Nov 30 2009-
Well was there a football game yesterday... sort of... there was a game for 59 minutes and about 50 seconds... at that point in the game Saskatchewan was ahead by 2 points Montreal kicked a field goal... which they missed game over right??? Wrong Saskatchewan can't count they had 13 players on the field not 12 so Montreal got to try again 10 yards closer (interesting that football wasn't made to go metric when the rest of Canada converted...) this time the football went through the uprights.... Guess Saskatchewan players will be spending the off season learning how to count...
It's another grey gloomy day here today but it's already much warmer than the forecast!

Nov 29 2009-
Grey Cup Sunday
I just want to assure everyone that I have not bought a watermelon and I am not making a water melon helmet to wear while I watch the game... (Even the thought of putting a watermelon on my head is gross... I don't care how carefully it's been cleaned...) I doubt if I will even be wearing green as I plan on spending pre game in the dungeon working on a leaded glass panel... and my current grunge cloths are red If Saskatchewan wins you will no doubt get game highlights tomorrow if they loose the game will never have been played! To get you in the mood here's Gainer the Gopher...

Nov 28 2009-
So what's today.. It's Saturday but it should be something Saturday, ... Thursday was Thanksgiving Thursday in The US... Friday was Black Friday in the US ... Sunday is GreyCup Sunday in Canada
Go Riders GO!!!!
& Monday is Cyber Monday.. don't forget to check out my Etsy Store while your trolling on line buying all the things you couldn't find on Friday!
And for a curling update ... we did win ....
Weather update here ... gloomy .. it was windy enough last night that the satellite receiver quit receiving half way through the movie I was trying to watch!
Thursday the local high school was closed they had a Chemical Spill... Hmmm, I wonder what teacher wanted to spent Thanksgiving in the US with family or maybe someone wanted to be able to shop all night.... Believe me there are no deals good enough to get me to spend all night shopping!!!

Nov 25 2009-
Mixed curling starts tonight.... Brrrrr See how we do this year... I think we actually won last year..
I guess it's also officially one month til Christmas... Do you have your shopping done?
Here's another picture from NYC A Palm tree on the "Beach" at Coney Island....

Nov 23 2009- "Letter's From New York"

Nov 10 Left for Portland ME.. G drove me to Portland where I took the Bus to Boston then the train to Penn Station in NYC.. Anne met me at Penn… actually we spent about 5 minutes on different floors wondering why we couldn’t find each other…before I finally went up the short flight of stairs to the main concourse… I hadn’t actually realized that I wasn’t on it…. Hauled my suitcase to the condo then went out for dinner….

Nov 11 My first full day in New York City walked from the condo on 46th and 8 th to the Empire State Building kind of cloudy so the view wasn’t the best

(while we were walking own the street we watched them filming ‘Good Morning America’ through the window of a building… there was a lion cub in the ‘studio’ and while we were watching a baby camel was escorted past us into the studio…) After the Empire State building we continued South to Clinton Castle! and caught the ferry to Liberty Island. Before we got to board that ferry we had to remove most of our clothing to go through security! Liberty Island was very cold, the tickets to climb to the crown are sold out until sometime next year so all you get to do is look at the statue and walk around the island…. (If it’s a cold day I would recommend skipping this stop!) Next stop is Ellis Island, that is really worth seeing!... Back on Manhattan ….Before we caught the subway North we stopped and checked out the exhibition Bodies.... ( Bodies is a show made up of human bodies that have been injected with plastic etc... they have no skin just muscles and blood veins etc... somewhat weird but it was free with our NewYork pass (there were a lot of other free things which we ran out of time to see! ... Anne (my sister) had seen a travelling version of it in Edmonton...

Nov 12 Day Two… We went to MOMA The museum of modern art... ( I bought a really neat clock in the gift shop… , I spent at least an hour yesterday trying to figure out how to get the little red ball which is the ‘hands’ & a magnet to stick to the face of the clock ) Then we did the radio city tour... Very impressive theater holds 6000 people! Nov 12 was the dress rehearsal for the Radio City Rockettes big Christmas Extravaganza we got free tickets to the 5:30 show ... Quite impressive for free! ( Tickets sell from $45 - >$200....) However we did manage to get the row from hell for the first 15 minutes, as there were people constantly coming and going... people in wrong rows wrong seats... people who decided that they needed a program or popcorn? whatever..., Other than a major glitch in the sound system in one ‘act’ I think things ran smoothly? We could have gone to the 8 pm show but we already had tickets to see Moma Mia at 8:00, It was excellent , Of course I knew all the music but I did refrained from singing along! Since we had an hour in between the two we went to the top of Rockefeller center in between … Super was after Moma Mia! Weather drizzled on and off most of the day.. I was hopeful that the rain was moving through a day early…..

