Nov 26
Well the Saskatchewan Roughriders won the Canadian Grey cup in Football last night.... It was a pretty slow game to start with but luckily the opposition was just as bad as SK so they didn't get too far ahead.... The game was being played indoors in Toronto, so everyone was warm and toasty and the players didn't have to contend with snow and ice...
Friday night coming home from Maine the ferry started doing donuts just before the ferry landing... It's being having steering problems for the last couple of weeks... actually hasn't been running very often over the last couple of weeks and had just been put back in service..."fixed!" The ferry seemed to turn right (based on the fact it was doing nice tight donuts away from the wharf...) but was having major problems hitting the dock/docking.... Actually that was how we did ultimately dock they hit the wharf (very hard!) with the ferry and slid the boat along the wharf to the ramp... Anyway I guess the back up ferry was called on and the next load which should have got to Deer Island at 11:00 actually got home at 12:30...
Look what I found blooming in my garden today... Forsythia is normally the first thing to flower in the spring... Maybe we've had winter???

Nov 22
Happy American Thanksgiving to all of you South of the Border... For the Canadians reading this it's just another Thursday! However, we will be joining the hords trying to make Black Friday Black tomorrow, The Heritage center in Calais has it's Annual Craft Sale tomorrow and we usually go.... I figured while we were in Maine I might as well drop of the beads from last weekends class.. and check out the sales in Eastport... Although I won't be there early enough to get the real deals... as they are from 6 am to 9am and you have to be wearing PJ's to get them! Somehow I don't see me driving across the border in PJ's....

Nov 17
Guess I should rename this weekly rant! But when you live on an island a spend all your days making Birds and Bee(d)s there isn't much to write about! The last order of those flat 'white' beads has been shipped!!!! I'm now working on a large order of stained glass birds... then maybe it will be play time! We went into SJ on Wednesday and checked out the prices on stackable washers and driers, I thin the prices in Canada have come down... SO I will probably buy them at Sears in Canada next time they go on sale! AND Sears actually has a black upright freezer.... So maybe a grey washer and drier and a black freezer..... The set I want fortunately doesn't come in red, so I don't have to decide if red is worth an extra $200!

Nov 11 Remembrance Day

check out some trip pics here....!
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Nov 10
So I'm busy.... It took forever to down load my pictures... off of the 2GB card.... My card reader just sat there and flashed a red busy light... I'm sure it was thinking... "does not compute... does not compute"... will try and get the pieces I made in Georgia posted this weekend.
G decided now was the time to take the ceiling out of the room that I use to make jewellery so all my silver and beads etc etc... are all stashed elsewhere in the house, never to be seen again, so I'm on strike! Winter is such an obvious time to take the insulation out of the biggest room in the house too! The two bracelets that I have to make will both be upgraded to sterling silver wire from steel cable as I do know where my silver wire is! I also have my another 100 of those beads to make... and a wholesale order of stained glass birds.. actually the dungeon isn't too bad at this season of the year... however, the wheels on all my glass cutters had rusted so they no longer turned ... I found one that wasn't in the basement that was OK, turns and cuts glass too, what more could I ask for? ... may have to buy new heads for the other two cutters as I doubt if rust is an asset to getting a smooth score!
I'm opening the gallery weekends from now until Christmas, hopefully, I'll get more than one customer this year!

Nov 6
I am home... Got here late Sunday night after being stuck in Montreal Saturday night thanks to Hurricane Noel! All the East Coast airports were shut down on Saturday.... I knew before I checked in in Edmonton that my flight from Montreal to SJ had been canceled so we went to the airport early so that I would have time to rebook.... when I checked in the woman said I had already been rebooked leaving Montreal on Sunday at 13:50... what she neglected to say was that I was rebooked STANDBY! When I checked in on Sunday in Montreal the auto check in got as far as printing then kicked me out to a customer service rep... after standing in a lineup for 45 minutes the customer service rep claimed the thing had run out of paper..... I'm sure it was because I was STANDBY which I still didn't realize... I discovered I was STANDBY while I was waiting to board the plane... the 'gate keeper' called a bunch of names including mine... I got there first and I didn't even trip over a coffee table this time! I was handed a new boarding pass and told I was on a different flight... I pointed out that I had someone meeting the first flight she shrugged and said this one is only 20 minutes later..... The flight I was on didn't exist... It didn't show up as an arrival at all in SJ... my luggage got there on the first flight though! It was sitting all alone in the middle of the airport totally unattended... G was there even though I had to phone him to find him!
The funny part of the flight was when we got to SJ I couldn't get off the plane... the plane was carrying on to Fredericton and the guy beside me wanted to go to Fredericton but was only booked as far as SJ so he refused to get off the plane... when I final got over/through him, then I couldn't get past the lineup to use the 'lavatory'... When I final managed to get off the plane the stewardess had to call the groundcrew back to walk me to the airport and unlock the security gate... I finked out the jerk that wouldn't get off the plane to the groundcrew as we were walking to the airport... I told here where he was likely to be sitting and what he looked like!....Don't think Em even missed me.... Actually he'd probably like me to leave again as he no longer gets half the bed... his friends turn out to be a pair of kittens from accross the street, think the 3 of them ate close to 16 pounds of food in 4 weeks!
Just for a change there is another storm blowing in here tonight.

Nov 2
I leave for home tomorrow... I left 8 weeks ago tomorrow, not sure if Em will even speak to me, however since he's adopted a family of feral cats I'm sure he doesn't even really miss me, not to mention he gets my entire half of the bed when I'm not there! He tries to take most of it even when I am there.... Tomorrow is the last nice day according to the weather forcast the snow starts Sunday... so My bare toes should make it through the entire trip!
Yesterday I spent part of the day with Tara a member of the Aurora Borialis Fireflies, I bought a few more things that I really need to stuff into my bulging suitcases...((12) 8" brass rings, a tatting shuttle, replacement needles for my felting tool and crochet cotton... yep those all have a lot to do with bead making!!!) If I run out of room I could always leave some clothes here and pick them up at Christmas!
Today I'm eating lunch with Julie another Alberta bead maker, we're hoping to eat at the King & I, a great Thai restaurant close to where Mom & Dad live... then tomorrow I go home to my own cooking Blah!
But right now it is time to PACK.....GACK,... and for anyone who didn't notice I started a new game yesterday afternoon, there will be no more hints until Monday.... Good Luck!

Nov 1
My sister pointed out to me yesterday that I never said I was in Edmonton... I just started talking about decorating for a Halowe'en party ... I guess I jumped to the conclusion that everyone reading this knew that I was originally from Edmonton and that everyone would know that that's where I am now! Today is my BIL's actual birthday...
Yesterday I went out for lunch with my sister and then we wandered around West Edmonton Mall for a few hours and bought very little, lunch was excellent we both had Gnochi which in an Italian restaurant is a potatoe dumpling, these were smothered in cheese....
G got home (Deer Island) Tues morning and the first thing he saw was 3 NEW empty bags of cat food, since he had left Emkins over 20 pounds of food, he was expecting to see a blubber ball..... but, I guess Em adopted a family of wild cats and invited them in for Breakfast, Lunch and Super...(what a nice kitty!) G has just seen the wild cats running round the corner of the house and thinks they are fairly old, probably too old to turn into pets!