May 31
The end of another month, my car has new front coil springs, guess the Ford Focus has the same design as the Taurus and the Mustang so if your front end looks low... you too might have broken springs! If your car goes thud when you go through a pot hole check your springs...Today is muggy and overcast looks like rain but it probably won't!
G was snickering over a bumper sticker today...
Indian definition of Vegitarian... Poor Hunter!
One of my students on Monday saw the Puffin driving the tractor with his fish line on the kitchen table and informed me that I did not have enough to do! (see photo May 27)

May 30
Eurydice aka Money-pit is back in the cove, today I get to operate the worlds most anti-social winch while we put the mast up.... I also get to finish cleaning up my rose panel as I puttied it while I was waiting for G to quit fondling Money-pit before supper last night... we also have to go retrieve G's truck from the boat launch site and drop my car Lizzy off at the mechanics so that she can get her new springs installed! Tomorrow we pack the truck....

May 29
I was sent the woman's version of the male philosophy on life yesterday... If it ain't broke, break it so you can get a new one.....! Today is sunny and breezy, Money Pit is being launched today, so he will be back out in the cove, The sea gull crapper got put out a couple of days ago, G hangs CD's over the SeaGull crapper to keep the Sea Gulls away...(The Sea Gull Crapper is the small boat used for going back and forth to the sail boat) anyway the CD's flash annoyingly in my eyes some nights while we're eating super!
I bought a new suitcase a couple of days ago, Emkins thinks it makes a wonderful kitty hammock/bed!

May 28
It's a rainy Monday here today, (not a holiday in Canada) I'm teaching the second day of the class I taught the beginning of the month, overcast is good it's easier to see the flame!
This saying was at the bottom of some spam this morning... think it sums up the average males philosophy on life... If it ain't broke, fix it 'til it is! Guess that applies to making beads and all sorts of other things... you always need to add one more something to 'it' to make 'it' perfect!

May 27

North Atlantic Fish Farm

May 26 It never warmed up yesterday... It has warmed up today, My Puffins etc are almost packed... They are quite worried that I'll forget to include the fish in the box and they might starve before they get to Cape Breton! The Chickens will have to eat their nests unless they like fish too....My goddess beads are coming along quite nicely... I joined a goddess bead exchange on Lampwork etc, an on glass forum... Anyone want me to post nude glass female torsos on this site? I finally figured out how to get a droopy butt with glass, I'm making my goddesses with the hole running through the shoulders so when ever I have the back facing me It's pointing up.... which is not the way I want the glass to go....

May 25 It did get warm and sunny for about an hour yesterday.... today is suppose to be hot, so far it's just hazy....Will post the answer to game 26 on Sunday... so send in those last minute guesses!

My Puffin-lineup... Find the guilty puffin... one of them MUST be guilty!

May 24 Well we had two lovely sunny days but the wind coming off the north Atlantic was COLD!!!! So much for my plans of weed irradication the weeds they got to continue growing unmolested! I went to Saint John yesterday, still trying to find springs for my car.... I finally had to break down and buy them from the Ford Dealer $280 instead of the $105 that the aftermarket ones were... but those are on 8-12 - ??? week back order. G is suppose to be able to pick up my Ford ones today! My BIL thinks that since they are breaking due to a 'manufacturing' flaw in the car that it smacks of a missed recall! The springs are rusting out at the bottom contact point... But the fact that the aftermarket ones are all backordered makes me wonder if it isn't partly metal fatigue too.... (The same spring fits 94-98 V-6 Mustangs)

May 21 Today is a holiday in Canada and the sun is trying to shine!!!! That is the last hint for game 26! I started the day today by dropping a bead down the drain, I never work without the plug in the drain.... I'm trying to make beads to fit a Biagi bracelet, (Biagi bracelets are the Italian equivalent to Pandora Bracelets...Modern day charm bracelets... I bought myself one in Halifax to use as a model, as they were half price, but, since they are silver and all the lengths were the same price I should have bought a 9 inch one not the 7 inch one that fit my wrist!) I thought I had used a big enough mandrel to go over the end ... wrong, anyway I was trying to drill out the hole and of course I dropped the bead and it went straight down the drain, So the kitchen drain was taken apart, I haven't tried drilling it again though. Think I used a 1/16 mandrel yesterday, I know I have 1/8 but not sure if I have anything in between... Yesterday I managed to get all the stock that I picked up last week priced and out in the gallery, I do need some more display stands though as I do have a few bowls pushed under shelving units!

