Oct 26
Crisp cool morning here in Lake Lure NC... This is where the movie Dirty Dancing was filmed.... the 'camp' has been torn down and turned into private homes and condos... Saturday we went to Asheville, NC that was probably the nastiest day weather wise we've had since we left home! Today we head for Young Harris, tomorow we start our classes!

Oct 22
Still sunny but much cooler here this morning on Ocracoke...we're catching the ferry back to the mainland at 2 this afternoon... Guess I have a thing about Islands! I got to swim in the ocean at Nag's head but it hasn't been warm enough to swim here, so have had to settle for attempting to fly kites! Sunday was TOO windy... managed string burnt fingers and high speed loops followedby impressive crashes! Monday the only wayI could get the kite to fly was to run down the beach... I got lots of exercise... G's Parafoil flew around happily and he just stood there tweeking the lines..... Yesterday I had 500 feet of line up in 30 seconds and it took me20 minutes to reel it all back in... G broke a line on his parafoil again so went to his tiny orange Delta kite.... I bought it for him years ago... yesterday was the first time it actually flew for more than 30 seconds..although he managed to dive bomb a puppy before he got the lines tweeked.. the poor puppy really wanted that kite and spend the next 40 minutes standing on the ground barking at it, no doubt telling it to come down and play fair!

Oct 19
Sunny today but the wind is really blowing.. Tried to fly a kite on 'the # 1 beach in the USA" this afternoon.... kept crashing it..I think the wind was too strong! Why don't you send me an email and tell me where I am!
I'm typing on my laptop and the space bar only works about half of the time!

Oct 9
It's raining today... but yesterday was a lovely sunny fall day... which was good, as it was the official end of summer. Money Pit and 12 other boats were hauled out of the water. Two of them took to their 'new wheels' with a little bit more vigor than their owners probably appreciated. One of the boats was no sooner released from it's "Tow Truck" then it took off backwards down the hill and into the bushes... sliding backwards out of it's cradle... The crane had to be brought up to the 'yard' to return the boat to it's approved parking place.... the other wayward boat unhitched itself from the tow truck as it was being towed and took off across the dock and parked itself in the side of a car... the good news according to G was that the car and boat where owned by the same person! Guess that's why your ball should match the hitch!
I stayed home (waiting for a fed ex delivery!) and actually had customers, I never did get the parcel! So, now I'm sitting here waiting for CP to deliver the parcel that fed ex assures me was delivered to me yesterday. I figure CP got it yesterday so it should show up this morning.... Think it's about time to go to the Island Post Office and see what they have to say.... Since it's raining Ms. CP probably just put a notice in my box saying that I had something at the PO that I have to sign for!
Much Later.... Well I NOW have my silver... I had to go find it... It certainly was NOT delivered to the house... not sure where the parcel spent last night, but our less than capable postal person left it at the post office with my other mail this morning... (rest of the mail should have been put in my mail box (novel concept that!)) She 9the mail lady) had a card that she should have put in my mailbox this morning, but was standing there looking stupidly at it when I got there... saying 'but it doesn't have an address on it'... So who knows when I would have received notification if I hadn't shown up at the mail boxes as she was sorting the mail, asking where my parcel was....I did point out to her that Fed Ex envelopes were suppose to be delivered... "Oh no, I just leave everything at the Post office!"

Oct 4
Bright and sunny and cool here today... MY DH says there is no rain in the forecast for the next 10 days Yea sure!
I realized that I was wrongly bad mouthing Thai silver in my Sept 27 blog it's actually Tibetan Silver that is showing up in NA as any white coloured metal... Google Tibetan silver and read some of the articles!
Not much happening these days...except my sign in front of the house blew down yesterday and the solar light on top of my light house broke )-:.... I think half a tube of silicone may fix it as the light itself and the solar panel survived, I was on the mainland buying G nails when it blew down, I got my my car entirely drenched in salt coming home on the ferry... The waves were breaking over me non stop for the first 10 minutes!

Oct 1
A new month, time to break out the Halowe'en Jewellery!
The poor kitties now have a one way door they can go out, but must come in through a people door with empty mouths! They were bringing me just a few too many gifts!
The leaves are really starting to get pretty here! We went to St Andrews and Calais on Monday, the leaves were lovely! Money Pit was suppose to get pulled yesterday but the crane was broken so G gets to play for another week! It's too bad yesterday wasn't the day as the weather was great! Today is overcast and cool! Now the hurricane effect is gone the temps are much cooler!
I'm busy make snowmen earrings for a store in saint john!