind was not swirling round the house... It was blasting straight off the water! Poor garbage can had spent 3 days lying in the stream.. At least it should be clean!

March 5
The weather today is YUCK! I can't see out the windows as they are covered in ice! Yesterday wasn't sunny but it was WARM... The freezing rain is suppose to turn to real rain this afternoon.
I think Em's tolerance of Double Zeee is wearing thin... I woke up last night to see Em (large 13 pound cat) Standing on Zoom Zoom and it looked like he was trying to bite his head off... ZZ didn't seem too worried... but he isn't that much bigger than the overweight mice that frolic in our yard that Em keeps bringing me home as gifts!

March 3
If anyone sent me an email over the weekend to lynne@ fireballbeeds or em@fireballbeeds...please resend it my computer ate them! Actually you could switch to this email then I will get them!
Today is sunny, based on the yahoo forecast it is the only sunny day we're getting... the calm between the storms!
We got snow on Saturday... so now I have a hot tub full of snow...

March 1
Well March is not coming in like a lamb... we have more wet snow, wind and freezing rain forecast for today... goody goody! We went to Calais Yesterday...forgot to get half of what we went for as we bought a cute little triangular hot tub... much too early in the trip, so ended up just coming home... of course the installation instructions were in the hot tub secured with 'saran wrap'... that blew off just outside of St Stephen and the instructions and wiring diagrams went with it..... But the hot tub did stay upright in the back of the truck box..... Thanks to the snow we managed to toboggan the hot tub across the lawn on the box the freezer came in... G wants it on the deck I want it on the lawn where we can see the water! (not to mention on the deck it will be constantly on the receiving end of the snow sliding off the roof!
We did get home early enough yesterday that we managed to totally wear out ZZ ... the 'family' room has another layer of wool covering the floor ... Poor ZZ was a little limp rag when he finally went to bed and he slept until almost 6 am....