March 31 2010-

Yesterday was Gord's Birthday.... Our snow has turned to rain but not before we had one day with a low of 14 F or -10 C... My Irises survived my Crocus flowers collapsed all over the garden... Think we have had close to 4 inches of rain in the last two days.. All the leaks are happily leaking still ... again?
Night before last about 4 am I heard this horrible clanking nose coming from the room next to us.... Zoomie had managed to pick up a rather large metal LINDT bunny tin and was dragging it around the house on his magnet (The cats all have magnets to operate the cat door)... I pointed out to him that he was 4 or 5 days to early for Easter!
Tonight we are going out for dinner at the college in St Andrews... It's the meal that the hospitality students do ... Usually it is very good! I'm dropping my piece of for the SPCA auction which is next weekend at the college while we're there.

March 26 2010-

It's snowing here today... BLECH BLECH BLECH... I spent yesterday pulling weeds and cleaning off the garden beside the bead shop... the ground was nice and wet since we got 40 mm of rain on Tues & Wed... now all my naked plants are covered in snow... shiver .... We had our satellite dish moved last Thursday, when the repairman came out to fix it... Think it's in a better spot as it worked all day Wednesday during the storm... One of the huge picture windows that we got two summers ago is now leaking... the frame splits open in the wind and the water pours in... AND Yes, it is the window that was warped when it arrived and was suppose to have been fixed.... Wonder how long it will take Krohler windows to do anything about it this time ... Think our window was boarded up for almost 10 weeks 2 years ago... while they figured out what to do... And yes it will be a frosty Friday in H#$$ before I buy another window from them!
For excitement this week I worked on my income tax..., I do so look forward to this time of year!

March 20 2010-

Well we still have spring weather.. I discovered a couple of little yellow Croci in the garden on Monday night as we were leaving to go pick up G's car from the mechanic... he was having a timing belt changed on his car 4 hours labour to change a $15 part....!
I now have two colours of purple croci and a cute little iris.... Last year about now the Deer wandered in and ate everything %(*&(^&%%^(*!! Actually I think the flowers are at least 10 days earlier than last year so maybe the deer won't figure out I have flowers for another couple of weeks?
Tuesday we delivered the windows to Saint John... They fit perfectly... You'd almost think I knew what I was doing! They are going into a B&B in saint John called Mahogany Manor.

Now to design the two panels to go in the middle window of the Bay window. The windows are going into little windows at the top of the Big Bay window.
Thursday night we went to see "Back to the 5 and Dime Jimmy Dean , Jimmy Dean" It was quite good... I think it might have caused a bit of a ruckous when it was first produced in the late 70's though!
Tonight we are going to a pot luck in St Andrew's ... So I'll be spending the afternoon slaving over a hot stove!

March 15 2010-

Other than strong winds we still have lovely spring weather...
However instead of clearing leaves off of my flower beds on Saturday I spent the day at the curling rink playing in a bonspiel... I am NOT a great addition to most curling teams ... however I would say on a scale of 1 -10 with 10 being very good for me I was curling at a 7 or 8 and the rest of the team was around 4! Since everyone won I did come home with a prize and we got dinner on Saturday night!
While we are on the subject of curling ... the Brier is on right now in Halifax... normally G would be glued to the TV... but since our satellite dish crapped out 18 days ago we don't have a TV.. So since last night was the 'gold medal game' I suggested that there might be live feed on the internet somewhere... well there was... sort of. One stationary camera no sound.... End number one you could see the skips and the rocks... Not bad; end number 2 well as I said there was one stationary camera which didn't move, so you got to see the curlers throwing their rocks... WOW! G switched the screen over to the stats board, now that rates right up there with watching paint dry! The stats get changed once a minute ... I did learn something... Even though the stats that show up on the screen are a % the stats are actually 1-4... So Gord wrote them down once a minute to see what had changed... and from that you could tell who had thrown their rock and how well they had thrown it.... SNORE
Today I am doing my final cleaning on two windows for a B&B in Saint John... as soon as I finish this!

