Sept 29
Well as of 7:45 am Monday morning Hurricane Kyle has been a non event just under 4 inches of rain but that's over more than two days... wind speeds I didn't see anything over 30 km an hour, I heard a few gusts that were higher.... It's a bit like the big snow storms they used to forecast in the prairies... If they actually forecast it, nothing happened the 20 inches of snow we got Canadian Thanksgiving weekend one year certainly wasn't forecast.... Difference here is someone did get the winds.. but at least my house gets another chance to be finished before it is blown down!

Sept 27
3 days in a row WOW.... Hurricane Kyle has been downgraded to a tropical storm but landfall is still somewhere between Deer Island NB and Saint John NB... so far we have only had 35mm of rain, But about now tomorrow may be much more interesting! I have moved some of our lawn furniture indoors... I suggested filling the generator and was told that the gas would just go skunky so that would be done when and if the power went out!
Cute story from earlier in the week... I bought some Thibetan Silver beads in the fall of 2007... I asked the seller if they where really silver and was assured that they were... ( I guess since they are the colour silver the response wasn't really a lie!) Since then Thibetan silver has been shown to be any metal that can be produce in Thailand and is the colour silver, However back in the fall of 2007 ... if you googled 'Thibetan Silver' you got back silver that was .99 silver... Now you get warnings all over the place! Anyway my Thibetan silver arrived I didn't think that it looked like real silver ... IT"S NOT! However it is very light... (so the beads do work well in earrings!)
I have my "thai silver" beads in plastic bags....
Since our cats now have a magnetic cat door, and have very strong magnets on their collars.... day last week I found one of the bags of these beads in the cats kitty litter box, they obviously agree with my opinion of these beads... And the fact that the beads are magnetic is proof positive that the beads really are NOT SILVER!!!
And.... if you didn't catch yesterdays request for votes on my scarecrow bead follow this link....Vote Here!

Sept 26
2 days in a row!!! WOW!!! Just a quick post to say... my 'bead' "If I only had a Brain" is part of a Hallowe'en bead challenge, so why don't you head on over there and vote! Vote Here!
And according to the radio Hurricane Kyle is headed straight for us... we are suppose to get 6 - 10 inches of rain and wind. Guess the gallery won't be too busy this weekend!

Sept 25
Oops 10 days since I was here last... How time flies when it's sunny outside! What have I been up too... Last thursday I went to Calais, (gas price was back down to where it was before the gouging that the oil companies did almost 2 weeks ago now... What a rip off!) and yes I bought gas I also bought a book at Walmart I don't like walmart but their prices on paper back books is lower than anyone elses so money talks... My book came to $7.81 I handed the cashier a Canadian PENNY (even the US post office takes Canadian Pennies) the cashier in Walmart wouldn't... "I can't take a Canadian Penny it will ruin my float!"... I think I'll pay more for my books in future!
Friday we went to an opening of an 'economusee' in Richbucto Village.... 3 hour drive each way with time out in Moncton for shopping on the way! I had a beer with the Premier of NB at the opening... well sort of! Audrey' and her family have done a lovely job on their economusee, Her father built her a light house to sell and work out of about 7 years ago and each level of the structure has been transformed into a history of beach glass and costume jewelllery.
Saturday & Sunday were the 2 countries one Bay Studio tour, last year Deer Island got 2 people this year I think there were about 70, of course the weather this year was gorgeous, last year it poured rain!
this week I'm busy making snowman beads for a jewellery order, and cleaning up feathers that Em And Zoomy are using to decorate the house... They just don't understand that I don't like feathers all over the house, I don't even like feathers in my pillows so why would I like them floating all over every room in the house! Yesterdays was live and very healthy! And I actually caught it before Zoomy did !
The following is a bead I did last week called
If I only had a brain.....

G wants to know if it's a self portrait.....

Sept 15
This morning started off muggy and overcast but the sun has come out and it's now sunny and muggy... Much better!
Yesterday my sister phoned and told me that she was holding something green in her hands... I jumped to the conclusion that it was the zucchini that she was stuffing for dinner.... (A most unloved vegetable that one of her neighbors had pawned off on her, I declined the one someone tried to give to me!) Well that was wrong... second guess was some prize that one of her cats had brought home... although I can't think of anything green that runs around in Central Alberta.... Then it dawned on me that it was my crocs the ones she has been telling me for three months were not in her house they couldn't be.... Where have they been living for three months? In a plastic bag on their pool table..... she did buy me a new pair for my birthday but they are a somewhat boring champagne colour... Now my toe nails will once again match both my jacket and my shoes!
I've been busy trying to get some small sets of jewellery together for the studio tour this weekend.. OF course the minute I put a set out in the gallery someone buys half of it.....(we are suppose to be open 9-6 both Atlantic and Eastern time for the studio tour.... since we have a direct link to Eastport for the weekend I guess that means that I should be open 9 - 7... I would prefer 10 to 7 as I know we won't see anyone before 11 or 12 am.... although I had my only customer of the day this morning at 9:02 am! Just when I think I have hours people show up figured out some tourist screws everything up!

Sept 13
Today is just overcast not raining yet! Mornings suddenly got very cool here... but since summer didn't start until the middle of August that's way too soon for fall! Mom & Dad flew home to Edmonton last Tuesday, they were here for the 7 inches of rain but since it was an overnight dump and the sun was out by noon on Sunday it didn't really put that much of a damper on things.... ! And we couldn't have had better weather in Camden. We ate dinner one night at the restaurant attached to the Prism Glass Gallery... It was a lovely meal... I've sold jewellery there for 4 years now, but we had never eaten there before!

Sept 7
It's a bit soggy out there this morning... Hurricane Hanna blew through last night and dumped almost 7 inches of rain on us in about 10 hours (170.5 mm to be exact). Yesterday our little brook was dry today we have islands and raging waterfalls... We don't have an instant pond in our yard but a number of the neighbors do! Sun looks like it's trying to come out so it might turn into a nice afternoon.
We spent a couple of days in the Camden area of Maine this week, the weather was absolutely gorgeous! A few of the trees have started to turn red, seems a bit early to me!