Nov 13 Anne booked a Foods of New York Tour for today , The Greenwich Village Food Tasting and Cultural Tour….she claims that today was suppose to be sunny… Actually the three hours we spent eating and walking weren’t sunny but we didn’t get rained on! The tour was wonderful… I could have done without the giant cookie half way through… But there was enough food provided that I had no interest in food for at least another 20 hours! (OK I’ll admit I don’t like Chocolate chip cookies … OK I’m weird, enough said!) … This tour was so good that we booked one for China town on Monday... After the food tour we went to Bryant park which is set up as a big 8 week craft sale (I had a hard time with a three day sale! Can’t imagine an 8 week one!) Bryant park has an outdoor skating rink in the middle (yes there is ice) It started to pour while we were there so we went to Madam Tussauds... (also free with our New York Pass) Here we discovered that the ones in Banff and San Fran are actually knock offs... This one is actually quite good I have pictures of me singing with Johnny Cash and cuddling up to Elvis... I didn't think that Johnny Cash was very good....

Which one is Wax?

Nov 14 Ground looks wet out there today... off to Coney Island to the New York Aquarium…. Checked out Coney Island after the 70 minute subway ride! Coney Island is a very depressing place in mid November !

Look at all the graffiti!
We finally found one food vendor open on the boardwalk So Anne got her hot dog! I had one too ... girl wonder tried to put mustard on her hot dog but the mustard pump was partially clogged so the mustard sailed through the air bouncing off of my sleeve and then carrying on to coat the guy standing beside me with mustard from the knee down on his right leg... (think he and his friend were about Stuart's age... the friend and Anne were both laughing I was trying to apologize but was finding it hard not to laugh... he was very nice about it... my bag lady coat now as a slight yellow glow on the left sleeve... Managed to consume my hot dog without gooshing mustard onto anything else! Spent quite awhile in the aquarium trying to take jellyfish pictures…

most of them actually swim upside down. We also watched the Sea Lion being fed… he’s awful cute! Coming ‘home’ only took 50 minutes so we must have been on the milk run going... Mom had said you would buy me a coat for Christmas to replace my green bag lady coat (the one that now has a glowing yellow sleeve!) After trudging in and out of stores in the rain I finally found a coat I liked at Saks 5th ave !

Nov 15 Sunday… Absolutely gorgeous day.. Sunny and warm the weather forecast was right! We went on a three hour circle bout tour of Manhattan

Think this is actually the Jersey Shore!

This is a swing bridge that Amtrak uses
Before the boat trip we toured Intrepid an air craft carrier … (Think Intrepid spent more time in Dry Dock being repaired than it did actually working during WWII! We also toured a Growler a submarine, this was functional from 58 to 64.. I was surprised at how much room it had, Anne thought it was tiny!! (used during cold war had4 nuclear warheads....)

Nov 16 (Day 6) Today we did the Chinese food tour Food was very good... Before we got to eat we checked out the world trade center sight From the Financial Center... The atrium is full of Palm trees

there is also a display of art made with canned food... I'm presuming that the food gets donated to a food bank when the show is taken down... another palm tree...

The World Trae Center I construction site is a big mess !.
We also attempted to check out the lobby of the Woolworth building... didn't get very far as tourists are banned! Since we still had time before our food tour and it was a nice day we walked half way across the Brooklyn Bridge…

Nov 17 Today was Central Park day… we started with the Zoo, then we wandered through the park as far as the MET.. looked at a couple of exhibitions there … Samurai Armor and Inca Gold, North to the Guggenheim , this is a neat building, no comment on most of the ‘ART” …. Ate lunch at a small Greek Restaurant on Madison Ave. Had enough food to feed 6 people! Cut back across the park to the Museum of Natural History Our New York Pass got us in put didn’t get us into any of the special exhibits…

Isn't this a cute Christmas DINO?
since I was museumed out and it was a nice day for a walk in the park we went back to the park!

NYC still has nice leaves... ours are mostly gone! Checked out the Carousel on the way back to the Condo.. I wasn’t impressed… Off to the theater for our final night This time we saw 39 Steps .. It’s not a musicla it’s a play, sort of a spoof on an Alfred Hitchcock movie however the book was written in 1915 by a Canadian... May have to buy it next time I’m in a book store.

Nov 18 Last half day… I dragged my suitcase via the Bead district to Penn Station… Discovered that there were a number of really nice stores right on Broadway so I didn’t venture onto the dingy side streets… Probably paid more than I would have on the side streets but The nice stores checked my suitcase behind the counter….. I actually didn’t leave that much money behind! G met me in Portland ME where we spent the night ….

Nov 19 Drove home slowly via Rockport ME wanted to eat lunch at Prism Gallery … One of the US Galleries that I sell my jewellery in… The restaurant is excellent! Got home on the 7 o:clock ferry.

We still have a few flowers blooming in the garden here ... Thomasina and the three wild cats are still here! The kittens are getting so fat that they look like little orange footballs with handles! Still totally wild though!

Nov 2 2009
We had about 32 kids this year... think that's our normal number... One of the kids was wearing a sleeveless dress... big temp difference from the Hallowe'en Stuart was in Grade 2 when the temp was -32... !
Meet Jasper he's Stuart's new kitty... Maggie disappeared the beginning of August... Stuart left a door open in the house and a bird flew in Maggie followed the bird out and was never seen again...

For the first couple of days Jasper hid and whinned or came out ready to do battle... Now he's a bit more relaxed!