March 11 2010-

We still have spring here.... I was actually out uncovering some of the gardens yesterday... Poor plants will get very cold when winter comes back!
I forgot some of the high-lites of the trip... once again I was pulled out of the security line up in Edmonton... for an all new random scan... They checked my hands for Chemical residue... Since watering and fertilizing plants, cleaning bathrooms etc... is something that I do before I leave on trips if I'm leaving from home.... I could see a lot of positive tests coming back on that test.... I passed... My flight from Edmonton was a 'Direct' flight from Edmonton to Halifax (Direct means you stop but don't have to get off of the plane!) Kevin Martin was on the plane too... heading off to Halifax to watch the Brier... While we were on the ground in Montreal I got to fondle his Olympic Gold Medal... They really are quite impressive!
Last night was our second last curling game for the year... we actually won... which I believe takes us out of the contention for the booby prize....
Before we went curling yesterday we went for our Nexus interviews, makes going back and forth in the boat much easier... they had a hard time getting my fingerprits as my 'whorls' are worn down from all the hand work I do...I also have a large gash on my thumb through the joint which didn't help matters....
Don't forget this Weekend is Spring Forward Time... we loose an hour of sleep on Saturday night!

March 7 2010-

My web host company has changed everything.... If they think it's an improvement they are WRONG!!!!
I was in Edmonton from Feb 23 to March 4. I went to take a workshop with Kerri Fuhr at Bedrock.... It was a 2 day workshop but I had to allow Air Canada time to actually get me there in case the weather crapped out!
Actually I got lucky as I beat the storm by one day going and I arrived back here in time for spring...
Yesterday was + 10C (50 F)
I actually sat outside yesterday and made rings for a necklace that I'm donating to the ISGB "Rites of Spring" Auction... that is if I can ever figure out what I'm suppose to do with the piece.... Not sure if I'm suppose to mail the piece to them or what!
The workshop was fun...I made 6 really ugly beads and one not so ugly bead....... the technique is interesting... I tried it yesterday on one of my tree beads... It produced a tree that would make a good addition to a haunted forest! With practice I'm sure I will be able to do things that look like I think they should!

The storm that I missed here while I was gone put the barbecue cover in the creek, threw our vinyl table off of the deck... (which broke all 4 legs... table top is still here legs are GONE....) Knocked out satellite dish out of alignment or broke it... still not working... repair man is coming March 18th... he better move it as it hardly ever works when there is wind rain or snow.... we have an intertidal zone full of large 'things'... unfortunately none of them are useful...
Two of the kittens have been adopted from the SPCA... the only one not adopted is Ginger (renamed Morris)... he was the one that escaped while Stuart was looking after them and hid in the house for 4 days!

Feb 14 2010-

Happy Valentine's Day 2010

Zoomie would like to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day... actually what he really would like to do is ride off into the sunset on his magic carpet with me (wearing polar fleece)... Zoomies really would like to live in a one cat house... he isn't into living in a cat rehab center, which this house seems to have turned into!
On that note the 3 kittens were taken to the vet on Thursday then taken to the SPCA ... I think Ginger and Marmalade will find homes... hopefully Scruff Muffin will calm down and will also get a new home!
And next time I have a 25 cubic foot cage in my family room I am not going to use clumping kitty litter... Do you have any idea how hard it is to get those little bits of 'concrete' out of/off of an off white Berber carpet!

Feb 10 2010-

Happy Birthday to DAD...
Happy Anniversary to me (us's)

We just got home from a 5 day trip to ACTS (Atlantic Craft Trade show) in Halifax... it was a very small show this year and a number of people that I normally buy from weren't even there... So I picked up some new work ... will have to see how it goes! Saturday was just a nasty cold windy day but then it warmed up.... It's actually sunny and above freezing here today... that's an unusual state in the winter here... if it's warm it's usually cloudy and or snowing!
Since we were going to be away for 5 days I got Stuart to come home to 'play' with the kittens... first phone call was
Got here
Found Kittens
Found Dettol....
Next message "Lost Kitten...."
The lost kitten was Ginger he stayed lost until this morning... We normally leave cat food out at night so that the cats don't bounce off our heads too often last night it was all put away... sure enough first rattle of food brought Ginger into the kitchen of course then he ran upstairs and hid under a book shelf... but he is now back in his cage with his buddies....