May 20 Today is not quite foggy but low hanging cloud with mist.... I didn't manage to find and Front Coil springs for my car... you can get rear ones and sets of 4 but not just the two front ones... I guess you aren't suppose to break the front ones... I'm wondering if mine are/were getting stressed because my car is always parked downhill on the driveway...(G says no... but then he never agrees with me!) I also checked ebay and found a set of used ones but they were for a V8 5 L car mine is only a V6 3.8L, the price was right though 1 cent.... there was 22 hours to go on that auction though! Might just have to buy a set of 4 and let Stuart sell the rear ones on ebay... He should be able to come up with a cute accompanying story about how is mother can break 2 unbreakable parts on her car! I checked out all the online parts places including resorting to a live chat with one of them... they will sell me a set of front ones for $271.95 but since I can get front and back for $274.95... that didn't seem like much of a deal! Will check with Ford In Machais on Monday and the Canadian Ford dealer on Tuesday... I'm thinking the $274.95 will seem cheap after I've checked with the Ford Parts Dept!

May 19 Before I get any more harassment with regards to who won the mothers day bead... Hazel Y from MA won it... I actually think Em should have got it for coming home, but I doubt if he wants a beaded collar, he might catch a collar on something and get strangled! I woke up at 6 am with a paw bashing my face... looked out the window and thought it was snowing... It was actually rain wind and fog, but it sure looked like SNOW! Actually it warmed up significantly over night so it was actually much to warm to be snow!
The results of my car inspection... My car has two broken front springs... I think the metal must have fatigued for them to both have broken or one broke and the other one was too wimpy to hang in on it's own... After-market Springs for '95 mustangs are not readily available in this part of Canada, sounds like about 3 weeks to get them and they are an unknown brand... however, when the repair guy heard I was going to Maine today he said "buy them there if you can find them they'll probably be half the price too....but, if you can't get them in the states you might have to buy them from FORD!" It is indeed a really lovely day for a drive down the coast! Swirling fog, lashing rain and pounding surf....

May18 I didn't get any right answers yesterday... however, I did get lot of right answers when I had the wrong number of letters up there guess it just goes to prove that other people can't count or spell either!
It's raining here today.. but so far it's just rain with no wind... I was starting to panic last week as I'm going to Machias tomorrow, I'm taking my car in for 'her' annual rip off inspection this afternoon, Monday I'm teaching, and thursday I need to go to St Andrews, then we leave on Friday for Saskatchewan... That left 3 days to finish my glass orders and get them packed up ... make a bunch of stained glass birds and both knit and felt something I need to take with me.....sometime yesterday I realized that I had missed an entire week... I'm FREEEE with nothing on the calender from
May 21 to 27, so I should have time to finish, pack and ship my two glass orders....
May17 I just changed hint #1 to 37 letters.. I can count I can't spell! Most people have got it anyways! The following has arrived in my mailbox from about 5 different sources... I don't think you have to be Canadian to vote... If you click on nominees you get to see a thumbnail image of the of the 50 'wanna be wonders' ! There were a few that I had never heard of! They didn't get my vote!

Its official Bay of Fundy has made it to the short list of 50 possible wonders in Canada from which 7 Wonders will be determined. Now is the time to VOTE on the CBC website. Please use the following link to get directly to the CBC website and cast your vote for the Bay of Fundy.
Seven Wonders

Tuesday in Halifax started nice the rain and wind blew in mid afternoon and it just got colder from there! Yesterday I was in Truro, not much to do there on a rainy windy day.... We actually left for home around 3 as G was done and the banquet wasn't until 7:30... also the forecast was for 5- 10 inches of snow in places! We did see some snow just outside of Moncton that was sticking even at 6 pm... Lucky we came home as the wall/roof is still leaking and the bucket would have overflowed if it hadn't been emptied once at 2 am! Emkins was a real pest as he wanted to go out until he realized how windy and wet it was... then he wanted back in... I think he spent the entire time we were gone eating and sleeping so wanted to party and play all last night!

