Sept 27 2009
Well we made it to Orlando in time for super on Wed! Actually we were ahead of sched so stopped and checked out the Jacksonville beaches ...Just went wading there.. but yesterday G & I drove to The gulf coast... the water was like sitting in a warm salty bath tub! Drove along the beach highway from North of Tampa as far South as we could get Fort de Soto Park... Miles of white beach with no trees.... when we got there it was the time we left I think there waas enough of a breeze to fly kites but by then we were too hot and I think there might have been too many people.. to fly them safely!
Thursday we went to Epcot ... G was totally bored .. the highlite of the day for him was seeing the film in the Canadian Pavillion it includes footage of a farm being swathed and one of the tractors was his father's... very up to date movie as that footage was shot in 65 or 66!
I thought Soaring was rather neet the even introduce smells into the air as your soaring around CA....
We did stay and watch illuminations the fireworks finale.. It was very impresive , except for the fire bsll which was distracting and hot! Managed to waste enough time in the Mouse Gear store leaving that the parking lot was almost empty and the traffic was minimal!

Sept 14 2009
Well we survived the pirate festival... although we wimped out of the pirate race when we discovered that all the other boats were much bigger and had armed crew aboard... didn't think my water pistol was quite up to snuff! Next year we will be there armed and ready to fight back! So we sailed home slowly and stopped to watch the whales off of the end of Campobello. Saturday night we did go to the Pirates ball and watched!
Never did get a picture of G & I toether or even one of all of me....

Sept 12 2009
Getting ready to head over to Eastport for the Pirate Festival.. So I am closed this weekend! We've had a couple of weeks of sun however it's been as low as 3.4 in the morning that's about 39...

Sept 3 2009
Well we survived Hurricane Bill The Major Non Event of the season.... then last weekend Tropical Storm Denny Blew in... It was not a non event! Don't know how windy it got or how much rain we got since I flipped the weather station into the dishwater trying to check the wind speed history... It is now hanging on a nail with a head! It did eventually dry out and it now works again.... However we will never know how much rain we got that night, nor what the maximum wind speed was....
Sunday was my birthday so G spent the day sailing with a friend and then we went out for dinner at the Rossmount in St Andrews. Dinner was great!
Tuesday was my sisters birthday... I phoned and sang happy birthday... their dog harmanized in the back ground... Guess he doesn't thnk much of my singing!
Weather here is back to sunny & warm ... very pleasant I'll keep it!