Don't they look happy!
Tomorrow they go to the vet and then straight from the vet to the SPCA...
Ginger and Marmalade might even make good pets...Scruff-muffin is still totally lacking in social skills!
We spent Monday night in Lunenburg ... about 60% of the shops were closed... but it was still fun wandering around as it was a nice evening...
yesterday we drove home via a bead shop in Bridgeport... I was looking for some size 10 or 11 lavender seed beads... no luck... yesterday we drove home... Great weather for driving going both ways... very unusual for this time of the year out here... guess all the snow got stuck in Washington DC.... We had enough last year to keep me going for a number of years!

Feb 2 2010-

Not sure what happened to January.... Found this picture on the internet today... Not sure if my 3 tigers have ever even seen a mirror but I'm sure they believe that they are tigers! Marmalade is working very hard at being sociable... he has heard the rumor that they are to be delivered to the SPCA after they become members of 'PW/oP' next Thursday.

Our weather turned cold here last Friday.. that's cold by NB standards not Prairie Canada standards!

Jan 17 2010-

Here's a picture of Jasper... My son Stuart's cat... Jasper was his Christmas present...Stuart's cat Maggie managed to get out of the house last August and disappeared into the wilderness.. Jasper is a very sociable, psychotic 6 month old!

Here he is checking out the new concrete vanity... He helped install it.. Help consisted of playing in the wheelbarrow full of concrete then tracking the dust all over the black bamboo hardwood!

Jan 15 2010-

This is Ginger with Gord... I thought I'd try the same thing with Marmalade.. ha... she wanted no part of being held and escaped, it took us 10 minutes to corner her somewhere we could get near her! Never let a wild kitten loose in a room that's under construction!
And since this is suppose to be a bead and jewellery site not a cat rescue site here's a bead... Jelly Love.. Just in time for Valentine's day!

Jan 13 2010-
Introducing the prisoners... Rough-cut, Ginger and Marmalade....

Tonight is our second official curling game... what will we win tonight free beer or the game... Last week we got the beer, we actually were improving by the end of the game....

Jan 10 2010-

Birthday Clipart

.. TO Stuart ... Happy Birthday to You!

Free Gifs and Animations

Stuart is 25 today he was born at about 2 in the morning on a -35 degree Saskatoon morning.. the water main broke outside the house the next day... What can I say about perfect timing! (Oh yes it was fixed before I was sent home... poor kid was somewhat jaundiced as he was 4 or 5 weeks early, so they kept us in long enough to repair the water line..)
Operation catch cat was successfully completed about an hour ago.. we now have all three kittens ensconced in a huge (borrowed) cage in the 'yellow' room We got two of them yesterday... the third one seems a bit smarter but his stomach finally won over his brains!

Jan 6 2010-
Well the New Year here started with a big dump of snow.... Here's my attempt at shoveling a big enough hole for G to stick his car on... since he was in SJ when it snowed I got to shovel... (the driveway there gets plowed!) With our new metal roof on the garage the garage door was nicely covered with snow so my shovel was a cute little plastic jobby similar to a large sand shovel.... I keep it in the house to do the deck! Our blizzard ended with .2 inches of rain so the snow was nice and heavy but at least it stuck together when it was being heaved across the yard!

Reminds me of the poem there was a crooked little man in a crooked little house ... guess he didn't have a crooked path though...
A couple of years ago I tried to roll the snow off of the driveway.. it quickly became so big and heavy that the giant snowman had to abandoned!
After 3 quite warm days a big chunk is gone but the weather is cooling off so I'm afraid the snow is here to stay for awhile!