May14 A gift for all you google addicts, all you need to do is google 1971 films and find one with 36 letters, how much easier could I have made it... and yes I know who won the bead but I'm not telling until Thursday evening! I actually have to remake the spacers as they got gathered up in a bead purge! The kitchen table is being overrun by puffins, chickens and fish, barely room for plates.. I'm sure G will be happy to see that parcel going out the door!
I have a request for a picture of Emkins beside my Sock Reindeer... The Reindeer is hanging on the basement door, Emkins declined when I suggested he would like to hang himself beside 'Ta-acky" for a photo op!

May13 HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO all mother's out there! Emmy sent me a card, it came from G's email though, G could have got him a hotmail account! Most people have the answer to game #25 so I started a new one this morning, will post the answer to 25 when I get back from NS!

May12 I will be drawing tomorrow evening for my mothers day bead... so if you want my bead email me and tell me why you deserve it! I won't be posting the winner until Thursday as I will be in NS... G is jurying the Canada Wide Science Fair in Truro and I'm going along for the ride! Thursday we drove all over NB picking up stock, it was the nicest day we've had so far this spring. It was still nice enough at 7 pm to sit outside and eat dinner on the patio in a restaurant in Sussex. I notice when we got home yesterday that one of the bird feeders was on the ground... there was a pissed off squirrel in the tree and 7 blue jays on the ground cleaning up the sunflower seeds! I think the pissed off squirrel probably broke the string holding the feeder .... I went to St Andrews for the town wide yard sale this morning, didn't really find any real treasures this year, except for my Sock Reindeer! I think Em looks a bit like a sock monkey, so when I saw this Sock Reindeer it had to come home! It's mounted like a stuffed Trophy. on quilted holly leaves....
May 9Another beautiful sunny day, our first hummingbird showed up yesterday... but so did a few million black flies... I guess the hummingbirds brought lunch with them! I taught a bead making class yesterday, no burns and I think everyone had fun... day two isn't until the end of the month so I have to keep my studio neat for almost 3 weeks... actually I'll have to keep it neat for the entire summer as a lot of customers want demos! Off to the chicken coop to add to the flock! The Chickens are joining the fish and the puffins in Cape Breton!
I just hit the delete button for "page 1" instead of the edit button, they are one on top of the other, once a file is in the trash it's actually quite difficult to get it out... but it's all fixed now!

May 6Sunny today yesterday it alternated between sunny and pouring.... The rain never lasted long but you certainly had to time your trips outside if you didn't want to get soaked! I have quite a few plants blooming and quite a few that are missing in action.... I keep finding new plants that have been chewed right down to ground level, the latest is my elephant ear.... My Forsythia is blooming now, I noticed them in Southern Maine last weekend so we're not to far behind... They had a green glow on some trees too, we don't have that yet!
May 5 It was sunny now it's clouding over... My missing 100 beads still haven't made there way back here, (I shipped off the first 30 on Thursday... now working on the remaining 70 as well as an order of Puffins and Fish for Cape Breton. It's now two weeks since the 100 beads were delivered...I wonder if they will ever come back??? And while I'm complaining about the Post Office... Parcels that don't fit into 'Mail boxes' get held by the post office for pick up for 15 days... So if it arrives on June 1 it is returned to sender on June 15 however a parcel that they claim will take 10 days to get to it's destination that is mailed on June 1, will arrive on June 15.... I think they need to get some consistency when it comes to basic counting! Either always count weekends and holidays or never count them.....
May 3 It's sunny today....I think I may get a lot of raspberries about one of the words in game # 25..... I was trying to send a bunch (3) of images to the New Brunswick Museum in SJ last night for advertising... Well... it would get right up to the end then it started sending me these funny messages, So I tried again... I tried 3 times before I figured out that the file was probably to big and sent it as 3 separate emails... 90 minutes later... I think the emails arrived at their destination... I know I didn't get them back!

May 2Emmy has already lost window privileges he delivered G a mouse yesterday afternoon! I don't think he even wanted the mouse I think it was a gift to G for rescuing him from the lobster traps! Last night he slept the first night he kept checking to make sure I was awake and appreciative of his presence on the bed! He hauled me downstairs at 4 am so that I could watch him eat.....
I did get the pictures taken yesterday using Stuart's 7.1 mp camera they are huge... will zap them off later today even on hi speed I think they will take forever to send!