Oct 31 2009
Oops another month has flown past... To summarize the rest of the trip we spent on night on board Dancing Walrus a 49 foot Cat that belongs to friends of my BIL... then we spent one day sailing .... we spent a couple of days at the Kennedy Space Center.. second day we actually saw some Alligators!

We also found this in the dumpster as we were taking out the garbage one morning....

The first day after we left Orlando we went to Winter Park and toured the Morse Museum I think it has the largest collection of Tiffany Glass... It is in the process of being enlarged... then G & I took a pontoon boat tour round some fo the lakes that the town is built on! ... Now is when we were suppose to be heading North... nope we went to Cocoa Beach for an air show! I took a ton of pictures most of them have a speck that might be a plane in them... one of the planes actually turned out to be a dragon fly... After two nights there we did head North towards the outer banks.... Now we hit two days of rain which is OK as we're driving... 3 nights on Okracoke flying kites and playing in the waves... waves were too big too swim safely... Okracoke is where Black Beard is suppose to have his head chopped off in a fight with the British Navy.... Continuing North we spent two nights in Nags head in an Old Beach Motel then the trip was over .. North to Alexandria to have dinner with a distant Cousin then two days of driving to get home... to Absolutely CRAPPY weather... The Sunday afternoon in Alexandria was lovely the Monday morning we left was COLD! ...and the further north we got the colder it got we drove through snow in Maine BLECK...
Look what we found when we got home

Mommy & her 3 kittens

The mother is Thomasina and is quite friendly the kittens are cute but nasty!
(and yes there are 3 kittens in that picture... you can see a tuft of orange fur under the stool... that is the long haired really nervous one!
So far today it's warm... but the rain and wind are suppose to blow in this afternoon will be interesting to see how many kids we get tonight... recently we've been getting about 20 -30.. they get driven around here as the houses are too far apart and since we're from AWAY most people don't stop here!
G is busy trying to get the last of our metal roofing bolted on before the wind and rain hit! At least it's warm! (11 C or 52 F)