May 2008

May 29
Sunny and cool... not doing much except for sorting and packing for the upcoming annual cross country "ROAD TRIP"... dug dandelions for awhile yesterday afternoon and discovered that there are still black flies here....
I'm taking my lap top on the Road Trip will see if I can get a wireless connection somewhere along the way!.. Otherwise, I could use it to watch movies ... if (when) I get bored... that is if I took any movies with me to watch!

May 26
Game is up 18 flowers and a bonus... you are naming the red flowering tree high up in the rain forest foliage in the bonus picture... send me as much detail as you think you need to identify the 19 flowers/plants/trees....

May 25
I just uploaded a few of the Hawaiian pictures to Hawaiian Pictures 2008 Over the next week more pictures will be added .... Yes there is a catch, I don't know what a number of the flowers are called so Game # 34 will be name the flowers, at the moment there are only 4 flowers, by next Sunday morning there will be
You have from next Sunday May 31 to June 22 to send me an email with the names of the Hawaiian flowers pictured. I use a LIFO method when answering emails (Last in First Out) so if you send me the right answers on June 1 and then change an answer it will be the changed answer that I use..... I'm hoping that once you supply me with the name I can find the picture online.... (All answers will be checked!) What do you win.... either a pair of hand knit croc soxs picture will be attached to the flowers or a flower garden bead ...or if you really wnt one a Puffin bead.... your choice! If there is more than one correct set of answers I will draw for the winner.....
Today was a lovely sunny day... tomorrow it is suppose to be windy and Tuesday it is suppose to rain......... sigh

May 24
Gloomy cloudy day... with all the talk of gas prices I thought I would point out that gas in Honolulu is cheaper than it is in Calais ME, the normal price the entire time I was there was $3.79 a gallon when I got back to Calais it was $3.94... OK maybe Calais is in the Backwoods of Maine but Honolulu is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean I believe the Hawaiian Islands are the most isolated inhabited Islands in the world...
While we are on the subject of 'energy' if they turned down the airconditioning in all the public buildings and on THE BUS etc... they wouldn't freeze the tourists and just think of all the money they would save! Very few houses have airconditioning, it's just public places that are freezing! We got back to our Hotel room at 7 pm one night (we'd taken THE BUS around the Island) and the maid had turned on the air condtioning full blast... We considered leaving a note on top of the unit pointing out that we were Canadians and that we came to Hawaii to get warm not to be frozen...
Yesterday my new front loading washer and drier were installed.... Prior to leveling they looked a bit like the l 'Leaning Tower of Piza'... I did try them both once yesterday... they didn't fall over... good sign and the clothes appear to be clean and dry

May 21
I'm home.... Should have got home last night but NW couldn't find a plane to fly 'us' from Detroit to Bangor so I spent 8 hours in Detroit and landed too late to make the last ferry home last night... I guess the 8 hours coming home was to make up for the 17 minutes that I had between planes in Detroit going. Think it's about a 15 minute walk between terminals there... They were just starting to give away the standby seats when I showed up going... they actually should have been pushing away from the gate by then! The amazing thing was that my luggage made the flight! Hawaii was fun, didn't burn too much of my frog belly white skin.... Got to see VOG which is fog produced by volcanic ash.... It was quite thick for a couple of days... will try and upload a few pictures in the next couple of days.

May 7
Heading for the airport later today so you won't hear from me for the next two weeks unless G updates... Spent yesterday afternoon weeding the garden with my new small shovel... the weeds had more priority than glass! A belated attempt to get a pre Hawaii tan... did manage to get lots of scratches and bruises....
Think ZZ fell in the toilet last night as he showed up about 1 am and wanted to cuddle but the only thing that wasn't dripping was his head and tail.... Poor kitty! and G probably won't even let him sleep on the bed while I'm gone! I discovered yesterday that he's made a real hit with a couple of the seniors next door so if G doesn't treat him right he'll just move next door!

May 5
Foggy & damp here today the fog horns just started.... We're off to SJ later today... I'm almost all packed for my trip to Hawaii... Emkins thinks he wants to come too but with the 50 pound weight restriction I think a 13 pound cat would overload the scales! I'm hoping that NW is still allowing 2 pieces of checked luggage.. I'm only taking one but I have a second piece packed in my suitcase.... I can use it for dirty clothes if I don't buy anything! Actually when I shop with my sister I normally act as her Sherpa!
We're leaving here to drive to Bangor on Wednesday... back on Tuesday in two weeks... hopefully with a lovely golden tan covering my fish belly white legs... the black flies will have come and gone... and G will have taught ZZ manners ! {ha ha}
I joined a street team on Etsy and that is taking up a lot of my spare time.. so far it hasn't increased my sales at all but I guess I'm getting exposure... the most recent promotion was a jewellery challenge with a clay team.... we were suppose to make jewellery that fit certain criteria.... Mine was 'groovy' However ... I screwed up uploading and the first upload didn't have any contact info so I did it again so my piece is there twice... (if you vote for me vote for the second one as it has the contact info!) I appear to be the only idiot that screwed up so am the only one with my piece up there twice! I did email them to remove the first one over a week ago... but since it's still there either the email went into cyber space or they ignored me....but, I guess it's too late now! Here's the link so you can go and vote, actually anyone who votes gets entered to win a prize so you might even win something voting.... I'm not sure how many times you can vote..... Here's the link I hope!
Mud & Glass Mother's Day Challenge

May 2
Got almost 2 inches of rain on Tuesday... but it's sunny again although cool. Tried a few Leah beads the last couple of days... most of them cracked guess I spent too much time admiring them instead of heating them!
ZZ didn't come home until 5 am this morning... I was getting worried that he'd got shut in somewhere.. he's to little to stay out all night!