Nov 27
Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans ... ours was 6 weeks ago.. and today is not a holiday here! Here's a picture for you (which I stole off of 'turkey images on the www...!)

Last night was the beginning of the mixed curling season... we lost.. g's blaiming our loss on the concusion he got at the end of the first end... He kicked a rock which didn't oblige him by moving so he moved backwards onto his head... He claimed no damage... but then we all know "no brain no pain!" Actually he claimed he was just fine but we were checking the ice for cracks....
I got my car back on Tuesday morning... (Lizzy seems to have survived two days in Chevy repair shiop!) both rear brake lines had blown... they couldn't do the air condition so that's booked for tuesday in SJ.
Yesterday was so windy in the morning that they didn't start the ferry until noon... so we didn't have our garbage picked up and we didn't get any mail delivery... luckily we didn't want to go anywhere until 3:30!
But with the wind and rain our snow is gone!

Nov 24
Well I'm a winner I just got an email telling me that I am the winner of....Two hundred and fifty thousand Great British pounds.... not that I've ever heard of a Great British Pound before ... but I'm sure that they must be worth a lot of money!
You would think that the idiots sending out those emails would at least be smart enough to call a currency by its right name!
We had snow on Saturday a couple of inches... it's still here but it's suppose to be warm tomorrow so should be gone by Wednesday.
Yesterday we took my car to the brake doctor... place is called the Chevy Boys.. not sure what my Ford thinks of that! Although they may all be one big company by the end of the year.....
My brakes quit in the ferry lineup on Friday afternoon I started my car and the brake peddle sailed happily all the way to the floor. Lizzy (the car) got left on the mainland side and was driven to the mechanic yesterday afternoon with no brakes. I was actually getting pretty good at judging how far ahead one had to slow down to actually stop more or less in the right spot by the time we got there!
Still waiting for a phone call telling me how much my new brakes are going to cost.......

Nov 18
I was playing on google this morning trying to see if my etsy site came up at all if you typed in Islandgirl... short answer is NO... However if you type in Islandgirl.etsy you do get a hit.... I just about fell over I was laughing so hard when I read what the search engines coughed up for the featured item on that hit! Actually there was a bit about my shipping policies to Canada first and then this !"

... If I only had a bra... islandgirl, $48.00 ...
(I really do have one or more of those!)
That hit is reminiscent of the 'false advertising' on my point of sales terminal in the gallery ...Sales slips read "Fireball Gallery & Stud"... I'm still waiting for the stud to show up!
I know this is all done by computers and they only use so many characters... but you think there would be some way of making sure that the chopped off words don't have a totally different meaning from what was intended!

Actual title "If I Only had a BRAIN!"
The sun is out this morning so the temp has dropped... back down to close to freezing!

Nov 16
Yesterday was Zoom Zoom's birthday...
We went to the SPCA auction on Thursday night and I bought a big basket with coffee and tea in it... thinking that the basket would make a good kitty basket. So I put Zoomies in it yesterday morning and told him it was his birthday present... he hoped out and stalked away.... Well much later the basket is now in the room that has the TV... Emkins finds it hops in and curls up... WELL ZZ isn't having anypart of that... He stalks over leans over the edge swats Em and then bites him... Em leaves...Zoomies sits beside the basket practically grinning... this event occurs two or three more times before ZZ relinquishes the basket....

Actually Zoomies usually sleeps stretched out in the middle of a rug,any rug, anywhere, preferably in the middle of a high traffic area..... (Note the long black snake guarding the basket!)
Today it is raining... raining very hard the power was out for at least 90 minutes.. my washing machine was running.. when the power came back on it said PF (power failure) like I didn't know that without my washer telling me!? I actually had to start the cycle over but there must have been water in the machine as the door wouldn't open!

Nov 12
Bright sunny morning, the lobster season in NB is officially open, with the weak Canadian $ they should do better this fall!
I have decided that I will not buy anything on line until the Canadian $ gets back above 90 cents, unless it's coming from Canada
The kitties are back to a one way door ... out only.... after a mouse one night and a bird the next... I was expecting the bird since there were feathers on the toilet seat!
Emkins doesn't really care as he just jumps onto the roof and strolls over to the screens on the bedroom and twangs at them until we let him in... It's poor baby Zoomies that is really being left out in the cold!

Baby Zoomies being 'vana'...
Or is that the look of "I'm Zoomits McCat and I approve this donation.....
For every bead or set of beads I sell on line in November I am donating a can of soup to the local food bank.. check my etsy site or contact me for a custom order.

Me wondering around main street Ocracoke after a very high tide... Not sure what I did with my shoes!

Nov 5
I've been tagged... I don't normally participate in these sorts of things but I've been somewhat delinquent in updating and I'm sure your all dieing to know about some of my strange habits.... Beatrice of Fried Peas tagged me...
Here are the rules: (I don't have a blog that you can leave public comments on... I wonder why!)... SO forget rule number 4!

1. Link the tagger and display these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself - some random, some WEIRD.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by including links to their blog.
4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1. I hate wearing shoes.... However I'm always buying new pairs!
2. Continuing on the previous theme because I know that I won't come up with 7 strange factoids about myself (after all I am totally normal!) When I go collect my beads winter and summer even if there is snow on the ground or its pouring rain there is a 50/50 probability that I won't bother to put shoes on! (I wouldn't want to wreck my shoes by them by getting them wet!)
3. In the summer if it is warm out I will use any excuse to be outside ... I keep increasing the size of my flower garden so I have more garden to weed so that I can be outside....
4. I like toasted bacon and peanut butter sandwitches... (don't gag until you've tried it!)
5. I live on the coast and don't like fish... my DH thinks that's really weird, however I tell him I was brought up in the prairies and like beef, pork and chicken!
6. Everytime my birthday rolls around I celebrate my 42 birthday.... I just celebrated its 10th anniversary..... (I really did think I was 42 for a couple of years.... now it's just a nice age to stay, even if my family figures I act like I'm 12!)
7. I've always done a lot of 'crafts' I'm a trained blacksmith, silversmith, bead artist, jewelry designer, stained and fused glass artist designer, sweater designer & knitter..., I felt, weave, spin, sew.... I made a quilt once..... When people used to ask if there was anything that I didn't do the answer was crochet... ( and I do actually know how to crochet... I just hate doing it!) Oh yes... I hate cooking!
Now for the lucky 7... I'm sure some of you have already been tagged tough... You're getting tagged again!
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Doing those links was a lot of work as this site is all done in html.....! Oh and so you can go check out Fried Peas site (I love that name!) Hereís her link! Beatrice of Fried Peas I had it at the top but it ate my entire post so Iíll stick it here and see if it works better down here!

Nov 4
Well the US has a new president & a new party in power today... or will sometime in the near future.... We got home last night... we didn't even notice any 'voting' lineups anywhere yesterday as we were driving up the coast of Maine. My silver class was fun although I would have liked pieces that were more challenging... everything must have been too easy as I didn't manage to burn anything! Normally I turn at least one piece of silver into a molten puddle! Will try and take some pictures and post them! I did managed to catch one pendant in the polishing wheel and mangle it rather badly... I think I got it more or less straight...
It actually snowed for about 5 minutes one morning just before breakfast... the 20 flakes was enough to cancel schools in the area! We might never have had to go to school in Alberta....G cut a bunch of Opals one of which I incorporated into a pendant... Have a bunc more that I need to figure out something to do to or with.... I spent today cleaning out my bead studio so that G can build me a work bench across the end.... It really needed to be cleaned out!